Monday 30 November 2020

Accepting, forgiving, being grateful and heal. Imagine......part 5/5

Just imagine,

there is no fear....

Just imagine.......

It is March 2020 and we get information about a virus,

a virus that is very contagious.

Just imagine, there is no fear.....

Leaders/prime ministers all around the world

talk to each other

and talk about solutions.

They know who to ask,

who to talk to,

and trust that in their databank

they have the right people to deal with this.

Just imagine, this is a world without fear....

All the leaders/prime ministers

 know they where chosen by their people,

they Know they work from integrity,

they Know their talent and Know were to find

the right people if needed.

They are 'the fathers' of their society,

they don't have to prove something,

they 'just' want to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

as I said before: 'there is no fear'......

People listen to their leaders/prime ministers 

because they know they want the best for all.

They also realise 

that they have their own responsibility as well,

so they look inside and see where they can contribute

to help.

They make sure their immune system is

the best it can be and.....

help people around them

in the best way they can.

Imagine.....there is no fear.

Perhaps the leaders/prime ministers get extra information

to deal with this virus from experts.

If they do, they let people know.

People feel safe and keep on trusting.

Restaurants, theaters, movie theaters are still open.

They could, 

because there were no people

who needed to come to close,

for fear of leaving out....


people were relaxed.

There was respect without talking about it.


Remember: there was no fear.....

People corrected each other,

if needed and realised that 

'there is a time to live and a time to die'

Older people Knew they were at the end of their time on this earth,

and enjoyed life, shared experiences

and accepted that they would leave this life when the time was right.

Younger people loved the older ones,

they shared their life experiences 

and physically the younger people 

share their strength to help them.

So life was in balance.....

There was no fear....imagine....

People were traveling when they wanted to go places,

they took the necessary precautions and trusted everything would be ok.

Most of the time, they didn't need to go places,

they found rest and peace in themselves,


no fear of missing out....

There were no Black Friday's....

no need for them.....

Just imagine....there was no fear....

Could it be that in 2025,

people talk about 2020 in this way:

'Isn't is amazing that just 5 years ago

we lived by fear instead of love. 

We thought we had to deserve love,

and didn't realise we WHERE already love.

We needed to go through this,

or we would never have known.....'

Children listen to these story's and are amazed:

'how is it possible that people believed that?!?'

Older children still remember how it was

and can explain in their own way what it did for them,

so it will be something from the past....

Something to learn from.

And with this thought,

they still send love to this period,

to their parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

It was the year the world turned from 

fear to love.

It was the year people not only knew they were One,

they felt it....

Some people will say:

'what if we had known then,

that is was all about love.....'

And someone will answer:

'everything and everyone has it's time

and the world was not ready yet for 100% love,

they only could deal with 53%'

As the trees on the picture 

at the the beginning of this blog,

we are strong as well,

grounded...more and more.

let's remember,

and choose Love.

Friday 27 November 2020

Accepting, forgiving, heal.....part 4

'Be a light'

Neptune is also about 

the vulnerable people in society:

how do we deal with them?

How do we deal with our own vulnerability?

Are we in peace,

in peace with ourselves....

Perhaps the biggest 'thing' this year

is accepting and forgiving ourselves....

Forgiving yourself for not knowing

what you didn't know......

Every time you react instead of respond,

think about this.....

Add love, unconditionally love,

be in peace....

Most likely you can not forgive yourself

for not knowing what you didn't know at the time....

Realise you are older and wiser now

have compassion with this part of you.


so instead of 'war',

there will be peace inside of you.

Let's celebrate each others uniqueness,

and remember our own....

let's add love....

and go for peace.

Neptune is also about living,

our soul never dies....

How do you feel about death?

Are you afraid?

Can you accept that it is part of living,

part of healing and growing?

Every evening we let go of the day,

trust we wake up again,

and start a new one.....

Could it be that life is just like that:

living each day, enjoying, 

being at peace,

Knowing you can deal 

with everything that comes on your way.

And in the end:

let go and trust.....

We got a great reminder this year with Zoe, 

a new live, 

with a reminder:

the meaning of Zoe: life....

Let it be a reminder for all of us:

the year 2020 is the year 

we moved from surviving to living.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Accepting, being grateful, forgive and heal.....part 3

Do we want to go to the other side?

Do we want to go to 2021 and beyond?

Are we ready?

Can we add more love into our lives?

Intelligence+ love =Wisdom

Can we take this step,

accepting that we all 

have parts in us that needs to heal.

That we are all each others mirrors,

that we are all helping each other to see....

To see what we need to heal...

Listening again to OUR voice,

return to love and master ourselves.

Instead of feeling powerless, feeling a victim,


we can choose to use our power,

a power we forgot we had.

Remembering who we are

and start being ourselves again:

Being like the Sun....

'just shining', 

no need to prove,

or to defend, 

just being grateful,

enjoy and living life.


the planet of being all One,

spirituality, creativity,

unconditionally love,

will go direct again this weekend.

It is also the planet of 'fog',

dishonesty, manipulation in a subtle way.

These part you can heal by energy,

like Reiki, subtle energy....

healing energy we all have in us.

This planet went Retrograde in June,

after being in it's shadow from March.....

Isn't this about the time the virus,

also Neptune, 

got our attention?

Did we take the time to look inside,

heal the critical voice in ourselves,

dissolve personal boundaries

and realising we are all One?

'The blast' in Beirut

showed that we could be One:

in Holland they raised 11.5 million

and I am sure in other country's 

they did raise money as well..

The shadow of Neptune will be here

till next year March.

Did you heal YOUR trauma

or did your project.....

was it easier to be 'against' something....

Most likely it was something of both....

we are not saints....yet ;-)

Can we be the light?

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Accepting, being grateful and heal....part 2


As you walk into nature,

you see many things that are not true....

These trees are not standing in the water,

they are a reflection....

To realise what is our truth,

we have to choose to learn, 

to investigate,

to grow wisdom.

If we choose to do this,

we need an open mind....

'Be like a child again':

curious, happy, believing in miracles

trusting 'mom and dad' -earth and cosmos-


merging this with the adult mind we have,

so we move from intelligence to wisdom.

This year helped us to see the mirrors,

and to realise that all we see and hear 

is not always true.

We have to look inside for our truth

and by doing that 

we can help heal the world.

'Old habits die hard'

Yes...they do,

because once, in the past,

we needed them

to feel safe.

Can we see them now as we see 

the trees in the water,

'just' as a reflection, as a mirror...?

Something we can change 

if we heal inside,

so we can see a different reflection,

get different mirrors......

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Accepting and being grateful....part 1

When I wrote my blog

about the numbers going down 

of people contaminated with Covid,

I didn't expect they would be

going up again for 3 days!

It wasn't what I imagined!

Wishful thinking:

we think we are already there,

so we are 'done healing'......


as we realise, we are not.... 

we have the choice to get worried,

or to trust and go on....

The prime minister in Holland wasn't to worried:

he saw a bigger picture,

instead of talking about fear,

he talked about 'the last week'

and 'it is getting better'

and 'we are not there yet'....

Isn't that how we should talk to ourselves?

Sometimes it's two steps forward, and one backward

and we focus on the step backward

and forget about the progress we made...

And then.....the numbers went down again,
and then up again....
'what is going on?!?'
even the prime minister sounded worried....
and now they are down again....

How do you react to numbers?
Do you act different?
Can you stay with yourself,
or do you judge?

This year is about growing wisdom,

realising things need to change...

We knew this, but apparently

didn't know how to make the changes ourselves,

so we got 'help'.

The 'help' from the Cosmos

is most of the time challenging for us,

it needs to be.....

or else we would stay in our comfort zone....

An illness, loss of people, loss of a job,

divorce and loss of 'freedom'

are challenges that we only can

solve if we go inside,

If we choose to heal, forgive and love.

I hope you can take time for your self

to think of the 'losses' you had this year.

I hope you can accept it and 

next to the mourning,

you also can see the silver lining,

can be grateful.

I hope and wish you Know you are moving forward,

even though it sometimes looks you are not:

two step forward, one step back

is also going forward.....

Monday 16 November 2020

'First one home wins'

 'First one home, wins'.....

It is never about winning or losing,

it is about living your own life

in the middle of all the people around you.

Not only the people,

also all of nature....

We are all connected, we are all One.

If there was a plug in this world 

and we could take it out,

all the water would flow away:

you would see all the continents are connected...

The bee that stung me effected me,

air pollution effects us,

without nature no air to breath.

We are all connected.

How do you treat people around you?

Do you see them as part of you,

or do you prefer to judge....

In this case 'the first one home wins'....

going inside yourself,

deal with your stuff,

and live YOUR life,

share YOUR voice.

In Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas en 'zwarte' Piet.

The last years there is a call to let 'black Pete' go....

it is for some people about discrimination,

and now a group 

want to take out all the books 

with him in it from the library's...

Is this what we should do?

Pretend this never happened?

When I was young, 

I know some parents used black Pete

to scare kids: 'they take you to Spain if you are bad',


'they hit you when you did something wrong'

That changed, 

because most people didn't agree with this part of the story,

and Black Pete became the help of Sinterklaas,

a nice black person.

Do we have to delete the past,

or remember it,

just like we do with our own past....

Give it meaning that fits us,

the adult version of us......

'First one home wins'....

Friday 13 November 2020

Your own voice....

Your own voice....
What is your own voice?

Is the voice you listen to,
really your own?
Are you listening to your own voice,
or is it the voice of
your mom/your dad/your teacher/the priest/'president'..

Is it the voice of authorities in your youth
that you followed,
because it made you appreciated
and protected you of punishment
and did you 'forget' your own voice...

You know it is your own voice,
if it is nice, if it is loving,
if it is with respect and encouragement.

If not......
then it is not your own voice:
it most likely is the voice of authorities in your life,
from a time you were to small, 
to immature
to take responsibility for your own voice.

Decide to listen and be honest to yourself,
accept if there is a judging voice
KNOW it is not yours....

How is your body?
Is it healthy, full of energy
or doesn't it 'do what you would like'...
Did you cast a spell,
or are you still busy with casting a spell.....
are you still criticizing your inner child....

It is as talking to children:
how often do they hear us, adults speak in a way
with confusing energy: words and emotion conflicting....

How would it be 
if  we start taking ourselves seriously,
talk to our inner child 
in a respectful an loving way,
casting a different 'spell',
create miracles.....

If we take ourselves seriously,
we will do the same to our children,
and by 'our children' 
I mean 'all the children we meet',
also our inner-child.....

Children will feel first,
and even though we can think 
we are open and honest to them,
they will show us 
if we really are....
If they don't want to engage
it could be that we give mixed messages...
they feel something different 
than what they see....

They show us that 'our own voice'
is not our own voice yet.....

Can you be quiet,
open your mind
and do you prepare to relieve your suffering?
is there a part of you that believes,
it is the only way to be appreciated,
to feel safe...
Feels opening your mind
to 'scary'.....
and do you 'forget' that this suffering
will stay,
will go on to next generations...
You, as an adult
can start healing,
find your own voice
without projecting it in the outside world.

I had days of being more tired,
even days with headaches....
and then....
another sign of Mars happens:
I was stung by a bee...
on the bottom of my left foot...

A voice inside of me:
'take care of others'
'if they are not ok, you have to solve it'
'doing is better than Being,
you can Be if there is time left,
after you made sure everyone around you
is happy and healthy'...

I choose to listen to this voice
instead of listen to my own.....
The bee 'helped me' to Be :-)

This came a few days ago...
and I recognized it straight away,
I need the sting of a bee
to really do something about it...

How is it with you?
Do you still need 'tough' wake up calls,
or do you listen to soft ones as well?
do you judge yourself
can you let go of criticizing
and start accepting,
and be loving to this part inside of you..

Your own voice...
an important voice,
an unique voice,
a loving and respectful voice.
Invite it,
it makes you 
and everyone around you happy.


Thursday 12 November 2020

Signs of the change in the world.

This transformational year is ending with

Donald Trump, showing us what old energy looks like:

it wants to stay, 

because letting go means taking responsibility,

and that is to confrontational.

Not wanting to take responsibility

shows in emotional reactions 

and because of that,

there is no focus on what's really going on,

like remembering he still has a job to do....

that he is also responsible for a country....

How is it with us, with you?

Can you let go of old energy,

or are you, like Donald Trump,

kicking and screaming....

afraid of dealing with the past

forgetting that accepting and healing 

will bring us to our real power.

All we do, 

all you do, 

all I do

have/has consequences,

and we have to deal with it,

like Donald Trump has to deal with his.

We have to deal with ours,

if we really want a long lasting change.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Also signs of the change in the world.

The oldest president ever and

the youngest vice president ever, 

female and

with Indian and Jamaican parents.

Joe Biden as part of the old energy:

let's keep the best and let go what is not working anymore

and Kamila Harris:

showing the future.....the Aquarius age:

we are all equal, unique 

and together we unite.

We all learned a lot from the past,

and I am sure that some of the things you learned

were helpful, and you like to keep them

take them with you and perhaps 

you want to pass them to the next generation.

I am also sure 

some of the things your learned,

you had to unlearn....

they didn't fit for you anymore

and you realised you have other unique talents, 

that you choose to develop.

If you think that you don't have those talents,

then this is not true....

Deep down you Know you have them,

probably you see the start of something new,

or you admire someone,

mirroring your unique talent...

It could be, that you needs some more time,

that you are not ready yet 

to shine...

'just' be patient.

This week Mars will go direct again,

and most likely 

we will have a definite result of the elections

and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can move forward.

If Donald Trump has still some unsolved issues,

you can expect Mars to be seen as more violent talks,

threatening speeches.....

signs of not taking action for his own life,

because most likely that is to confrontational....

How is it in your life?

Do you take the actions that are needed,

or is it still to confrontational as well?

Sore muscles, infections, cutting yourself,

are some of the signs.....

Other signs can be about boundaries:

did you build walls,

and are they needed to come down,

or did you forget that there is 'a door' needed...

Do you realise you don't have to let everyone in......

it is YOUR choice....

I  read a article of a journalist living in China,

she explained the difference 

between China and Holland 

dealing with the Corona virus.

In China the community is more important than the individual rights,

in Holland the individual rights are 'more important' 

than the group/community rights.

In China you have to go in quarantine,

you get your meals and be tested every day.

After some days,

and the tests are still negative,

you can go home.

The last test is not mandatory.

This journalist didn't want to take it:

all the others where already negative!


when she wanted to go home,

and the people in the neighbourhood 

found out she didn't take the last test,

the landlord refused to let her in....

In Holland there are protest,

people can let others know their opinions,

and some of these people are charismatic

but not always have all the knowledge 

They are followed by people without checking 

if what they tell is true...

Make sure you find your own truth....

You have 'Donald Trumps' in all kind of situations.....

We had a few weeks of more restrictions

and the numbers of infections are going down,

so much that most likely next week there will be less restrictions.

How will it be the coming years?

Can we be more and more responsible for ourselves

AND remember we are part of the community?

Do we need someone 'higher' up to remember us,

or did we heal enough.....

We get the time till 2023.....

Let's be patient,

let's be amazed....

these 4 years of President Joe Biden and Kamilla Harris

will show us the change to an Aquarius time.

I always like the image of Carnival,

it is the time of Aquarius in the sky:

all people dress different,

have a great time,

respect each other.

No difference if you are rich or poor,

man or woman,

young or old,

black, white, Asian or Latino.

That is the new age, the Aquarius Age.

Till then:

we go on healing,

enjoying life,



more healing,

more loving,

starting with ourselves.

Kamala Harris in her speech:

'Democracy is an act, not a fact.'

'We, the people have the power

to built a better future.'

'The people choose,

choose hope, science and truth.'

Let's use this in our own live:

we have the power,

we can choose to built a better future.

It is a fact,

it only happens if we act......

Sunday 1 November 2020

Astrology......comfort zones and spiral paths...

 Astrology is a way to see this 'spiral'.

Planets have cycles and they are all different.

The cycle of the moon is 28 days,

so every 28 days one of our planets is touched by the moon.

This is a healing cycle: can you deal with YOUR emotions,

or are you reacting to others/the world....

How do you feel when there is a full moon?

The cycle of the sun, 365 days.

Every year the sun is touching our planets a few time

in different way's. It helps you 'to shine', 

to be proud of yourself, to see your worth.

If you feel 'without light' in certain periods of the year,

most likely it touched houses in your chart,

where you feel you can not/are not allowed to shine....

I write 'feel'.....this is the moon,

the Sun and the Moon are important.

Jupiter will take 12 years for a cycle.

The planet of healing of growing.

Most of us started high school at that time....

Longer cycles are Saturn, about 28/29 years,

We get the chance to be responsible,

every 7 years it will give you an opportunity.

What did you when  where this age

and if you are not at the moment:

take your time to take responsibility, be patient ;-)

Uranus takes about 84 years to go round.

The planet of being yourself, unique.

Half way this cycle,

people are in their 'Astrological midlife crisis':

are you living YOUR live,

or the live that people expect from you?!?

So we are being 'helped' to heal,

we don't have to do it in one time,

we get more chances.

Like in school we get the time to get it right.

That is why these cycles are so important...

Some people are 'afraid' of Astrology,

expecting 'the worst'....

Astrology shows only an energy.....


if we are in balance

those transits are helping us to grow

to who we really are,

to heal and grow to 'light and Love'.

If we stayed to long in our comfort zone

a place that feels safe,

even though we are not happy in all the parts of our life,

then these transits can be shocking.....

Most of the time we didn't see the signs

or didn't want to see the signs.....

Our soul knows best....

I didn't know how powerful I was,

when I got cancer.....

Looking back, I got the signs,

only.....I thought I couldn't change it....

When I choose to live,

and wanting to see my children grow up,

I changed

I have to be honest:

we didn't live close to family members,

so I got a big help from the cosmos....

I even needed a Gulf war to be determent

and live by my morals and opinions.

After that, around my Astrological midlife crises,

I went back to Holland.....

Know I know I needed to.....

living abroad was my comfort zone.....

This month will be special:

When Mercury goes direct, 

we will get - or not- the result of the American elections.

It is the last month that Saturn is in Capricorn:

more government restrictions in lot's of country's,

do we need them still or can we be responsible ourselves.

Do we get all the facts or....are some of them not accurate....

Pluto and Jupiter come together for the last time,

Pluto's cycles are 248 years.....

so this is a very important one.....

At the end of this month Neptune goes direct:

will our eyes be opened?

Did we take time to look inside to let go of being a victim,

and Knowing we are connected and are One?

Enjoy this month,

enjoy autumn,

enjoy the extra time for you

and trust.....

Imagine a life, a world you

you want to live in,