Monday 27 February 2023

Patience and acceptance...

 A second Earthquake....

loved ones die,

your body seems not doing what you think it should,

'will I ever have the life I desire?!?'.....

All signs of this 'chaordic' time...

-the time between chaos and a new order...-

Between 1934 and 1942, 

Uranus went through Taurus,

In 2018 it went through it again,

till 2026.

Taurus likes to hold on to what it knows,

what feels safe, 

even if it isn't safe and secure anymore.

Uranus likes to be free, unique,

it will disrupt everything that looked safe and secure,

but wasn't.....

Relationships, money, society's.......


that was ok,

because she liked herself,

everyday a little bit more.

This last part is important.

Can you feel ok, 

do you feel loved,

 even if you have a different opinion.

Do you love and respect

someone with an other opinion as well.

Can you set boundaries

and move on if people don't respect you

even if you love them.

Do you look inside if you are reacting instead of responding,

and take responsibility for your own emotions,

or is it still 'they other persons fault!'.......

Can you forgive yourself for not knowing then,

what you know now

and say sorry when needed.

Can you accept an apology

and are you open to build a relationship again.

-forgiving doesn't mean not forgetting....-

 What Do we really need?

I remember a story from a nurse

who was with people at the end of their lives.

She told that she never had one person

who said:

 'I would I had worked harder' or

'I would I had more money'...

Lot's of people however said:

'I would I had made more time for my family/friend'

'I would I had loved more......

Could it be that Uranus will shake us up a bit

to remember us that

money will not keep us warm,

it will not feed us,

people do and will.......

Earthquakes are devastating and also shows us

that there is enough for everyone in the world,

it shows us we are all connected and feel connected.

More than 100 million euro's was donated in Holland,

so food can be bought, houses can be build.

Trucks with clothing and household goods 

went and are going to Turkey and Syria. 

We Are one......

Are you as generous with yourself as with others?

Do you treat yourself with respect and compassion?

Make sure you do....

you deserve it!

Sunday 19 February 2023

Accepting and stress

 You can see how challenging acceptance really is

if you look around.....

If we could accept, 

there would be no stress,

we would take action if possible

or wait for the right moment....

We would trust instead of wanting control....

I loved the idea that we could be helped

to deal with stress.

Products that would help us to ground, 

to help our body to rest, to trust

and by this making our life a bit easier.

Easier to go through dealing with 

and let go of, old emotions.

Nikken is/was a company who had this.

They had a philosophy:

the 5 pillars.

-I wrote about those in earlier blogs:

Body, Mind, Relationships, Society, Finance,

'you are as strong as your weakest link'-

They provided product to help our body's to stay as stress less as possible:

O xygen

W ater

N utrition

E nergy

R est and relaxation

S leep

Can you 'Own' your life.....

Can you take responsibility for your life 

and by that 

have/attract abundance, love an peace in your life......

This philosophy went a bit to the background

and it became more 'a business'......

as if they couldn't combine both.....

As if it was or/or instead of and/and....

When Pluto went into Capricorn,

there were some challenges in the company.

There were structures that needed to be changed.

In 2013 they stopped selling in a part of Europe.

It felt as if they couldn't change the structure

in some country's  to make it good for all.

Just last week I got a message

that they will stop in the whole of Europe

celling their amazing products.


when Pluto is at it's end of going through Capricorn.

Do we not need those products anymore?

Can we do it ourselves?


do we need to find a way to empower everyone

and trust that there will always enough for everyone,

instead of thinking that if one has more, we have less......

Could it be that we 

'throw out the baby with the bathwater?'

That we throw away something that 

would be so beneficial for lot's of people?

Misuse of power can be very subtle:


using some ones weakest point,

not realising that energy attracts only the same energy.......

An unhealed leader will attract unhealed people.

Both are powerful, 

only didn't deal with their wounds...yet...

It can make you vulnerable

and you can decide not to connect anymore,

you can decide to project:

me against 'the rest'

or us against 'the rest'......

Pluto in Aquarius asks us to connect again....

connect from respect, uniqueness, knowing we are One.

How would it be if

- after we went back to deal with our wounds-

we would connect again......

Leaders connecting with leaders,

respecting each other,

trusting each other, 

together working for a bigger goal.

Using media/network to connect in an honest way....

Pluto in Aquarius.

For now I see a war, an earthquake, a hit on Syria,

people who misuse social media, hide behind it.

I also see people who enjoy Carnival,

who are working together to help people in Turkey and Syria

I see people sharing Nikken products they don't use anymore

and others helping to make sure people get them who need them.

Accepting that it is as it is,

letting go of control and trust....

One day at a time will bring us a long way....

What is happening with you in your life?

Is there 'a storm' in relationships,

to buy food and shelter?

Do you feel depressed and worried,

or do you or loved ones go through an illness....

Realise that trauma is stored in your cells

and with the energy we are in now,

it 'wants' to get out and.....illness can be a sign.....

Trust, be patient and......accept...

-and yes I know.....that last one is o so challenging.....


 not to accept gives you more stress 

 and healing will take longer.....-

Wednesday 15 February 2023


 An earth quake......

it shakes us all...

The whole world feels connected,

working together to help,

no borders, no war....

It brings out the best of people,

the feeling of being One....

Can we keep this feeling?

I remember Beirut,

the blast brought people from the whole world together is it now?!?

Did the money/love/power the world shared

help to build a stronger community?

Did it shake an old structure so it is a new better one,

for everyone involved?

I am not sure......

'We just believe' that people will use it in the right way we check?

Can we trust?

We can if there are healed leaders, only.....

is this true?!?

Are we an healed leader 

in our own life?

How do we use our power/love/money?

I believe 
we can and should not want to fix someone else,
we can help...
I believe that a country 
sometimes needs help from other country's 
to build up a strong society again.

As from 2008 Pluto is 'helping' to destroy
systems that are not right anymore
and as from 2023/2024 Pluto will go into Aquarius:
Do we realise we are all leaders and together 
we have the power to create a world of 'peace' and togetherness...
as we decide to trust each other 
and work together.....

How come some of the buildings,
in the earthquake area, fell down
and others didn't......
How was the structure......
did people take their responsibility.....

Do the people in these country's Know and Believe they
are 'powerful beyond measure'
or do they still have governments 
with unhealed leaders,
leaders who want to have power over 
instead of empowering people.....

Do we as world, realise that we are all One,
can we be there for each other
if there is pain and suffering
or can we be there for each other
in good times as well....

The press secretary of a big soccer team in Holland
is dying from blood cancer.
He talked about stem cell donors
and that there are not enough....
He asked people to be a donor,
even though it is to late for him. 
After he talked about this,
all of a sudden
more than 10.000 people registered as donors....

Can we choose to heal intentional,
or do we need pain and suffering first....

We are, as World in a big transformation.
Can we be safe and secure AND deal with hurt and suffering,
do we choose to build walls or a longer table.
Do we trust there is enough for us all,
or do we believe that if we give 
there is not enough for us anymore.....

-Pluto is squaring the Nodes: we 'need' to transform....
one way or the other....
the more we hold on to what we believe it true and how it should be,
the more challenging it will be...- 

Next month we will get a feeling what Pluto in Aquarius 
likes us to transform.....
Pluto will move back to Capricorn most of the year
and part of next year.
In 2025 it will stay in Aquarius:
Can we all be One, live in peace, respect for all?

Neptune will stay in Pisces till 2026....
Do we need war, earthquakes or floats
to feel compassionate and work together
or can we feel and Know we are One without them....

Uranus will move signs from Taurus to Gemini
in 2025. Do we as society feel safe and secure?
Is our money system ok or do we need a change there as well?
Do we realise that we are Nature
and we can not live without nature.....
nature can live without us....

So the coming years will be a big adventure,
let's remember that we have 
'the tools' inside of us, to go through this
and....have fun as well :-)

What can we do NOW to help change?

Perhaps to remember that money/love and power is the same energy.
Do you love what you do?
Do you use your power to say no if it is not good for you?
Do you use your money for what you choose and like?

Perhaps to remember that we are all One,
mirroring each other what 'doesn't look good'.
Remember that a mirror is 'just showing' 
what you, yourself need to change.....

Do you show yourself to people around you?
Are you part of a group -family, clubs, friends, party-
and can you still have different opinions?
Can you respect someone even though you think different?
Can you respect yourself and set boundaries 
even though you love the other person?

If it feels that you are in a 'earthquake' yourself:
ask for help till you can build up your life again.
Have compassion with yourself,
take your time,
build a strong foundation 
by accepting and dealing with all your emotions.
You are stronger than you realise....

Monday 13 February 2023

Inner child wounds.

The time of Carnival is arriving,

the time of the year when the sun is in Aquarius: 

be different, love the creations of each other

and celebrate together.

In this time of the year,

people don't judge themselves, and not the other:

it is good to be unique and different.

A sign of the Aquarius age.....

This 'suffering' 

because you think you have to 

compare yourself with others

doesn't exist....

it should never exist.....

Wouldn't it be great that 

we could hold on to this energy the whole year?

After this

the Sun goes into Pisces......

fasting, letting go of what is outdated,

a deeper Knowing...


trust that we are never alone,

even if we have to deal with some issues ourselves.

We get help if and when we need it.

Not to do the work for us,

but to help us go through it.....

This, we can not do together...

we have to do it ourselves.

we are the ONLY one who can do this:

dealing with our inner wounds...

It is something 
we have to do by ourselves.....
and after doing this,
we can help others going trough it,
sometimes 'just' by leading by example.

Most important:
take the time to heal your inner wounds.....
If you want to lead by example,
this is the only way to do it.
If not......
you are a wounded leader
leading wounded people....
Instead of leading by trust 
you lead by control.....

It is as Michelle Obama mentioned:
'Going high',
you have to DO something,
take responsibility for YOU,
not by talking alone....action....

We have to remember that action for change
is only possible if we choose to accept were we are now....

Accepting that we choose
-often subconscious-
the situation we are in now.
If we don't like it and we want to move on,
we FIRST have to accept that 
'it is as it is'.......
without the feeling of guilt/shame,
being a victim,

If you feel this: don't hide it......
realise it is the wounded child speaking,
be nice to it......
time and karma......

Trust.....that what is needed will come to you
it will come to you to heal,
to remember you are Love
you are Light.

If you did something in the past 
you are sorry for:
ask forgiveness, forgive yourself
or take action -if possible- to change it.
This is the way to break the cycle,
and move on,
move on to live Your life.

Next month Saturn and Pluto change signs:
will we check what we hear,
do we believe everything we read,
do we want to control or do we trust,
do we take action or do we stay in our comfort zone.....

- in Holland there is an election:
how many people will vote and.....
how many people will complain after who didn't vote.....?-


Friday 10 February 2023

'The light we carry'


YOU are the light,

born to shine.

YOU have an unique light,

and through life it got dimmed sometimes, is still IN you!!

Instead of thinking/feeling that others will dim your light,

you can also believe that others will help you shine brighter!

Michelle Obama wrote about 'three sisters',

it is a way of mixing a crop of corn, beans and squash

 together in one place.

A traditional Native American method for growing food

based on the idea that each type of plant

has something vital to offer the others.

Couldn't it be that this is just the way with people?

We have something unique that will help

others to shine brighter

and.....others have something unique for us,

so we can shine brighter!

A great book!
A book that is written about the energy we are all in:
'Freedom is not a state, it is an act' -John Lewis-

She talks about 'going high',
meaning: acting, doing something yourself
instead of reacting.....

If we choose to live in a new society,
we have to take responsibility for ourselves.
Responsibility is not reacting on Facebook, 
twitter or Instagram..
responsibility is doing the work.....
responsibility is remembering 
that we are not helpless....

We can not solve the war in Ukraine,
but we can solve the little wars in our own lives.....
Small steps could be:
-Looking in the mirror in the morning and
smile to your self: 'a new day, you will do great!'
-'Wow, he must be in a hurry, probably
his wife is in labor'.....
    -when someone is driving a bit irresponsible
      in your eyes-
-clean out one drawer at a time,
-smile to an upset cashier....they do the best they can...

How long will it take that 'the world is at peace'?!?
It was a question to Martin Luther King:
'Not long'.....

What is not long?!?
that is a question of control.....
'Not long'
is a answer out of trust....

It will come when the time is right.....
The time is right when we shine our light.
Step by step,
stepping out of our shadow...
Being an 'only'.....

The first one of your family to......
The first one in your work that....
The first one in your neighbourhood that....
The first one in your relationship to.......

Be an 'only',
and realise that YOU have an unique light.
If you feel this,
you don't need to compare yourself,
to proof yourself anymore.
You stop reacting, and start responding,
you will attract what makes you happy
and what's important for you
and to you.

And if you are someone 
who looks and read story's on social media
about influencers:
realise they have a team to make this perfect picture....

They have a stylist, personal trainer,
someone to clean, tidy up, bring their kids to school 
and often someone to cook their meals....
Michelle Obama names and thanks them,
others should do the same......

So be proud of yourself:
most of you do it by yourself!
Choose peace instead of 'war' with yourself ;-)

I didn't write about the earthquake.....
So many people lost everything....
Lot's of people want to help and are helping,
does our life needs a 'shaking up as well?'....

Money and weapons go to Ukraine....
people destroy....
Money and bulldozers go to Syria and Turkey
nature destroys....
Can we look at the mirrors?
What are they?
Are we reacting, responding,
do we act?

Can we be the light for them now,
till they remember 
and find their light again?
Can we be the light for people around us,
who 'forgot' or 'lost' theirs?
Do we choose to act......
or do we choose to live our shadow....