Wednesday 27 January 2021


We used this poem as part of the baptism ceremony of our children.

We didn't agree with the form off a traditional baptism,

but we liked the meaning of baptism.

We choose to raise our children 

in a way the bible taught us.

-realising later that all the religions

in the world have the same morals :-)-

A ceremony is public.

The meaning of love, sharing, respect,

being part of community

and taking care of each other

was important for us.

We also realised that our only goal was

to guide them in this live 

till they could do it themselves.

They were already unique. 

Of course this outlook has consequences.....

You will be challenged as parents

because children decide do do things different


not all people agree with that......

and you will be challenged with old thoughts,

your own upbringing:

'Am I a bad parent if I do it different? 

Do I have the right skills to do what is needed?!?'

Your own upbringing,

the society you lived in

and the society you live in now,

the morals/ the 'what is right or wrong'

all come up

and you can forget who YOU really are....

you realised you are part of society,

only forgot that you are yourself/unique as well.....

This is Saturn/Uranus......

Saturn, the past,

Uranus the future:

how can we combine them in a good way.....

I learned an important lesson

in needlework class when I was about 8 or 9.

We had to do embroidery

and our teacher looked first at the back

instead of  the front:

'If it is neat at the back, the front will always be ok....'

It meant we shouldn't leave lose treats,

and short cuts.....

I always remembered this

and am still looking at the back site,

if it looks neat :-)

Let's decide to clean up our own 'mess',

so 'the back' is as neat as 'the front'...

Not only for our selves,

also for our children 

so they don't have to deal with our unhealed emotions,

but really can live their own life.

We know about the second and third generations

of Jewish people in the holocaust,

only......this is also the case with all of us.....

And......our children need us, 

parents/teachers/role models

to teach us, to set boundaries.....Saturn.....

They NEED this so they 

can live a life in a community, 

being part of society

Knowing they are important and....

should be respected and show respect.....

If you ever did embroidery,

you know that if you don't start with a knot

on the back, the front can look nice,

but it will not stay nice.

-the thread will come loose and the stich

will not be complete at the front-

At the end of the pattern,

you have to fix the end of the treat on the back, will not stay nice on the front.....

-this thread will also come lose and will

spoil the front-

Isn't this what happens with children/teenagers,

if there are no rules?

They look nice on the outside

but show sign's that are not ok in society.....

Did we respect young people, children,

could they be themselves,

did they Know they were part of society,

did they Know they could be themselves,


did we expect them to be someone WE wanted them to be....

and did they feel they had to 'perform' to be loved....

I talked about the depression 

and high suicide rate by young people

and now we see another sign as well:

rebellion, breaking things, looting.....

Is the curfew/lockdown the last drop for some,

and do they show that freedom -Uranus- can

not be shown in a mature way 

if there are no boundaries -Saturn-?

What happened with setting boundaries?

It looks as if everything should go without challenges...

I remember my thoughts when the children were small:

'I would I could protect them and hold them close

till they are 21 and then I let them go into society....'

Now I know this came from my own experiences

and emotions that were not healed yet.....

I realised quickly that giving boundaries helped them

to find out how powerful they were,

and that gave them freedom.

Sometimes I would they could have it easier

and.....perhaps that was just a mirror for me.....

Children don't like boundaries....

they are 'just like people' ;-)

but it doesn't mean they don't need them....

the same as we need them....


Freedom to be yourself/respect

It is great to see 

that next to the rebellion and looting by young people,

other people are cleaning, taking responsibility.

Not because they have to, because they choose to.

Leading by example.....

'Be the change you want to see in the world'

Yes....we all can be teachers...

Let's start by healing our inner-child...


Sunday 24 January 2021

Carrots....and curfew part 2

I took a walk in the forest after a storm a few days ago,
and while walking,
Nostradamus came to my mind...

You don't hear about him so much anymore,
but a few years ago,
people talked a lot
about his predictions.

He talked about a new leader 
that would stand up,
to help change the world.
He talked about a third world war
and after that, there would be 
a new world, 
a world of peace....

I thought of checking the facts about this,
and then decided not to do it.....
It will be part of a story,
I make up 
combining it with 
the time we are in now....

Could it be that that we are in 
'world war 3' at the moment?
The last time there was a curfew
was in Word War 2....

Could it be that Covid came into our lives,
to remember us that we are all connected?
To remember there is conflict in ourselves,
and that it is manifesting in our body's,
in society,
in the world
and that we should start
dealing with the conflict in us?

Could it be that we were not able 
to set boundaries ourselves
and needed 'help'...
We talk and talk
are afraid to walk our talk...

-we talk about setting boundaries for years,
we talk about grounding for years,
we talk about 'being One' for years.....'

We get boundaries now.....
we 'have to ' stay home.....
we get time to 'clear these homes'
and when that is finished,
to clear old emotions....

Nostradamus talks about 
'a city in the new world' as well.
People thought it was 'new York'.....

Wasn't that the start of the 'big change'?
Old fear came up,
fear of extremism.....'Moslims'.......
and because of that fear,
the Gulf war started........

Now the numbers in America about
casualty's from extremism
is bigger from white groups than from Moslims.....

Do we realise now
that it has nothing to do with religion,
colour, country's........
Do we realise it has to do with fear....
with old hurt 
and instead of dealing with this hurt,
we react from fear....

When I started the walk,
I saw carrots on the path
I didn't see them once,
I saw them 4 or 5 times.....

For me an odd thing to see  
when walking in a forest....
After the last time I saw them
-see the picture in the beginning-
I thought about it as a sign:
could there be a spiritual meaning....?

and I remembered the pumpkin soup I made at home....
What is the meaning of carrots?!?

-no part of 'self' can be neglected,
 not in the body, not in the mind.
-they ask for perfect balance: 
they will not tolerate
that you do mental work and neglects the body 
or the other way around.
-It is time to deal with the neglected parts in yourself.
-It is a patient teacher. 
Every one in the group gets the time 
it needs to heal and to follow.
-Don't hide behind walls, structures of forgetting emotions.
-Let go what hinders your growth.
-You can focus to much on others,
to fill your life 
it will not fullfill you.....
-A 'healthy carrot' doesn't accept something without
looking into it herself.
-Stay with yourself, trust yourself. 
Make yourself stronger by looking inside 
instead of looking from the outside.

(From: De hoorn der Overvloeds. Christiane Beerlandt)

What a message....
what a great sign...

And....then I looked inside 
and shared a part of my healing
before posting this.....-see my last blog-

Are you in balance?
are you neglecting your 'weakest link'
I hope you take time to look at your weakest link,
so all of you can grow and heal.

Mercury is in it shadow at the moment
in Aquarius, 
the sign of community, respect, equality.

It will go retrograde on the 31st of this month.
So you will re-visit, re-think, re-evaluate, re-flect
what you did from the 15 to the 31st
in the period till Febr. 21.

After that,
there will be 
another shadow period till March 13:
did we change some patterns,
can we communicate with ourselves and other
in a more loving way?

In Febr. we also have the Saturn/Uranus square.

Do we need more rules or can we work together,
are the rules to much and can we show it as a community
or do we neglect to look inside ourselves
and do we have to 'fight' and 'destroy'....

Do we need the time till 2024 when Pluto goes into Aquarius
to change in this new world 
or can we do this sooner.....

I think about the meaning of carrots:
everyone should be ready,
don't hide behind walls.........

What if we don't know we are hiding behind walls...
What if the hurt is to big
and we still think we need these......

In my sessions with clients
 I sometime look at 'the weakest link'.
Do you want to  know what your weakest link is
where the blockage still is 
that prevents you from growing,
I will test this for free for the first 5 people who
send me an email

Saturday 23 January 2021



Tonight will be the start of a curfew in Holland.

We have to stay in from 21.00 till 4.30.

All over the world governments are looking for ways

to 'fight Corona'.....

and in Holland they hope this will bring the change....

Will this make the difference?

I am not depends:

do people act from fear or from trust,

do they believe in a friendly or an hostile world....

Do we want to look inside or

'fight the image we see in the mirror'

-the mirror as world/society-

I looked at what it could mean energetically:

do we have some deep, dark emotions

that we didn't deal with yet.....

I decided to look in myself...

It had to do with 'self confidence'

I had to go back years ago and came

to the year when my brother died in a car accident. 

I looked at this many times,

but this time I got a clue that made

me 'defend' myself:

'to develop positive inner values'


Wasn't I positive at that age?!?

And then another thought came up......

After he died I believed I would die soon as well..

and I even believed I got 'proof' for this......

-I was 9 years old-

I realised I believed in a hostile world,

not in a safe one......

The next clue I got was

'It is necessary to trust yourself and others'

At that time, 

I 'thought' I had to do it alone....

After this, I had to go to 2014.

The year we had a split in the family.

There was already a split one was confronting

so it looked like harmony,

but it wasn't....

This time, I didn't have to do it alone,

I even wasn't in Holland when it happened.

Others had my back and made sure

to speak up and recreated harmony,

true harmony......

no one had to die, 

only the old family form died... 

What about the picture of the carrots in the woods......
I started writing a blog about this,
but then.....this came up.....
Next time I will explain ;-)

Saturday 16 January 2021

Let's choose to be compassionate.....and heal.

 Are we prepared to let go of these 'lies'?

Can we be compassionate AND disagree?

If you can't 

there must be a very hurt part inside of yourselves....

Someone or something must have hurt you deep....

so deep 

that a part of you still 'thinks' it needs to be 'protected',

forgetting that it happened in the past.....

that you are an adult now....

If you choose to live like this,

it can be challenging in the beginning....

you can doubt yourself:

people around you will say

'you are crazy, you should be angry!'

'you should take revenge,

defend yourself!'

Always remember that energy is always be right....

if you did something that wasn't done with integrity,

it will come back to you,

if not now, then later....

Not as a punishment, 

only to balance the energy.....

Should you worry?


if you did something that was not for the best,

and also know 

you didn't know then what you know now,

then you can take responsibility

and solve it.

....the more you know,

the more you realize 

that there is much more you don't know....

Can we disagree and be compassionate....

it starts in families,

in community's

in country's

in the world.

In Holland there is a game show on television

'the all-rounder'.

100 people are competing, there are 100 games.

After every game one of the group

 has to go.

These 100 people are all different:

young, old, small, big, female/male, different gender,

different colours........

Just like a community.

The games they have to do 

are diverse.

From remembering items and putting a logo together,

to squishing lemons and 

putting as many post it's on their own faces.

Sometimes they have to start working in pairs or groups,

sometimes they have to do it by themselves. 

You can see and feel they are a group,

compassionate and competing.

When someone has to go,

they are sad AND the whole group is supporting.

They are sad to go AND.....

'the other was better'

'and I made it till here!'

I only saw one who was angry,

her reaction:

'I don't want to talk right now!'

She was hugged by the group

and good let her anger go....

Before going to the next game,

the one who lost,

stands in the middle of the circle

and everyone is saying 'goodbye'.

I realised when looking at this game,

that it looks as competing against each other

to win the price but.....

it is a competition against themselves...

The games are so diverse that 

everyone Knows they can win....

because everyone is unique

and has a different speciality....

Wouldn't it be great 

we choose to look at ourselves the same way?

We are all in 'the competition' named 'Life'


we work together as a group, sometimes in pairs

and in the end 

it is always about ourselves....

We can choose to support each other,

realising we have talents others don't 

and others have talents we don't.

Let's be happy for each other

and accept what is in our own lives,

Knowing deep down

that there is no competition with each other,

there is only a 'competition' with ourselves.....

growing, evolving.

Friday 15 January 2021

Do you need to be fixed?!?

Sometimes we forget how powerful we are,

and don't realise 

that we often talk badly to 

and about ourselves.....

Everything is energy,

and energy is not good or bad,

it is 'just' energy....

It works with you,

and attracts the same energy 

as you are in....

You don't see energy,

you feel it....

It is as if sitting in a room with no heating:

you feel cold, but don't see the cold.

If there was heating,

you felt warm and still you wouldn't see the warmth.

Let's start to remember.

A new moon this week,

a new start.

Take action, one step at the time,


all the 'action' you see in the outside world,

is just a reminder:

how do you talk to yourself,

how do you talk to others?

Do you take responsibility for your action?

If you look in the mirror

realise that you are already good,

just the way you are.....

YOU don't need to be fixed....

some old patterns you have 

are not needed anymore,

it's time to let go

and/or take responsibility....

We see a lot of Mars/Uranus action in the world already,

governments that are falling,


heated discussion


lot's of people walking,

looking inside

deep down realising

that consequents need to be taken

for action you took....

This all is to prepare us for the Saturn/Uranus square: 

we are 'to big for our container'

we need more space to grow....

I put a little piece from this plant

in a bigger pot and......

They grew as bigger leaves,

and filled the pot within a year.....

Where in you live 

do you need more space,

more freedom?

In your relationships,

in your work,

in your convictions?

Do you allow your self

to have more freedom within boundaries:

are you evolving,

or do you decide to destroy....

use your anger towards others.....?

Can we remember the lesson of Nelson Mandela....

instead of taking revenge

choose to take responsibility,

to forgive.....

ourselves and others......

We all did the best we could at that time,

now we Know better we can do better....

Our action Now,

will be the base of the new world.....

In America there will be a new president,

in Holland there will be changes in the structures of law

so it will be better for all people.

We don't need to be fixed.....

we 'just' have to let go of layers

we build around ourselves/our heart.

These layers can go away,

only.....YOU have to do this yourself.....

Monday 11 January 2021

Is president Trump to blame he mirroring us?!?

 I love the image of his small path in the forest

with trees next to it.

Trees that are 'moving to the side'

- it looks like that -

so we can go and follow our path...

Isn't this what happened with Donald Trump?

He moved on in his own way,

and no one stopped him.....

You hear and read that many people

didn't like the way it was going.

Knew that 'we lost the election',

but didn't do anything


'if we do or say something there will be trouble'.....

Barack Obama had a talk with someone in 2007

who talked about the mortgages and that 

he expected that it would go 'terrible wrong'......

Barack Obama asked his staff to check

and reports came back negative:

The Federal Reserve chairman had indicated that 

the housing market was a bit overheated

but it wouldn't be a treat to the financial system 

or the broader economy....

When he went back to that friend,

he got as answer:

'Apparently I've underestimated 

how willing people are to maintain a charade.'

How willing are we to maintain a charade?

How is it in your family?

In ours we kept a charade for many years,

in 2014 we stopped this.

Was there one person to blame? was easy to blame the person

who 'shouted the loudest'....

only......the rest of us let him go on.....

The Covid-19 virus....

Are we taking care of nature,

do we realise WE are nature.....

How do we treat nature,

how do we treat our body....

Do we realise that as nature,

we are born, live and will die....

That is the cycle of live....

Nature is nurturing....

rest, enjoying, beauty....

How do we treat ourselves?

Do we talk nicely to ourselves,

do we feed it with good food,

so we get an healthy immune system?

Do we feed it with good information,

do we do what we like,

or do we do what is expected from us,

even though it doesn't make us happy.....

Now there is an vaccine:

do we need to take it, or don't we?

Do we have a choice?

In Holland we have a choice.

We can choose to take it or not. looks like

there are 'camps',

one side 'thinks' they know better

and they start 'shouting'.....

If you are not in the same camp as they are,

you are 'the other side' and that means 'the wrong side'....

Is this a charade as well....

Will we look at nature,

at the way we live now,

or do we thing that 'the vaccine' is the answer.

For people who know about tapping point,

it will be something familiar,

for people who don't, 

the following can be challenging ;-)

In your body their are meridians,

these meridians are connected with emotions.

To explain it in an easy way:

sometimes there are 'dents' in these meridians,

because of undealt emotions.

By tapping you can 'un-dent' them.

The meridian of insecurity start 

with the beginning of your eyebrow

and if you tap this point 

old insecurity's can be accepted and let go.

I tapped this point many, many times ;-)

I even tapped while I was driving, 

walking or biking.

One time someone saw me doing this

and didn't look to happy......

I realised that it looked like

the sign people make when they think 

someone is crazy........

I decided to keep on tapping,

but more private....

When I thought about Trump,

about all the people who 'think'

they have to 'shout' and make themselves big

to show power,

my mind went to this insecurity point.....

When tapping this point, you are close

to the third eye,

your intuition,

the Knowing.....

How insecure are we about our intuition....

do we follow it, or are we afraid to follow it....

Did we lose the trust to follow it

as a baby, a child,

because we couldn't understand 

our caretakers all the time?

For me, it starts with this.....

How was your child hood


do you realise you are an adult now....

You have the ability to take the good of your upbringing

and change the parts 

that were not good for you.

Social Media banned Trump forever.....

Is this censorship or is it the protection that is needed....

Uranus and Saturn combined:

we can not have freedom

without boundaries....

Saturn is also about ego......

an mature or immature ego.

An immature ego is 'shouting' 

so people don't see your insecurity

and is also 'shutting up' 

because you are afraid that it will destroy the harmony.

A mature ego is knowing your parent did do their best

to help you to survive in this world.

It also knows that YOU are an adult know,

and perhaps some of what you learned was not what you needed,

but as an adult  you can choose to change this.

You have to go through feelings of guilt and shame,

-immature Saturn treats ;-)-

and you transform these in responsibility.

A mature ego will speak up if needed,

Knows that harmony is only harmony

if there is no guilt or shame involved.

Sometimes letting go of people is needed....

A dream can only become real,

if you are prepared to do something for it....

Are we, are you, am I

prepared to do something for our dream:

a dream of a peaceful world.

A world were we respect each others quality's,

were we work together,

respect each other each other.

The coming weeks we get lot's of opportunity's:

do we take action in our own life,

or do we wait till the world around us

will give us mirrors......

Thursday 7 January 2021

Grounding and leadership.

 The Amaryllis 2021 

started to bloom very quick


also fell....

The flowers were to heavy for the bulb....

Luckily the stem didn't break,

so I put it up and 

'helped' it to stand straight.....

Could this be a sign 

that we/I have to look at our/my grounding?

Are there still some issues 

that needs to be looked at

and dealt with?

I got this moon lamp as a present,

if you look close it is not nice and smooth.

If you see it in the dark,

it shines very bright and.....

still feels peaceful.

Do we deal with our emotions?

Do we allow the light to shine on them,

so they can be part of us,

or do we think we have 

'to fight the dark'.......

As I mentioned a few blogs ago:

the planet Mars is active now:

do we take action, or do we fight.....

I choose to take action,

to take a walk in the forest,

to help me grounded.

I took a different 'loop'

just to realise that in 2021 

I will do something new,

so I will be open to surprises.

I got a great surprise:

I saw a woodpecker!

I heard them many times,

but never saw one....

It was a great and easy walk.

And then I came at the spot were I had to make a choice:

I could go two different ways.......

My mind went back to a few days before:

I wanted to take one road 

when two ladies came from that way 

and asked me:

'Are you sure you want to go this way?!?

There is so much mud.......'

I looked at them and thought

'I don't feel like going through mud.....

and I don't want to go the long way.....

But.....I have to choose.....'

I choose the long way

and that was good.

I realised how quickly I trusted

two people I didn't know,

and how many people have trust issues.

'I don't trust vaccines, I don't trust government'

and come together and say

'We don't trust etc etc' and most of the time

you get the feeling: 

' if 'you' trust them then you are on the wrong team'

How come we forgot we are all the same...

we are all One......

This time I took 'the mud way'.....

The beginning was good and I was waiting for 

'the mud part'.

And there is was.....

I looked and choose to go past it,

that was possible :-)

I didn't have to go through

the watery mud part.

It felt good and I realised,

that we don't have to go through

all the old emotions that come up again,

we can go past them if we choose to....

I past it and when I looked back,

two men walked toward them.

One was talking about 'terrorists'

 and I had to laugh.....

When he saw me he asked:

'Are you sure you want to go on?

It is terrible muddy further on,

much worse than this!'

I told them I would go on

and if it was to bad,

I always could go back.

'No, you should not go back if you are there,

but perhaps you shouldn't go on'

I told them I would take the chance

-and I remembered that on our lifecycle plan 

I put 'adventure';-)-

This next part was muddy, 

but I could walk on the side

and sometimes in the middle:

it looked worse than it was.

Isn't that also sometimes with situations in our life?

We think it will be tough, 

but it is easier than it looks....

Then I saw this.....

One side with barbed wire,

so that was not an option....

I found my way.

It took time, and I went from one site to the other

to find spots that were not to slippery.

When I made it I was proud

and thought:

'I was not to bad.'

It felt good that I made it

without being all muddy :-)

and I realised I liked it!

Isn't that how you feel 

if you have to deal with something that is not easy

and you feel proud that you made it?

It is as when you could ride a bike for the first time,

when you got your certificate,

when you dealt with an illness,

when you had that tough talk,

and that worked out well.

So I walked on and thought:

if this was the worst or if there

still was something to come.....


there was an even worse part....

it was one with a fence in front of it....

a fence without a lock......

I had to go through

or I had to choose to go back.....

Isn't that where we are as society,

as world 

at the moment?

Do we want to deal with all the issues,

do we really want this new society....

Do we want to do what's needed to be done we know what we need to do.....

Do we 'think' we have to do it alone,

or can we trust that we are being helped....

Do we start with ourselves first.....

I went through it was not easy.

Two woman came from the other side

and asked  

'is it worth it' and 

'why are we doing it'


'let's go to the other side'....looking at me....

I went very close to the barbed wire and....

that wasn't nice and easy...

and then I saw 

that the ground 

on the other side of the barbed wire was stable!

I went under it,

I had to stoop and bow......

And when I looked back,

I saw a little white feather on the barbed wire......

Sometimes you have to bow,

step out of a situation,

realise your 'job' is to be as strong as you can be,

to realise you are on a path towards yourself,

the best version of yourself....

Know sometimes it is different than you

thought it was....

And then there was another fence,

also without a lock

and something to celebrate.........

I could have something to drink here,

to celebrate that I finished my 'muddy path'


I didn't bring money.....

and the farmer who put's it here,

trust people.......

I love this and realise that I have to wait for the 'reward'

Like in our live,

sometimes we have to wait for the reward 

we think we deserve it Now, 

straight away.....

We have to trust that energy is always right,

the 'reward' will come 

at exactly the right time.....

I walked on and it went quickly,

beautiful paths

and I thought about the 'apple flaps'

that were still left from the night before.....

They tasted great :-)!

A great reward!!

For me this walk in the forest is a metaphor for 2021.

I didn't write this blog yesterday,

and after what happens in America

I understand why.

Donald Trump is showing us all,

what happens if you don't deal with your issues,

it you don't trust.

He shows he can attract people who are the same,

and that people can follow 

and not think for them selves.

Let's choose to be grounded,

deal with our issues,

bow if needed and

use action to help,

not to destroy. 

Uranus and Saturn will connect in Febr., June and Dec.

Mars will help at the us to take action.

I believe the energy will help us to realise

we should do it together....

Healthy, mature ego's can lead,

they can say 'sorry, I was wrong'.....

If leaders can not say this,

than, I think, you should worry.....

Everyone of us makes 'mistakes'.....

'We do better if we know better'

Can you see your 'mistakes' 

as stepping stones?

Can you see them 

and let go of guild and shame?

For me that is a sign

that you are whole.

I am not there yet.....

I still feel guild and shame sometimes......

and I Know that this is ok......

I am on a path

and enjoying it,

mud and all :-)

Monday 4 January 2021

The journey or the destination.....are you being sidetracked?!?

 Isn't this what we all want:

the finished product!

We want the perfect children,

the perfect family,

the perfect job

and the perfect world...... be clear:

perfect means most of the time

that what we think it should be,

or what people believe it should be.....

Did we really transform in 2020

or were we sidetracked......

'a vaccine is the solution'

'there is a conspiracy, we have to fight'

When Saturn and Jupiter came together,

there was 'a mutation of the virus'.....

When I spoke about this with two people

in the field of viruses' they said:

'That was expected! What if you go

'in the mind' of a virus:

if you are deadly for a person,

you die as well. 

So for the virus to survive,

it has to be more contagious

and less deadly!'......

make sense.....

Will we be sidetracked by this,

or do we see it as  

more time.....

more time we need as people

to transform....

To respect nature,

to be more patient,

to realise we are in it together.....

Uranus and Saturn want to come in balance this year,

and it will be challenging.

We can do this by fighting against the other

-knowing the other is a part of you-

or we can bring them together....

 The red one, was the first one I made in a long, long time.

I read the instruction and......

I 'thought' I could do it.

It didn't work out exactly but.....

'I can fix it'......

Because I did this in the beginning,

of the small sweater

I had to 'improvise' more and more

later on....

Isn't this what we do all sometimes.

We 'think' we know, 

and we are not open for other peoples opinions....

even if they 'study and experience' it 

want to help you: 

the one who is not the expert.....

The green one was next.

It worked great....

I thought....

I didn't understand 'one line' looked good at the end


'it must be good'......

The third one was the 'Norwegian' one.

It was with different colours,

so then I found out what was 'wrong'

with the green one.....

Isn't this how we learn?

Sometimes we have to compare

to see if something is wrong or right.

I realised that I 'forgot' to knit 8 stiches...

you didn't see it at the end result....

Isn't this what happens in most of our life's?

We don't know all the situations 

in the beginning of our lives,

and we keep going because

'our lives look good'....

And then....something happens

that upsets us.

Most of the time, it has to do

with something 

that happened in the beginning of your life.

Saturn says: 'you didn't do it right,

you should do better'

It also says: 'take your time, 

you can do it again if it is not right.'

Uranus says: 'I don't like these rules,

I do it my way'

It also says: 'I want to make something

unique and I can ask the help of others'


I saw this 'tree' when walking:
one stem, two branches...
Together in a V shape....
sign of peace.....

Let's not be sidetracked....
We are all one....

The world need a transformation:
do we keep focus on a vaccine,
do we believe the world is against us 
or do we go back 
to were the transformation should start....
with us......

I am grateful for the process.
I decided to keep 'the red sweater' as a reminder
and then changed my mind:
I make a new one!

For me Uranus and Saturn combined:
I knit and Anne will make a pattern on it,
perhaps I knit another one,
if Loes wants to make one too.....

-The knitting is Saturn, the pattern Uranus ;-)-