Thursday 31 December 2020

'Respect, empower, include'.......


This year the Amaryllis turned out not to be red,

but double coloured.....

The year 2020 was different than others:

respect, empower, include...

We realised more and more that life is in us.

We are the most important link.... 

How do you see the world?

Do you see a friendly world or an angry one,

do you believe people are not to be trusted,

or do you believe people are good....

even though sometimes you have to dig deep ;-)

In 2008 Pluto went into Capricorn,

the beginning of the big change.

Barack Obama's team was campaigning

and they had these words in every office:

Respect, empower, include......

Great words 


there was a commitment:

talking bad about someone, 

even if it was in a joke, 

was not tolerated.....

A change was needed and

'politics could be less about power and positioning 

and more about community and connection' -B.Obama-

2008 was also the year I started with a diary

it was the year my practice changed and

the middle east become more important.

It was the year we had to choose:

did we want to live from fear,

or from trust.....

We choose to trust....

This year, 2020,

we knew we 'got the test',

not only as individuals,

also as the world.

Did we transform enough,

or did we need 'some help'....

The last years I gave you all 

an inside in mine/our transformation:

from moving back to Holland,

renovation the house,

letting go of loved ones

and inviting a new special person in our life's.

I hope and wish

that when you look back at these transformation years,

you can be grateful,

can take the next step

from trust....

I also hope you can let go of the old era,

the era of Or/Or 


know now that we 

are in a new era,

an era of And/And.....

We shouldn't compete,

we should choose to work together,

to include....

to respect and empower.

We can choose.....

Always remembering that our choice

is also a choice for our community......

These agreement says it all.....

Can you live by these?

So many people had to let go of loved ones,

of jobs, of mobility, of property, businesses

and it is easy to focus on this and 

stay in a state of being a victim.

You also can choose this.....

In this way 

letting go 

is not about loosing something,

it is about sharing.

Let's include everyone....

Let's respect everyone....

Let's empower.....

Obama's slogan was

'Yes, we can'.....

I like to ad:

Yes, we can....

....step by step.....

Yes, I can......

...step by step.....

Do you feel you have to convince someone?

Realise that most likely

you need to convince yourself......

This picture shows the future for me:

the innocent points a finger.....

they Know......

The Aquarius age is real.....

it is born.

We 'just' have to be open

protect and trust:

be patient,

growing takes time.....

Sunday 20 December 2020

And then it is the day.....December 21, 2020

 For years we looked outside

and send out our wishes:

'More time for our loved ones.....'

'Less hectic life......'

'Taking care of nature......'

'Abundance......time, love....'

The universe 'helped' us.....and...

we didn't like the way it did.....

We wanted to 'grow and heal' -Jupiter-

but wanted to control  how it should be done....

-as if we would choose to go out of our comfort zone ourselves....-

So the Cosmos listened to us,

but we didn't like the way.

-is this not what happens in our teens,

when we wanted to be an adult,

but didn't/couldn't take the responsibility's?-

With Jupiter, 

Saturn is there as well.....

karma, cause/effect, dealing with our shadows.....

The Cosmos is patient:

we get as many opportunity's as we need....

We can keep running away,

the shadows will keep coming up......


if you want to live the life of your dream,

it would be quicker and easier to deal with your shadows....


no problem if you don't.....

it will come up again and again...

just be sure.....

We all see situation from a different side

and that is ok.....

it will help us see the sides we can not see,

so they help us to 

'get the whole picture'....

We can make a conscious choice

if we know all the sides....

If you feel you have to defend your choices,

if you think you Know The truth.....

most likely 

you are running away from yourself.....

and then....

you are not acting from power

but of unhealed issues....from fear......

Let's choose to deal with our fear.

Let's realise we are 

'powerful beyond measure'

and we are filled 

with love, light and peace.

We make OUR world:

'Be the change you like to see in the world'


expect miracles....

I think we are all tired doing this....

'thinking' the other needs us,

because deep down 

we believe they don't have the power....

they do........

They mirror a shadow in us......

Can I, can we 

leave this period

and remembering our own power

remembering that we are all One....

The 'only' thing we have to do

to help this change,

is to look at our shadow

to remember we are

love, light, peace.....


letting go is part of this process.....

'just' to make room for 'the new'......

Saturday 19 December 2020

Saturn and Jupiter....moving to something new.....


The end of an era,

and a beginning of a new one

is as the end of a pregnancy...

Ask a woman who gave birth:

they know exactly how it is......

sometimes they even want to give up

close to the end...


that is not possible ;-)

you have to go one.....

till the baby arrives......

And this new baby.....

needs love and time to settle

because it was a tough

last part before being born....

The mom

needs also love and time to recover

before going on....

And remember the partner as well,

the 'father'......

it looks as if he can not do anything


he is very important in this process.

We are going trough the birth canal as society......

I started reading 'A promised land'

His presidency could be the start of a new era

AND....the world was not ready yet....

We needed Trump to show us 

some of the old energy

to mirror us,

to heal us....

Misuse of power, corruption and.....


Did we look inside?

Can we be honest to our selves?

Barack Obama can.....

that makes him a great example

and a leader,

as how I see it.

He lives to 

'Be the change he likes to see in the world'....

Do you?

Could it be that a long time from now

they not only talk about 

the books from Thomas Moore

as a sign of changing times,

but also about the books from Obama?

That the time was 

as with the end of a pregnancy:

that there was fear, doubt, worries


that we as a people realised 

we were all One,

had all the courage we needed

and started to trust again.

Realising that we need

practice, patience and determination,

and each other.

That living and 'growing up' is only possible

if we leave our comfort zone....

This ring was the symbol for me of our family:

we as parents

and our three children


then it broke....

I felt bad at first,

and then realised

that it is a symbol of the change in our family.

Before it was:

We and our 3 children.

Now our children are adults

and we take a step back....

When I looked closer,

I saw the different colours of gold

and the little diamonds on it

and saw the transformation...

Now it is the symbol of our kids:

they are on the one colour,

and a grandchild on the other one,

a new symbol.....

a new era.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

And then there is the same eclipse as in 2001.....


We finished a cycle and are starting a new one.

Did we deal with our fears?

Do we get the right information?

Do we project or......

choose to look inside....

Holland started with a lockdown yesterday

till the middle of January.....

We can choose to complain,

or choose to look inside....

Choose to talk about what is wrong,

or choose to do what we can do to make it right....

If you feel bad about the restaurant closing,

choose to buy from them online.

If you feel bad about older people being alone,

choose to visit in a responsible way,

or send a cart or a present.

If you feel bad for yourself being 'locked up',

choose to walk outside for half an our everyday.

Choose something positive,

Choose to look 'in the mirror',

and be compassionate towards yourself.

In Amerika Joe Biden was named, 

by electoral votes,

the next president.

In a and speech he said:

'Mr. Trump refused to respect the will of the people'

From Jan. 14. it could be challenging days.....

It will not be a quiet inauguration......

Did we deal 

with all the misuse of power and corruption yet?

Can we start 'Utopia'?

On Dec. 18 Saturn will go into Aquarius

and on the 19 Jupiter will go as well.

On Dec 21 they come together.....

Will there be protest by Dec. 18?

It could be......

It could be from people who see that

some of the rules are not working 

and they should go,

because it is not good for society/people.

It could also be from people who didn't heal

the pain and hurt inside.....

they can 'rebel' break things,

don't show respect of others....

just because they don't respect themselves.....

In 2001 there were ideologies involved.

People who believed they were right

and because of that....

'the others were wrong'.....

Instead of listening to each other

and be open for the opinion of the other,

people reacted.....

on both sides.....

They believed they did it because 

the knew the truth....the only truth...

and by that,

lot's of people got killed.....

Did they really acted from 'the truth'


did they react from hurt....

Was it from fear of dealing with their hurt,

was it from fear of finding out that 

perhaps they were not right

and everything they believed in

was not true......

For me there is only one truth....


Love for each other

and it starts 

with loving ourselves first:

accepting, healing, forgiving.

This new cycle that started with the eclipse,

will finish in about 19 years from now:

how will we look back then?

Will we make sure it is different than this last one?

Did we grow and raise our consciousness enough?

Were we open enough 

and is our ego in balance

so we were open for other opinions

and could change our view 

if we realised there was a better one?

I hope so.....

I believe we have grown as society, 

as people.

We have learned to set boundaries,

we, more and more,

look inside of us to heal

instead of 'acting out'.

We realise,

more and more,

that we are all one.

Whatever our skin colour is,

whatever our religious believe is,

in whatever country we live,

and how our love live looks like.....

there is one truth.....

Love and:

love is kind,

love is patient,

love is understanding,

love is limitless.

Let's trust.....

Sunday 13 December 2020

'People are fed up........'


I read 'People are fed up.....'

and got an image of students.......

Students in their time of exams....

They want to go to the next step of their life,

they want to go to collage or university


they still have to study for exams....


that show them, and the university/college 

that they are ready.....


they want to party, celebrate, have fun

don't want to study......

The only way they can move on

it to do things they don't really like that much....

Show, 'proof' that they are ready...

At that age 
they are supposed to be responsible,
do you remember yourself at that age?
You thought you were an adult....
but......were you?!?

Did you feel guilty towards your parents,
teachers, society,
because you felt 
they expected more of you?

Did you feel restricted,
because you didn't have the money
to buy the things you wanted
to live the life you wanted?

Saturn can do this.....
you hear the voices of your parents,
your family and of society 
They 'tell' you
what you 'should do'.....
deep down 
you don't agree with all of their 'rules'.
Deep down 
you feel some of those rules 
are not right for you....
'can you have a good future in a new,
and other way?!?'.....

You are not sure....yet....
Saturn will help you to be determent,
to be patient, 
to set boundaries.

This is challenging.....
At that age you still need your parents,
and.....sometimes parents need you 
to live the life,
they couldn't live themselves.....

Most of the time there are struggles:
teenagers/students want to be free
and parents and teachers worry.....

Mirroring each others pain,
mirroring each others strength...

Young people want to be an adult, 
look like an adult,
but are not an adult yet.....

They don't have to be.....
they got time......
Saturn's cycle is 28/29 years old,
then we are ready to be responsible.....
Did your parent give you this time,
did you give yourself time?

Did you take time to reflect....
or did you only want to go out,
have fun, 
spend time with your peers,
wanting to feel good,
to grow up as quickly as possible .....

Perhaps you were so fed up 
or worried so much 
that at a certain moment 
you wanted to pass the exams
just to get out the situation you were in.
Was it because you were fed up 
with people pushing you,
or because you felt stuck and wanted freedom....

Did you choose consciously 
or did you choose from fear......
Did you choose a study
so you could make lot's of money,
or have job security
or did you choose something you loved.....
Did you give yourself time....?

We are now in a same sort of situation:
are we ready for the next step in society
or are we 'fed up' with the situation we are in now....
but don't like to take the test to show
that we are ready.....

Do we want to take the next step,
without being ready......
or do we realise we are adults now
and have to do what is needed....

We don't have to quit,
we just rest......

Realise that people 
judge and criticize when they are in pain,
we all do this.
Recognize it in yourself
and go on healing....
We get the time the coming years....

For all the people around 26/29 and 56/59
it is time to take the next step in responsibility....
Do you choose for YOU and be part of the community/society.
or do you choose for you and the COMMUNITY/SOCIETY
or do you choose AND for you AND for community/society...

For all of us:
can we take the good of the past with us,
and let go what is outdated.
Can we live our life AND realise we are all ONE.

We only can do this if we set healthy boundaries,

and letting go of people can be part of it.
It can be painful to let people go...
Perhaps it is needed,
is it the only way for us to change....
And.....if we don't.....
we get 'help'.......
sometimes by an illness,
sometimes by a dead
sometimes by loosing a job
sometimes by divorce,
sometimes by letting people go.....

We are almost ready for the next step,
a new society....
we  'just' need some 'test' to show we are ready.....
and in the mean time remember:

Don't be fed up....
just take the action you need to do....
Not what people think you should do,
no.....what is best for you.....

I love this Dutch cartoon:
people are complaining about government for not taking responsibility
making stronger rules.......
as if they couldn't choose themselves to do it....
as if we still need 
'a father, a prime minister, a president' 
to tell us to do the right thing.....

Let's look around 
and do the right time for us,
for our environment,
our neighbourhood
and .....
Be the change we want to see in this world......

Wednesday 9 December 2020

New beginnings.......part 6/6


I also looked at my life cycle plan again:

'a new start'

'I travel and take with me...MYSELF'

'Safe the world, start with myself'....

It could be a plan for 2021 as well ;-)

Real news:

The world is healing,

we are adding love,

healing ourselves,

accepting our path,

being grateful, forgive

and imagine a future.

A future of diversity,

of respect,

of connection with all

abundance, happiness and peace.

Realising that growing goes silently,

two steps forward, one back,

adding lots of love.

I saw the documentary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

'Imagine' was a song written mostly by Yoko Ono.....

She is an artist who wants people 

to think for them selves.....imagine....

It was challenging for her 

to live in a world 

were the rules and regulations 

were so much more 'strict', 

especially for a woman....

Then the world was not ready, 

are we now?

WE were not ready then, 

are You now....?


Enjoy the last weeks of 2020. 

Remember that the year started with fog....


A lot of things cleared:

we need to respect nature,

we need to respect ourselves,

we are all One.

We only can do this if we CHOOSE to,

if we are ready to see that change is needed...

There is still some 'fog'

as how I see it:

how come that after all the regulations

more and more people are infected.....

even after the restaurants, bars, theaters closed....

The number of people getting in the hospitals and IC

are about the same or getting less....

Is it as with the halo in the Formula 1

that I have to trust that our leaders lead by wisdom


is there power and money involved 

and is vaccination an easy way 

to earn more and a 'quick fix'.....

Shouldn't we start by focussing

on making our immune system stronger?

Focussing on dealing with our emotions?

Focussing on a healthy live style?

Focussing on nature?

Accepting that we can not always get what we want

but always get what is best for us?

Perhaps there is still some 'fog'.....

Will we need till March to get it cleared?!?

Are we ready to take the next step?

Can we go from fear to love,

back to ourselves...

Knowing if We do it,

we help each other.

Let's lead by example..

For 2021:

Let's imagine 

it to be one

full of peace and happiness,

respect and understanding,

good health and more freedom to travel.

Let it be full of gratitude 

and moments to remember.

Have an amazing 2021.

Tuesday 8 December 2020

New beginnings......part 5


Our Christmas/ memory/gratitude tree.

To start a new beginning,

is only possible if you

accept what was

and be grateful for the past....

This angel is still in my tree.
It is a reminder of someone who
showed me that I 'betrayed' my self.
I learned from it and moved on.
I choose to look at the mirror...
if not.....
it could have stayed a reminder
of feeling betrayed...
Now I am grateful.

The white dove, symbol of peace.

A reminder that 'no war' doesn't mean

there is peace.. 

Not setting boundaries and let 'bullies' go on

makes 'fake peace' and everyone is missing out...

I am grateful for the people in my live,

who mirrored the anger in me,

and helped setting my boundaries.

Sometime letting go is the best you can do....

The 'egg' is from Mexico,

from the Hopi Indians.

After my parents died, we went there.

It is a reminder of the past

and a new beginning....

I am grateful for my parents.

They showed me love 

and also made me realise

how important it is 

to heal family wounds....

The little Angel and the bear

is a reminder of all the people

who feel not heard, 

not understood,

feeling not good enough.

Didn't realise how important they were.

I am grateful for these people,

they showed me to remember to appreciate myself,

to remember that ever one of us is unique.... 

I am as well...

It is also a reminder to encourage everyone to 

deal with old patterns/ old hurt...

This is a reminder of my family in Canada.

Family is a connection from the heart,

and even if you don't see them all the time:

they are close.

When I went to Canada for the first time,

I was 15: it changed my life.

There I felt I could be ME.....

'just be'......

The angel came later and is a reminder

how tough letting go is 

especially if it is a young woman.

It is a reminder to go trough your fear,

'live everyday if it is your last'

When I see this Angel I hear a great laugh :-)

'Enjoy life!'

I am so grateful for this

and it reminds me to 

'Just be and enjoy life'

These remind me of society.....

I am so grateful I got the opportunity

to meet people from different cultures.

I realised that it is easy to judge if you don't know,

if you 'believe' what people tell you

and don't do research...

I am grateful that I can see both sides

and form my own opinions and......

also can change my opinions 

if I get new insights.

These pictures are a reminder of children.

The left one, 

is a Christmas decoration,

I got more than 40 years ago. 

His mom let him be himself and 

wanted to help change 'the system',

a school system that was outdated....

The right one is also from special children.

A reminder what we can do as adults:

let them be themselves, 

children are so precious...

Can we see them as mirrors  

and love them unconditionally?

I am grateful for all the children in my life:

they helped me heal 

and reminded me to take care of my inner child.

This is a reminder of the polar bear projects we did.

With family's, we cleaned parts of nature

to help making a change.

We Are nature and have to make sure 

we take good care of it.

I am grateful for this:

it showed me that together we can 

make the world a more beautiful place


'leading by example' works.

Actions say more than words...

It is a reminder of my grandparents

and our children's grandparents.

Grandparents are so important for children.

They were for me, and also for our kids.

Now we are grandparents ourselves....

Can we lead by example as well

and love unconditionally?

I am grateful for my grandparents in my life,

a reminder that dead doesn't exist:

they are still in my life.....

just in another way.

A reminder of our 25 wedding anniversary.

I am grateful for our life together.

Realising that love is sometimes challenging,

sometimes tough and.....

always makes you a better person.

I also realise that boundaries are part of love,

I am grateful I know now that it is and/and,

not or/or: in the 'we' should always be the 'I'

What a difference a year makes.....

This year Zoe came into our lives.

Most likely we will see and hold her soon.

Accepting that life is what it is:


being grateful for good health

letting go of control.

Isn't that what raising a family is?

I am grateful for this new life,

and our family.

The left is a bear, Bas made when he was small,

and the apple the first ornament

we bought for the kids to hang in the Christmas tree.

I am grateful for that time.

The children were supposed to take their ornaments.....

but these are still in our tree....;-)

A reminder 

that there will always be parts of our children

that we can't and don't have to let go...

I reminds me how great memory's are.....

These angels remind me that 

we are not alone.....we get help....

The two angels remind me as well

of a special woman, mother, grandmother, great grandmother.

This year she left this earth.

A special man left this earth as well.

Both at a high age,

both of them remind me 

that the mind is so important


that sometimes your body has to let go,

that is not always easy...

I am grateful for that generation,

they helped us to live a more easy life:

let's let them know 

how important they are in our lives.

The tree angels is an old one

and reminds me not take life to seriously.

Life should be fun.

I am grateful for the reminder.

These are some of the ornaments in our tree,

there are lot's more.

I hope you take time to look at the past

and be grateful,

realising this is your foundation.

A foundation, 

strong enough to build the future

of YOUR choice.


John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics - YouTube