Wednesday 29 June 2022

The truth goes on existing......

 Just at the end of this month Neptune goes Retrograde and

makes a connection with Mercury on the day of a new Moon:

How do you talk to yourself?

Can you accept what is,

or do you feel you are a victim

or are you idealising?

Do you choose to focus on what You want,

or are you in a fog and do what others expect from you.....

We re-visit, re-examine, re-do 

the time from the beginning of March.

and on Dec. 3th 

we will be at the same point as we were on March 7th.

Next year March 27 

we will be at the same point as we are now.....

Be patient, determent and have compassion with yourself,

have fun, listen to music, relax, go to the sea

Can we accept THE truth,

or do we believe in OUR truth....

Neptune is unconditional love:

Can you love people 

even if they do things you don't agree with....

Can you love people 

and set boundaries to protect yourself and the other.

Can you let your 'Sun' shine 

or do you let emotions/clouds block it.....

Was there unconditional love for you as a child or....

did you feel conditions.....

conditions that you are allowed to let go now.

Can you accept what is...

and do you allow yourself to let go of pink glasses....

and take responsibility in a relaxed,

compassionate and understanding way....


did you interpret it in the right way

or in a way that is blaming and judging yourself....

Did your parents/society knew unconditional love

or did you feel their insecurity.....

Now it is time to change this.....

you ARE love,


and we 'only' have to BE......

Most important: we can talk and write about it all we want


in our actions we can see if we 'got it'......

Luckily we get all the time we need,

all the mirrors we need

and all the choices we need

to change or not.....

Can you accept what is?

Can you accept that abundance is your birthright?

Can you accept that Love is what you are

and the rest:

'just' stepping stones towards 'the light'/ what we desire.

Can you accept 'the truth'.....

Neptune will 'help' us the coming time,

to help us 'to go upstream and find out

why WE are falling in....'

It will help you to rest if you work to hard 

-could be a burn out or a job change-

It will help you to take action 

-if you realise that acting like a victim doesn't help-

It will help you to set boundaries and let people go 

-if you realise not all people were honest-

It will bring to you what you desire deep down 

-a soul mate, money, a dream job, fun-

It will make us realise that we are all One

-to be honest: I hope we don't need a new pandemic outbreak

 or a war to 'help' us realise this.....-

For people who know Reiki: use it!

For people who know Tapping: do it!

For people who are into art or making music: do it!

For people who love to dance: dance!

For people who can smile and talk: use this when meeting people.....

YOU can make a difference...

Monday 27 June 2022

Ignorance and ego.


If you look at this picture

you could think: 'How mean is he and he deserves the consequences!'

And I understand.....

only I hope you can see it as a mirror as well....

Don't you think that it is because he is ignorant 

that this is happening?

How is it with us?

'Am I ignorant?!?'

I believe we are all ignorant if we believe

we know it all.....

I believe we are growing and healing

and by this 

we will be confronted by mirrors

in society to help us heal....

If we do, 

our consciousness will grow

and we will be less and less ignorant

and choose different....

Ego/social mask/fear.

There was a time when Catholics and protestants couldn't marry,

There was a time that baby's needed to be baptized right a way

or they would go to hell if they would die...

There was a time that people believed dark coloured people

were not people.

There was a time that a woman was less than a man.

There was a time that you had to stay in the closet

if you didn't feel sexual attracted to the opposite sex....

Ego/social mask/fear

I write 'there was a time' and....

I realise we live in a world were there is still ignorance...

fear of the unknown.

We can choose to blame of we can realise that

it isn't as we thought it was.....

Most likely,

we are not ready....yet.....

How patient are we?

Do you take responsibility for yourself?

Do you lead by example?

Did you find the spot between stimulus and response?

Do you recognize an emotional reaction,

even if it is not a strong one?

I did and was happy with myself to feel that I 

could choose a different response...

We are in the season of the sign of Cancer.

The sign of being vulnerable,

caring, family, the past.

Also the sign of building walls around your emotions 

as protection:

how often did you need this to survive as a child......

If we choose to deal with this,

If we realise we are not that child anymore but an adult,

we can let go of ignorance,

can let walls down

and are ready for the next sign: Leo

The Leo sign is the sign of the Sun.

The sign of 'just' Shining....

BE who you are,

without the need to prove.

Realising that other should BE as well,

and we all are unique, different and ok.

To much Sun is not ok:

you burn, or burn others....

So you NEED to set boundaries,

and then we come back to the Cancer sign:

we don't need walls around our feelings,

we need to learn how to set boundaries.....

Boundaries to protect ourselves


'help' others not to burn or burn out.......


you are much more powerful than you believe you are.....

We can vote different if we don't like what our government is doing.

We could look at nature, 

the long lines at the airports,

all the suitcases on a big pile.....

and accept it or....

choose different......

We can think about the shortage of gas and 

of being cold this winter 

or we can look inside

and deal with the cold inside first....

Could that be a mirror as well?!?

I am sure we are not ready for the next step yet,

I am also sure that everything we do comes with consequences...

also for us,

so let's remember:

 'We are all One'

and 'Powerful beyond measure'

Monday 20 June 2022


In nature, there are seasons:
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
In our lives there are seasons as well.

We Know that seeds come up in the Spring,
baby animals are born 
and in the Summer we see the flowers and the young animals.
In the autumn we harvest the fruits
and leave are fallen.
In the winter there is rest -at least on the outside-
inside there is a lot going on:
preparation for the Spring...

Often we compare youth to Spring,
Summer with the time of getting job's,
raising a family, 
Autumn with more rest and enjoying the extra time you get
and Winter as 'the last part' of living in this life.

I realise that we have these seasons also in our life...:
with ALL the things we do.....
Spring, with starting something new,
Summer, with getting some results and working hard,
Autumn, with enjoying and take a rest to look back
and Winter to rest and take time to get new idea's......

You can be in the Summer time of your job 
and at the autumn/winter time of a relationship......
So for the one you have lot's of energy
and for another part in your life 
you are already in the face of letting go......

If I look at people who developed post-Covid, 
then they are -body wise-
in the autumn/winter season:
They need to be patient, rest, 
take time 
the same as young adults with cancer.......
Their social life is at Springtime, 
but their body's aren't.......

A lot of country's who had a change of government or are at war,
are socially at Springtime, 
but how must this be for people who
feel they are in the Autumn/winter season
and want to relax and enjoy the time that is left on this earth..

I realise that we all have an unique season, a personal season
for Body, Mind, Society, Relationships and 'Finance/love'.

When your body is in a burnout, 
it means you need to go in the winter modes.....          
trust that Spring will come again...that's nature.

If you feel depressed and overwhelmed, 
you mind is too's autumn time,
you need to let go 
and after letting go take your time and trust....-Winter-

If we forgot that we are all one 
and that there are seasons to help us remember,
than we remember that after starting a society -Spring-
 and celebrating it together -Summer- 
we get to enjoy the fruits....also the bad ones -autumn-
winter is arriving to use all-even the bad fruits are fertilizer!-
for the new Spring.

In your life there are new relationships, 
some are in the Summer stage, 
others in Autumn and...
some you let go in Autumn 
because they are not the best for you. 
However....they are still fertilizer for the next Spring relationships...
You have grown, evolved and choose different....

This space is so important
and you only recognize it if there is 
Love and acceptance.....

The space between Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter,
is the space for choice.
If you realise that there is a space and you get a choice
it's worth to find that space.....
instead of reacting.....

If you look at these colours you can find out for yourself
what You need:
to go in the forest, in the sun, at the sea
or at the beach.
You can start eating fruits and vegetables 
in one of these colours
to help you, or wear clothing in these colours...
If you do, 
you will recognize the space......
you will start responding instead of reacting.....

The Summer is starting and I wish you can enjoy it,
have fun be happy.
Probably not all of your pillars are at the 'Summer season'
and....that is ok......
Know that we as society are in the season before Spring.....
We can already help each other with our unique gifts
and give.....

A special person I know,
developed post-Covid and even though 
she is in the Springtime of her life,
her body tells her it is Autumn/Winter.......
She needed the time to stay there,
to accept and let go.....

She uses the time to heal AND 
found the space between stimulus and response....
Her mind is already in the Spring face:
she knows what her next step will be....
she is preparing while her body is challenging her
and tells her 
'Be patient, it is not your time....yet'
So it looks like Winter....not Autumn anymore...
like in nature Spring will come after Winter.

While this is going on she makes beautiful
art for new born/young children.
It is her talent, that she is still using
to make young family's happy.....Summer....
She does it at her own time,
using her power and love for herself...
being patient....step by step....

Financially it is challenging AND
'because' she takes her time,
loves herself more and more unconditionally,
uses HER power,
money still comes in....
and she will attract more love as well....
-Money/Love/Power is the same energy-

What do you whisper to yourself?
Do you accept the season were you are in right now?
Do you realise you can be in different seasons at the same time?

Can you accept, trust and let go
still enjoy life?

Start today!
Every new habit takes 40 days of practice.
So if you start now with one small change
you can start 'new' in August.....

What if you started today with on routine like
-looking in the mirror in the morning saying:
'you are powerful beyond measure'
-walking 20 minutes a day-
-stopping to do something you do for a loved,
that they can do themselves.
-doing something for a loved one that
makes their life easier
-calling someone/write a note/gave a compliment etc
the coming 40 days......

What are you going to change in your life,
to go with the flow of the Season you are in?

Friday 10 June 2022

Going slow and steady......

Going slow and steady....

take time to go inside and rest when needed,

or to protect himself.....

A snail.....

British - Irish

Aryan - Jew

Spy - Traitor

Upper class -Lower class

White - Black

Catholic - Protestant .....


All themes in the books I am reading from Jean Grainger.

-Robinswood books and The Star and the Shamrock-

Books written around the time of World War 2.

I am intrigued and also a bit shocked:

how far did we really come as society?!?

The books are about people stuck by themselves, 

stuck by their 'own' people,

forgetting that we All are people...

Stayed in 'their group'


Is this  the comfort zone we talk about?

'Let's stay in the same place with the same people,

the same religion, the same habits, 

then life will stay good and safe.'

Isn't this the fear in us that is speaking?

The fear of growing?

These books are a reminder that we are all one community:

each of us unique and special

and because we are different and unique,

we can give each other our best

and don't have to do it all by ourselves.

How great is this!

I realise that the energy we live in now

asks us to take the next step.

Now we think we understand 

the themes of the time around World war 2.

We believe we do better,


did we create another comfort zone.....

one that prevents us from growing.....

Muslim - Christianity

Conspiracy groups 


Ukraine - Russia

Then TB now Corona

Still the same themes:

misuse of power....

not trusting each other,

feeling fear.....

Forgetting that we are all One,

all Love...

I saw the snail in our garden

after reading in these books.....

I realised I was judging:

 'how come we still need all these mirrors?!?'

I realised I wasn't accepting....yet.....

Accepting that -like the snail-

we take one step at a time

and everyone has his own time and....that is good.....

-in the book you also have characters who are frontrunners-


Accepting and trusting,

making sure I am not staying in my comfort zone,

that I use the courage in me to grow and heal,

one day at a time....

Wednesday 1 June 2022

June 2022

 At the beginning of this month 

Mercury will go straight again:

did you deal with old thinking patterns,

were you confronted 

with misunderstandings and miscommunications?

In Holland there were loooooong lines at the airport,

people missed their plane,

didn't have their luggage and

'finally we could go on holiday this?!?'

There were fight with sports,

shootings in America


there is still war....not only in Ukraine...

Pluto is still retrograde: 

how much old anger do we still have inside.....


are we going to deal with it....

We get 'help' from Saturn:

 the planet of responsibility,

patient and determination 

goes retrograde on June 4th.

Where do you still feel guild and shame,

where are you not patient with yourself,

where do you blame others.

The government, organisations need to look inside as well:

is change needed and......

do they take steps to make changes.....

Do we give them our trust and are we being patient

or do we want it NOW.......

If we do, what does it mirror us.....

Are we being patient?

especially with ourselves?

Are we taking the steps to heal and change?

And.....are we speaking up if needed...

Speaking up from power, determination


'Be the change you want to see in the world'.....

Saturn is still in Aquarius:

Can we AND take care of ourselves AND be part of a community?

If we make it smaller:

Can we Be ourselves in our family or do we have to 'fit in'?!?

We end the month with Neptune going retrograde as well:

do we trust or do we feel a victim......

Illusions, dreams and/or realities 

that are clouding our visions.....

will come up...

Do we believe in conspiracy's,

do we 'cancel' people


do we investigate and set boundaries.....

What will we do/what will I do.....

We get the choice....

Accept and change, use Saturn's

patience, determination and discipline

and trust that we are on our own unique path

and are being helped


Blame the government, our upbringing,

our country, 'the world'

and believe we are a victim, powerless,

and let fear be our guide....

AND.....most important:

Be happy,

enjoy nature,

remember the mirrors we get

are there to help us to let go.....

To let go, so there is room for abundance,

for love, for peace,

for happiness.

Expect passion,

perhaps heated emotion

and feel safe enough to address it...

Be open for other peoples opinions

it is THEIR opinion,

it doesn't say anything about YOUR worth.....

If you feel insecure,


not being respected,

take time to spoil yourself:

your inner child needs attention,

love and patience from YOU,

the adult one.....

Take your time and.......

perhaps you feel you have to have 

another conversation with that person,

or perhaps you need to set your boundaries.

What ever it is,

you can choose to be grateful for the mirror-s-,

and grateful that you choose to go within.

If something like this will happen this month

how do choose to spoil yourself?

Will you go for a walk in nature,

treat yourself with a spa day?

Will you cook something special for yourself

or go out for lunch?

Will you read a book while sitting at a beach,

or do you visit a museum you always wanted to go to......

Think about it now,

so you have a choice in mind

if you come in a situation that you are

feel attacked, insecure or not being respected.

Instead of reacting, 

you probably will respond....

Have an amazing month!