Monday 19 December 2022

Knowledge, is 'just' knowledge......

We live in a world 

were we can find all the information we need.

First there were 'only' books and because of the price,

library's were build....

so everyone could get the information they wanted/needed.

Now we don't have to buy information...

we can get if for free on the internet.....

We also know now, that the 'new' way of getting information,

is not really free ......

and now we know this 

we are more cautious.

Information is a great starting point, is a starting point....

What are we going to do with the information?

Can we use it to help us be 

who we want to be?

Does it bring us more in balance more at peace

or is it something that stays in our head..

 I realise that these blogs 

are also about the mind.....

You get information and sometimes my own experience.....

This information will stay just that ....information

if you can not integrate in your own life...

You NEED to add your emotion, your experience,

your life experience for it to work......

You NEED friends, loved ones 

and/or a therapist,

a coach or a doctor to help you,

if you can not build something useful for YOU

with all the information you have....


perhaps we need nature.....

perhaps we should remember 

we are a 'Human BE ing'

not a 'Human DO ing'..... 

At the moment I am in an energy of 'DO ing'.....

Preparing for Christmas,

so 'everything' is ready,

'everything' is at home,

'everyone' will get what I think he/she likes....

I realise it is an old pattern......

and feel that it is my choice......

Do I choose to BE and enjoy

or do I choose to be in control.......

Do I have to proof I am 'good',

or do I Know that I am good just the way I am......

Do I trust the Cosmos

or do I believe I can do better......

Hope you all will enjoy BE-ing,

this Christmas.

To bring everything in perspective ;-)

Sunday 18 December 2022

Christmas 2022, at peace...

 At peace.....

How is the world within you?

Can you be at peace with whatever is going on?

Did you shine a light on the parts in you 

that are still in the dark

or do you prefer them to stay in the dark......

coming up at the worst moment.......

At peace.....

Do you Know you are unique, authentic, love,

just the way you should be


do you still have people around you

treating you in a way you don't deserve?

At peace.....

Is your body showing energy, flexibility

and is it a vehicle you like,

a vehicle you can use 

if you need to go somewhere 

or want to do something


is it tired.....are you over using it,

not treating it the way it needs to be,

to be of service for you...

At peace.....

Can you enjoy a smile from a child,

seeing a beautiful flower,

watching individual people and community's helping each other


do you see war, people fighting, disagreeing

and being negative....

At peace.....

Are you creative and being patient to find solutions

for 'being cold', 'not being there yet were you choose to be'

for 'how it is now'


do you focus on the lack in your life,

connecting with people/community's 

who also forgot they are powerful and creative....

At peace.....

It is something we wish each other on Christmas:

'Peace on Earth'.....

For this Christmas,

I wish you all:

peace within you.....

At peace....

For 2023 I wish you all the same:

Peace within in you.

I also wish you

lot's of light to shine on the dark parts

that don't want to hide anymore. 

Parts, blocked emotion,

old family/society karma,

that prevents us to be at peace....

Prevents the world to be at peace....

-Something I wrote down a long long time ago....-

Peace and responsibility......

the one can not be without the other...

One day at the time....

at peace......

Accepting what is,

taking responsibility

-sometimes doing less is also taking responsibility.....-

At peace within.....

Feed your soul,

so you can see, feel and experience

 the difference between

emotion and intuition....

Feed your soul and find peace within

so you can see a beautiful world....

Monday 5 December 2022


 I wrote about the book 'Untamed' from Glennon Doyle.

It talks mostly about the 'fear zone'.

The zone we start to live in when we,

as a child become aware of our surroundings.

She talks about parents

and how parenting has changed over the years.

She talks about 'memo's' parents got

when they took their child home from the hospital.

These 'memo's changed in the years.....

'Now it looks like  the goal of parents is

to never allow anything difficult to happen to their child. 

By this we steal from our children the one thing

that will allow them to become strong people:


How come parents believe this?!?

Could it be that in the new energy we live in,

we HAVE TO deal with our old emotions.

In the past we could hide from them,

but not now anymore....

The only way we can help our kids,

is to deal with our OWN demons.

Decide to stop the family/society karma with us....

By not allowing them 'to struggle'

we prevent them to grow....

Can we as an adult move from the learning zone,

to the growing zone AND

accept and realize 

that we move back in the fear zone

once in a while....?

Can we be as compassionate with ourselves

as with our children?

Her new memo for parents:

'Here is your baby.

Love her at home, at the polls, in the streets.

Let everything happen to her.

Be near.'

Be near.......

You  only can be near if you 'near' to yourself.

Do you set boundaries?

How do you deal with social media/mobile phone?

Can you set boundaries with your children?

Not as a punishment, 

but to make sure

they get time to be creative,

to think for themselves,

to develop their talents,

use their imagination.

How come that the same people who developed

social media/internet,

 don't let children use a mobile.....

What do they know what we don't want to see.....

Could it be that 

by staying in the comfort/fear zone,

by not dealing with our emotions

by being addicted to social media/internet ourselves

we show that

-instead of being a parent-

we want to get the love from our children we missed ourselves? 

Could it be that deep inside of us

we still look for someone/something

that will 'save us',

will take care of us,

will make us happy......

Could it be that there is

still a part in us

that doesn't trust,

doesn't believe in the power we all have inside....

Could it be that by denying this part,

we keep in the state of control....?

Could it be that we, as society, 

are in 'a womb'.....

ready to be born,

born into a 'new' society,

and we are feeling the fear,

'inner child wounds'....

Deep down we Know,

that after a pregnancy

there will always be a birth.....

Perhaps we forgot 

we all have the power inside of us 

to deal with our challenges,

and....we don't have to do it alone:

we are doing it together.

Let's remember 

that Love and determination 

is in all of us.....

Let's remember this


take one step at a time.....

December, the end of the year.

A good time to look back

and be grateful how far you came.

Body, Mind, Relationship, Society, Finance:

what was your 'weakest link'?

What is the first step you can do

to move to were you want to go?

Let's remember that we are all Love,

Let's decide to move from fear to Love...

one day at a time.

What are you going to do for yourself today?