Monday 28 November 2022


When I read the book 'Untamed'

I recognized so much.

I saw the similarity with the energy we live in,

and also the blocks we have.....

We talk about girls being powerful,

living their lives, being independent

and.....finding boys/man often less powerful

if they show their emotions....

We see in society strong leaders

and leaders who still believe that you

need to put people down to be a leader.....


only unhealed leaders need this.....

Glennon Doyle, the writer of the book, 

had bulimia and was addicted.

She stopped using drugs and alcohol

when she found out she was pregnant.

When she went through her divorce

she fell in love with a woman: 

a shock for her and.....she followed her hart.

Till then I could understand her path:

taking responsibility, go for unconditional love

and live life.

Then I was challenged: 

she is using medicine

to make sure she lives a happy life.

'I need it to cope with society'.....

and it touched my believe system.....

In 1996 is was teaching at the American school

and was first confronted with children who 'needed Ritalin'.

My reaction:

'For me it is not ok! We should make sure that we teach in a way

that these children can learn and be themselves.

It cannot be that children need medicine because we,

as teachers cannot deal with it!

Now it looks like 'normal' that children 'need medicine'

to cope.......and for me every person should need to feel

safe and secure in society.....

If not.....society should change.....

Like we believe that love is love,

that all people should belong and accepted.

Pluto in Aquarius

Everyone belongs,

respect for everyone.....

What does my reaction/feeling on using medicine

 say about me....

Can I disagree about using certain medicine

and still respect the person who is using it?

Can I feel that addiction to drugs and alcohol

is for me as an addiction to medicine?

For me, 

medicine should be used to help your body stay healthy

if you cannot do it yourself.......yet.....

Do I feel guild or shame or 

do I judge people who need this?!?

How about me?

I wouldn't be alive 

if doctors were not there with the birth of our children.....

I wouldn't be alive

if I didn't had an operation for cancer......

Is that different than using medicine?!?

Perhaps it is that I don't agree 

if you need to use it

to 'survive' in society.

That you are not accepted because you

look different/think different/behave different....

I believe we should be respected as we are.

I believe that everyone deep down want to be respected

and wants to respect and.....

if we don't....

we are wounded.....

If we need help 

to heal this wounded part,

than it is great we can use medicine/doctors etc.

But if the help we get,

keep us addicted than I am not sure 

this wounded part will be healed.....

Let's choose to stay 'untamed'

I see it in the world cup in Doha:

lot of old issues come up and revealed....

I see it in power issues in the media world in Holland:

powerful people are revealed as wounded leaders....

I see it in the protest in China

We already feel the energy of Pluto in Aquarius

Sometimes I choose to sit with me....

so light can shine in me

and light up my shadows.

Is there still a traumatized part inside of me

that wants to be healed.....

Is there a traumatized part in society

that needs to be healed........

Thursday 17 November 2022


 I got a great 'whisper':

A book everyone should read!

Do we listen to who we are deep down,

or we still listen 

to what we think we have to be......

The coming year I expect that we see how far we came

and also what we 'have left to do'....


Know you can ask for help

AND you will be needed by others for help....


 you are not the same person as you were in 2008,

realise you can be the person now, 

that can help someone else.

Be aware of your emotions,

be grateful when you are calm and can use your intuition,

be grateful when you don't feel guilt or shame.

Have compassion for people 

who still have to go trough these emotions.

Be grateful for the mirrors you get

from others and society.

Be grateful even if you are not as calm

as you want to be.

Have compassion with yourself.....

If you feel tired or overwhelmed:

listen to it's whisper....

Know we are 'All One',

no one is better than someone else,

we all have our own unique quality's.

Life is an adventure to find out what they are

and then to share this with the world.


a smile from a stranger,

someone who let you go first in line,

a flower that is still blooming,

a day when you feel less pain/less tired,

saying sorry because you 'forgot' something

and not feeling guilt or shame,


A whisper....and:

I believe the group is bigger.

You can help by making it even bigger:

Choose happiness

Live without limits, imagine the world you desire.

Act in spite of fear

Explore new things

Be exited

Take a step in confidence

KNow we are born to live in abundance.

Could it be that 2 % of society

is so loud to express what all is wrong,

that we, the rest 

sometimes forget that we are closer than we think we are....?

Wednesday 16 November 2022



The Queen of Holland talked about mental health:

 'talk, talk, talk to your parents/friends if you are not happy'

and also

'every day can not be a 10'

Her sister committed suicide a few years ago...

she chooses to heal and help,

not only herself but also 'society',

she also could choose to be quiet....

By this she is showing Pluto in Aquarius:

we are all important in society.....

If you are a 'queen' or 'cleaning a workplace'.


How come that

part of society still let us believe 

that if you go to university you are 'better' than if you go 

to community college......

We see in society

a shortage of skilled people:

teachers, carpenters, builders, waiters etc etc....

We are blaming governments

not seeing were we in our life We are 'to blame'...


change is needed...

Pluto in Aquarius will make sure it will happen....

Just remember 2008 when Pluto went into Capricorn:

big changes in banks, housing, finance......

We are at the end of this energy.

What we didn't do yet, 

and what was needed 

will come up the coming time.

Are the leaders of the world, leaders

or do they want control........

Are we taking responsibility for our selves

or do we hold on to old believes and

do we still need 'a mom and dad'

to take care of us.....

even if we are adults.....

Next year when Pluto moves in Aquarius,

we will see how far we came.

What are we doing as society.....

Are we as society respectful 

or are we forgetting ourselves in a group.

Are we mislead and following 'a group'....

forgetting to think for ourselves....

How do we deal with refugees,

Social Media, conspiracy theory's, 

deep fake movies...

Do we trust science and new technology

or do we hold on to 'what we know'....

even if it is outdated....

I am sure there will  be new inventions/innovations

that will help us all.

In schools there will be changes:

the old system is not working anymore

because society has changed.

A subject like 'how to deal with social media'

would most likely 

be the most important subject the coming years....

Is our mobile 

our connection with the world and relationships,

or do we still connect with people on a personal level.

Do we realise that we miss intonation of words

and the energy from people 

if we only connect by our mobile...?

How much did we heal in ourselves:

are we already being ourselves/authentic

do we see the other as an other part of you,

do we respects others even if they think different


do we judge.

If we do, 

we Know, we are still judging ourselves.....

Sunday 13 November 2022


How do you feel about 'whispers':

Do you feel 'calm' or do you feel 'anxious'? 

If you feel calm, 

you Know intuition is speaking.

If you feel 'anxious', 

most likely there are some old emotions talking.

Perhaps you are a person that focus more on the

'negative' whispers than on the 'positive' ones. 

because that was how you 

'survived' in the past, when you were a child....

A way to avoid certain situations....

It could be 

that you are used to look at what is not so good

and forgot to look at al the positive whispers...


you are an adult now and

can choose different if you want to.....

On one of my walks, I almost was hit by someone on a bike.

He: 'I just thought that normally no one walks here and perhaps

now there will be one!' 

-he sounded as if he blamed himself....-

I: 'Yes is good that you were not a little bit later

and I not a bit earlier!'

He: 'You are right and....perhaps this is good for something....'

-we had a nice chat and he moved on with a smile on his face-

A whisper....

Sometimes you are on the right spot because of a delay,

or avoiding something bad  because of it.....

Sometimes clients all of a sudden come in my mind

and sometimes I hear: 

'all of a sudden you came in my mind

and I like to have a session again'.

Sometimes from people long ago....


Our body, physical energy, 

is the slowest energy.

When it 'whispers',

most of the time there was already a social or mental whisper

we didn't hear.....couldn't/wouldn't listen to it.

If we choose to change

and listen to this social and/or mental whisper

our body doesn't need to whisper anymore

or starting to scream.....

We will start healing....

With the lunar eclipse old emotional issues will come up.

How are we going to deal with it?

Do we feel we have to erase something 

or correct it........

The energy will stay with us the coming months

so we get lot's of chances to change and let go and heal.

There is a tendency in society 

that we have to 'erase' situations from the past:

books about subjects, statues from the past, 

apologising for people long gone..

For me this is not a whisper, it is a scream.....

A scream from people with hurt feelings,

family/society karma......

Instead of erasing, 

I like to correct the thinking/situation.

Accept what happened AND 

showing by my action

that I change, that I know better now....

Forgive and be forgiven.

More and more I realise 

that it is much more challenging

to act on what you believe

 than to talk about it....

I talked to someone in a wheelchair:

'People talk louder to me, as if I can not hear,


most of the time people don't talk to me 

but to my wife!'

How do you act around:

people who smoke/not smoke?

People who drink/not drink?

People who are old/young?

People who work hard/don't do 'anything'?

People who are always positive/negative?

Can you accept them?

Can you accept them AND set boundaries

in a calm way or 

do you still keep walls 

and keep reacting in a judging way?

I know I am not always reacting from intuition...yet....

and....that is ok.....

I am still healing and growing....

Could it be that we need to learn

the difference between walls and boundaries

to hear the whispers...?

Could it be that we needed the walls as a child,

being vulnerable, 

not understanding the world we were born into...

Could it be that the world is whispering

to let the walls go......

that we are all One.....

The Film — Dead Sea Guardians (

A man from Israel, Palestine and Jordan,

doing this together......

A whisper .....

We are all One

and should work together....

A sign of the coming energy next year: 

Pluto in Aquarius...


Tuesday 1 November 2022


 A sad feeling,

a body ache,

challenges with your spouse,

with your children,

in relationships.

Financial challenges,

challenges with your job,

a feeling of 'worthlessness'.......

All whispers.....

Eating to much or not enough,

moving to much or not at all,

wanting to be alone all the time,

or with others all the time....

All whispers.....

A bird that is visiting you,

a white feather on your path,

'two flowers for one',

a waiting list that 'all of a sudden' is gone,

a book/movie/article/documentary 

that gives you in inside you didn't know you needed....

All whispers...

The cosmos whispers to us all the time,

are we open to listen?

Are we open to receive?

Society whispered for a long time:

are we listening?

Nature whispered for a long time:

when are we listening?

It doesn't matter if 'we' start listening.....

'We' is 'easy'.....often used as 'them'....

forgetting that in the we, there is also the I.....

Do I hear the whispers?

Am I listening?

Do I live Knowing that 'we are all one',

or do I 'just' preach it.....

Do I listen to the whispers

or am I waiting for the screams........