Monday 25 May 2020

Social distancing.....fear and grief, part 5

It is almost the end of May.
A month with less freedom
then we were used to.
also a month that nature is on its best,
probably better then it was before.

Some country's got already more freedom,
and are in lockdown again.
Others, like Holland
are opening up June 1st....
Interesting times.
Can we deal with more freedom?

Let's look at the emotions and the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is effecting the longs.
Longs have to do with grief....
How do we deal with grief as society?
How do You deal with grief?
How do you deal with other people
dealing with grief, with crying?

I realised that a lot of people feel they
'shouldn't cry' anymore
after a certain amount of time
when dealing with a loss.
'Then they think I am a victim' or
'they don't want to talk to me anymore' or
'I should be strong'....
How come we feel shame and/or guilt
when we show emotions….

How many children are allowed to be sad,
to grief after a divorce,
after an end of a friendship,
loosing a stuffed animal
or a real one.
After moving house,
lose a grandparent of sister/brother.
These days you expect that this is
allowed more then it was in the past,
but still….

Most of the time
we 'have to go on'
as if grieving has a set time.....
As adults most of us
are dealing with this
in a way we learned as a child,
our inner-child takes over.

Pluto is about fear,
Saturn about institutions, shame and guilt
Jupiter about exaggeration, growing
Venus about connection, love.....
All these planets are retrograde,
helping us to heal.
Freedom to be who we are
connected with each other….

How afraid are we?
Afraid to lose people,
to be alone….
to lose connection….
Can we grief AND feel connection.
Can we grief AND go on in life....

While working in the garden,
we saw the white grub again…..
Apparently they eat the roots of the grass.
We didn't know and.....
our grass was not that bad -as I saw it-
but Jaap thought it was not ok,
so we looked into this.

We choose to use nematodes,
a natural way
to 'get rid' of them.
And I also looked at my own 'roots'. 
What is eating at my/our own roots!
Can we deal with it in a natural way?
….or do we believe it is not possible….

This 'prison' is Saturn…..
you 'think' you can not be responsible
someone else has to do it for you,
because 'they know better'....

When I talked about the grass and the white grub,
someone said:
'we had them as well, however
when we watered the grass,
it stayed beautiful'...

We all have things in the past,
that were challenging…..
it made us the way we are now.
These 'things' will not go away,
and they shouldn't….
they can be 'fertile soil'
if we choose to deal with them:
like watering grass,
crying is helping....

Realise you have the power to heal your roots,
you can use the tools you know 
like Reiki or tapping,
or you can ask others to help you.

-I posted a picture of my self last time with a lounger
and wondered if I had to take more time to relax....
my body let me know that was the case -

Water and emotions are connected.
when you realise you didn't drink enough water,
you also realise you are not dealing with emotions…. 

Feel the emotions.....
they are real....
accept them,
don't hide them:
if you do,
they will come up
most of the time in an unexpected way...

Let's start being grateful,
everyday a little more.....

When you grief,
being grateful can be a challenge.
Start with 'little things:
be grateful that you can breath,
see or....
that the day is over and you can go to sleep.

Make a new routine....
be grateful everyday...
It helps to turn grief into fertile soil
till it is ready to grow something new....

Just today I saw an article
from a professor at an university in Twente.
'Being grateful makes happier,
people who are grateful have less psychological complaints.'

Can you be grateful AND grief?
it took a while.
For me being grateful was easier
then to grief....

How is it with the children now,
are they allowed to grief AND being grateful?
Grief for missing friends
and grateful for adult to make sure 
they live in a safe environment.

How will it be
being in school again?
Are they afraid to mingle 
because of fear,
about what they hear and feel from others,
are they emotional stabile,
not feeling rejected….
being grateful,
that they can be kids
and adult will take care of the 'adult things'.

don't underestimate fear...
Some people are afraid of being sick,
others are afraid of the rules of the gouvernement.
Both are about fear instead of trust....

For sure we don't know all what is going on...
We are in it together…..

I am grateful:
Nature had time to heal,
Family's realized what is most important.
Teachers and nurses got the respect they should have.
We all realise that we are not in control of all,
but could be more in control of our health.
I also feel
that it is time 
to see how we can connect and
make our world bigger again.

being grateful.

Social distancing…..
taking a step back,
to realise what is important
connecting again.

Freedom and rules/boundaries….
Can we find balance?

Friday 8 May 2020

Social distancing....the next step part 4

Not only planets will go retrograde this month,
the Moon nodes change signs as well!

Since nov. 2018 the North Node was in Cancer,
and the South Node in Capricorn.
The nodes are about balance between two opposite signs.
The North Node is about progress and fulfilment,
it is our guide to a better future,
the South Node is our comfort zone:
we have to get out to grow..

Capricorn and Cancer:
balance in society, rules, regulation
honouring your past and protecting the vulnerable,
finding your 'real family'.
The last 2 years you saw riots in country's:
people wanted balance,
governments who 'forgot' about there people
were 'reminded' by there people and wanted change...

What happened in your life?
It could be that something changed in your family
perhaps you had to let go of loved one,
one way or the other..

Since May 5th the North Node is in Gemini,
and will stay there till Jan. 2022.
The South Node is in Sagittarius.

Is it true what everyone believes,
or could it be different?!?
Do you have the courage to share your opinion
are you open for other peoples opinions
if you have more and better information,
are you open for a new way if thinking.

Is there manipulation, 'fake' news,
and are the experts really experts
or do they stick to their believes,
instead of being open for new information...

Do we know our own power,
are we open to raise our consciousness,
open for different opinions,
open to listen...

Do we give ourselves time.
Time to Be,
Time to be happy.
Realising that knowledge
is what we learned from
the rules of the system
wisdom comes from our heart:

And then I got another 'sign':
a great tit in our garden
is building a nest.
It's message is the above:
take your time, practice and stop doubting yourself,
your own inner power,
the North Node is Sagittarius...

In Holland, on May 6th
we got an update for more freedom.
Hairdressers are open but sportclubs are not.
Hotels are open and their restaurants as well,
other restaurants are not.
Theaters are open, only for 30 people
and planes are flying full off people....
What is going on?

We will find out the coming time
and if we are not ready yet,
we just make sure we do what we need to do.
Venus is in Gemini as well
and goes retrograde:
good timing ;-)
Go inside, be happy,
love yourself
and speak YOUR truth.

Last year I wrote a lot of blogs about
'renovation and transformation'.
Were we ready?
not yet....
Today I used the wheelbarrow again...
the terras needs some changes...
a little water stayed on the tiles...
I think we are ready to make it good this time
if not....
we just change it again :-)
The little tits on the left
and a lounger  on the right..
Could it we that this is also a sign...?
Should I take it a bit easier.....
perhaps ;-)...

Next week will be interesting?
What is going on in your life?
Most likely you get the chance
to re-do something in your life?
Something that makes your life better than it was?

Expect, accept and be happy :-)

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Social distancing......Saturn in Aquarius, part 3

We 'have to get used to the new norm, the 1 1/2 meter society'.

This is what we hear
and it could make you scared,
or it could make you wonder....

Could it be that we were
'too close to each other',
didn't give people space,
to be themselves.

We had to be careful
while paying by credit cart,
because 'someone could see your pin'.
Now people respect that space.

Children needed to hug or kiss family/friends
even though they didn't want to, but:
because 'you should'.
Now they don't have to anymore....

On the other hand,
older people didn't get a lot of visitors,
a phone call once in a while
was for some of them the most they got.
Now people realise
how important parents/grandparents are.
They get lot's of attention,
and that is great.
Now more people realise
that live can be short,
and that you should do NOW
what is really important to you.
More people realise that lack
of bodycontact is not good as well...
Let's find a middle way….

Social distancing and Saturn in Aquarius.
If you take a step back
most of the time
you can see things more clearly.
Sometimes you are 'to close to situations/persons'
to see how it really is.

When I look back,
I realise that I often choose to leave a situation,
instead of dealing with it.
And also: if I felt dat something felt really wrong,
I became 'the rebel'.
It was or/or instead of and/and.

My first job as a teacher was a great one
and.....a challenging one.
However: I could close my door and teach the way
I wanted to teach and lived on my own 'island'.

At that time children started 'school' at 6,
and the 4 and 5 years old
were in an other building.
Even though these teachers were in the same meetings,
they were treated as 'less',
 'didn't know as much as we did'.

I felt a connection with them:
they looked at the kids first,
something I thought was most important.
This feeling I didn't have with the other teachers.
I wanted change.
I felt a huge responsibility towards the parents:
they trusted me to be with there children many ours of a day...
I had to do the best job I could
their children should be happy.
Now I know more than then,
how important healthy roots are....

Did I talk about it? A little bit...
the headmaster had strong opinions
and I wasn't secure enough to deal with that.

My connections with the parents was strong, felt as if I was in the middle.….
I wanted change......
after 3 years I had a feeling,
it would never come
I went away….
Far away….
I needed social distancing….

When I started my practice
I realised the importants of grounding
and also how challenging this is,
so I started using energy products.

I had my own team and
although I didn't agree with the 'big team'
on a lot of things,
I didn't stay on my 'island',
this time, 
I connected and helped the bigger team.

The team was happy with me,
and I did more to help,
I wanted to be part of the change.....

This time it wasn't a 'headmaster',
this time it was an upline,
who mirrored me...
She 'hoped' I would follow her blindly,
follow a path she thought was ok....

I went abroad again
AND helped when I was back,
stayed in the team.

Social distancing….:
things became more clear,
big challenges were needed
I didn't run away this time:
I dealt with it
still use these products :-)

From a distance I saw
how challenging it is,
to be YOU in a group…..

The King of Holland
had a speech at memorial day.
A speech that was honest
and showed 'distancing'.

He looked back at World War 2
and also at the role of his grandmother.
When you look back
-social distancing-
you realise that
somethings are not ok.
You see that:
'people let it happen'....
Who stood up for the Jews, the Roma,
people who 'were different so not ok'?

A lot of people looked the other way,
because of fear…...
Pluto, also the planet of fear
fear of dying.
Important: accepting, forgiving
and change.....
I am sure all of us have some forgiving to do
….especially towards ourselves….

1946 was a year like 2020:
a year of transformation.
A start of a new period.
Then Pluto and Saturn were in an other sign:
Leaders should be leaders from the heart,
instead of force or ego….
...and still we had dictators....

Now we need leaders that take responsibility,
have patience, be brave AND.....
make sure the vulnerable,
are being taken care of.
Quilt and blame should not be the key worlds,
and instead of quilt and shame,
Know that our acts have consequences.

The leaders now
have to make sure that the economy is strong
remember that:
restaurants, nursing homes, children,
emotional well being,
is part of the economy as well...

While I write this ants are invading our house.
I was not so happy to see them,
till I read their message :-)

The spiritual meaning of ants: 
'Take a step back,
don't spent to much time being busy with others,
so you forget what YOU have to do.
Set boundaries, look at the bigger picture.
trust your power and know you have an unique talent.
Don't wast your time 
wanting to be something you aren't.
First help yourself.
Together you make a new world.
You work for your 'queen'
because you want to,
you choose to.'

'Everyone is appreciated, everyone is unique.
At the right time, the right person will appear,
you are all connected.
Be patient.
Dreams will come true, step by step.
Trust that the universe will take care of you
and it will be good for all'.

What a great sign….

I love this view....
It took time 
to look like this.
I saw the trees get leaves
at different times,
their own time..
Different colours showed,
every tree is unique
and beautiful at its own.
Together they are not only beautiful:
they are amazing :-)

We are building a new society,
and there is a place for everyone.

Let's give ourselves time to grow,
to heal,
to set boundaries,
to have fun.
Let's choose to go inside this month
and find out what is important.
Social/personal distancing….

Know and trust 
that your unique quality is needed,
needed for this new society we are living in.

We don't have to be busy and working hard all the time,
we should take a step back and BE...

We have time:
Pluto will move to Aquarius the beginning of 2024,
so one step at the time 
is more then enough....
Stay safe and healthy,
ask help if needed.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Social distancing.....the next step, part 2

May 4th, remembrance day in Holland.
This year it was different than other years
and even more powerful...
People watched it from home,
instead of going outside.
'The Dam' in Amsterdam was empty,
only 6 people were there.
The emptiness was powerful..

Perhaps we need more distancing,
to really look inside ourselves
and feel what's important...

Saturn and Pluto are both in the sign of Capricorn.
The sign of government, responsibility, guilt, shame
and also the elderly...
On remembrance day we remember
the people we lost because of wars.

Now a lot of people 
remember lost parents, grandparents, 
aunts and uncles.
Old and vulnerable people are the one
that are hit by the coronavirus.

A lot of people die alone,
loved ones can not say goodbye in a way they want to.
Family and friends can not attent a funeral.
This is social distancing at it worst....
must almost feel like a war...

The social planet Jupiter,
is in Capricorn as well 
and will go retrograde May 14.
We will re-visit 
the period of the middle of febr. till May 14.

This planet is also the planet of healing and consciousness.
Did we raise our consciousness?
Are we healing our society or
are we afraid, to afraid.
Can we be responsible AND social.

In a city close by 
a woman 'escaped' from a nursing home.
They found her the next day, 
sleeping under a tree:
she felt as if she was in prison, she wanted to get out.

A 82 year woman is sitting in front of a home
were her husband is living, because of dementia:
'He doesn't understand this, I want to hug him
and tell him it is ok. 
Now he doesn't believe me anymore.
I stay her till I can go in.'

We decorated a house for a 90 year old special man.
We did it in the middle of the day, 
when they had there afternoon nap,
so they wouldn't know.
His wife heard us -88 years old- and came outside.
She wanted us to come in 
and have a coffee to surprise her husband.
What should we do?!?
When we finished we went in, 
sat on the other side of the room,
had a drink and left….
He was so happy: did we do something wrong?!?

May 13 Venus is going retrograde as well,
Venus the planet of love, beauty, connection, 
money, relationships,
taking time for YOU.
It will re-visit the period from April 10th.
It is in the sign of Gemini: communication.

Can we find a middle way,
Be responsible,
Be loving,
Be connected,
Be responsible,
Be together….

Will restaurant be open again,
so you can meet and socialise
outside your home?
Can you have a haircut?
Can you visit your parents, grandparents
AND be responsible?
Can children hug there grandparents
without asking
'is it allowed by Corona'?

All those little children:
do they understand what is going on?
Do we realise that they FEEL,
and words are not that important for them..
Could some of them 'think' they are not loved...
the same as we did as a child, 
when we didn't understand what was going on...?

The vulnerable people in our society:
do they understand what is going on?
How do we deal with the mental site of this all?
Let's think about this,
it is as important as the physical part of us.

Next month Neptune will go retrogade as well
…..let's not wait to deal with emotions..

For us:
We are not victims.
If you feel you are:
take time to heal that part in you,
with Jupiter and Venus retrograde
it is a great time to do.
With Saturn and Pluto retrograde as well,
you can not only change,
you can transform!
Just like our society is in a big transformation,
we are as well!

Monday 4 May 2020

Social distancing.....the next step...part 1

As you see our spring flowers are gone 
and you only see the green leaves that are left.
My first thought was to to get rid of the leaves because
'they don't look so nice without the flowers'.

When I looked into it, 
I found something interesting:
the bulbs take nutrition from the green leaves,
so they can bloom nicely the next year...
So if I would have cut the leaves of,
I wouldn't have nice flowers next year.....

If I wouldn't have taken the time
to distance my self from what I thought was 'nice'
I would have missed out next year….

The coronavirus is still here 
and after a time of lockdown and distancing,
we get more freedom.
Can we deal with this freedom?
Can we be grateful what it has brought us
or are we looking for someone to blaim?
This month a lot of planets go retrograde. 
Pluto started to do this the end of April.
We will re-visit the last months:
how did we do,
was it the right thing to do or 
do we have to make some adjustments?

I wrote a lot about the year of 2020 and its big changes,
and it had to do with Pluto and Saturn.
Saturn will go retrograde on the 11th of May.

We will revisit the period of  
January -Pluto-
and Februari -Saturn- 
till now.
Exactly the start of the Coronavirus
and how the government dealt with it.
On March 23 Saturn went in Aquarius:
could we as society take our own responsibility
and be free AND take care of each other:
it was challenging sometimes...

After May 11th we will revisit this period
and on July 2th 
Saturn will go back in Capricorn:
if we as society can be responsible 
for ourselves and each other,
it will be great,
if not…..
it could be that we get another lockdown….

It will be interesting what will happen.

how important.

I got this picture
I had to look a few times to see it.....
I had to distance myself….

How many old patterns do you have inside of you?

Can you take a step back and look again?

Do you accept yourself as you are
and Know you are good as you are?
Do you Know that you have a choice,
a choice to change what you don't like?
Do you Know that what others think of you
says something about them?

Could it be that we need more distance….
to see what's really important?

How are you?
How was your life from Jan/Febr?
Do you want to/need to re-do somethings?

We ARE society 
and as strong as every individual is,
choose to 
like the bulbs....
So in time we can share our beauty,
like the flowers,
with all the people around us.

Next time about Jupiter and Venus,
both go also retrograde in May.