Monday 20 April 2020

Be the takes time....part 6.

A sign for me …..
'take your time, have patience'...
and if you look at it's house: 'be grateful'....

How are you all?
Enjoying being at home and close to yourself,
or are you stressed out?
Probably somewhere in the middle  
I assume….

For me/us it is good. 
We enjoy doing the things we can,
instead of focusing on what we can't do.
It is as when people asked me 
why I stayed in the middle east in the summer:
'In Holland you have to stay in because of the rain,
here because it is to hot, so...what's the difference?!?'

A few days ago I realised what the difference is:
staying in 'the now'….
if you do that 
then you accept 
and be creative and enjoy.
If you go away from 'the now'
it becomes different.....

'Perhaps we have to keep the lockdown till the end of August'
When I heard this it was ok at first and then:
'O no!,
then I can not go for a swim till then'
'we can not sit on a terras outside the home,
'we can not……..-just fill in- '

And all of a sudden I felt 'locked in'....
I went away from 'the now',
and looked at a future that looked dark,
I had no controle.....

It was only a short time 
but it didn't feel nice...
I looked outside
and saw the sun, 
realised I can take a walk,
we can go for bike rides and...
we are healthy.
The snail…...
take your time, be patient grateful.

A part of me is not as patient as it should be ;-)
Sometimes I realise that what I write in a blog,
I say to myself as well.....
Everything is a sign as well!

The bulbs are all out and blooming
Tulips: forgiveness  and remembering
What a great sign….
Narcis: a new beginning.

Perhaps it takes more time then we think
and do we have to accept
that it takes as long as it takes.
I see people finding so many creative solutions
problems are not problems anymore:
they become challenges.

What will happen if we get more freedom….
Some people are afraid,
afraid to trust....
afraid to die or...
afraid to live,
to life a new normal…..

Be patient, trust.
I believe we are more powerful then we think
and....we are more responsible then we where
before this all happened.
We know more.

I got another sign:
A Robin.
Not shy at all.
We cleared a part in our garden,
that needed to be done,
and she came to visit.

Jaap made a small fence,
and I biked the road I biked 
when I was a teenager.
When I came back,
the fence was finished :-)

A Robin:
'Transformation, growth, renewal, passion, change and power.
A sign of perseverance, learn how to focus and trust yourself better'

I wish you all, to see lots of Robins the coming time :-)

Saturday 11 April 2020

Be the change....Saturn in Aquarius, part 5

The planet Saturn just changed signs,
it went from Capricorn to Aquarius.
We feel the energy....

It could be that you feel 
you are restricted by rules of the gouvernement,
or you feel 
that you have a responsibility to take care of 'the group'/society,
because you realise you ARE society.
The planet Saturn changed signs,
it went from Capricorn to Aquarius.
We feel the energy....

How is it for you?

This is an image of Saturn….

It is an obstacle on the road,
You can choose
 how to deal with it:
you can turn around because
the urgency to go on 
on your road it not that big,
or you choose to find a way,
that's good for you 
and doesn't hurt someone else.

From a distant you can make a decision,
but if the obstacle comes close,
you sometimes have to make an other one...
I realised I couldn't go under it 
and over it would be challenging...
I went next to it, holding on to some old branches.....
I wanted to go on...

I saw that there was a sequel of PS, I love you

I loved that book
and I wondered how this one would be.
I realised when reading it,
that it is about letting go,
about grief
that it takes time
and revisiting….

Society can have 'rules'
how to deal with it,
however we are all different
and should be allowed
to deal with it different...
Saturn in Aquarius....
we are all different and Unique

In July Saturn will go back in Capricorn
till November. 
How will gouvernements deal with this Coronavirus?
Are they going to use it to control people,
or do they want people to take there own responsibility.

In a press conference the prime minister of Holland
was asked 
why they didn't make the date of social distancing longer,
instead of the end of April till a date in May.
His reaction: 
'this is what we hear from the experts
I think we can take our own responsibility as well,
use common sense...'

WHAT a GREAT reaction….Saturn in Aquarius....
we have to take our own responsibility as well
and.....I hope
we are 'grown up' enough,
that we don't need 
to much rules and regulation.
or punishment to do what is right....
We will see.

Perhaps we can use this time 
to investigate our fear.
Do we react to real fear
-washing hands, social distancing etc etc-
or is it 'false' fear.
'False' fear is fear that is old,
and wants to go away,
only doesn't know how.
It has to do with old patterns:
it wants 'to help' you finding creative solutions.

If not, we are scared
-afraid of going out,
-afraid of there jobs,
-looking at the media 24/7 and.....
don't realise that 'bad news' scores..
-afraid of our looks,
-afraid to die...

Perhaps it is an idea 
to read the 'PS I love you book club'

You also see creative solutions:

-restaurants offer services to bring Easter brunches etc. at home
-people spent less and realise that that is ok as well
-initiatives as sending flowers to people who are alone,
to let them know they are important, and
doing grocery's for people who can not do it now.
-parents who are creative to work at home AND
be the teacher parent for there children.

-Dank je wel Mads en Jeld :-)-

I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter.
Enjoy and 
we are all connected
and close.

PS: If you have spare time and want to watch a good movie:
     It is a movie about suppression, religion and mirrors…
     'September of Sheraz'