Thursday 29 September 2022

Do you 'want' or do you 'choose'.....?

Just a meet of two individuals.....

both going up, giving space to each other

and making sure the other knows

they will go their own way!

If we go 'up'.....

growing, healing:

do we give others space as well?

Do we realise their is no competition?

'Is there space for me? I am an apple.'

'Of course there is space for you! You are fruit!!

We just had a new moon,

a new start

and.....the world shows us

the end of an old era.......

a lot of confusion, scary situations:


Are we accepting this as a sign for the new,

or are we blindfolded by it's appearance...

We live in a chaordic time....

The moon....emotions....stages.....

it doesn't matter at what stage you are:

you are there were you should be....


after accepting this,

it could be that you choose to change.

To change because you prefer 

to attract something different.....

You only can 

if you start with the first step:

accept that it is as it is.....

at least right now.....

If you look at children,

you learn a lot.

They fall, repeat, hurt themselves up is no option:

they 'only' want to move forward....


As society/the world,

we want to grow as well,


do we 'want' it,

or do we 'choose' it....

The difference: 

one is from an unhealed/ immature prospective,

the other from an healed/mature prospective....

Be proud of yourself,

do something today to spoil yourself,

to celebrate life,

to let yourself know you are doing great:

growing is not always easy.....

'You are doing great!!!!'

Friday 23 September 2022


Sometimes you need to ask help if you are lost,

and people walk with you and guide you 

to the place you want to be.

Sometimes you think you are lost,

but you are much closer

and almost there were you want to be....

I had it today: there were familiar spots and....

I didn't trust myself to go on....

I 'forgot' I had a google map downloaded

on my phone from the area I needed to be.

When I looked at it, I was really close... 

How often do we give up after a path of struggles

because we don't believe in it anymore....

we give up.....

we don't trust we will get the result we desire...

Could it be that often we 'just' have to do 'the last steps'....

the last steps to show determination, patience,

trust and letting go of control....?

We are almost there.....

-at the weight we desire

-the job we really want

-the relationship that is fun and fulfilling

-the money for something you really want...

-the positive mindset.....

and then....

something happens and you are challenged,

the black and the white wolf,

control and trust,

forgetting that just before the light shines

 it gets really dark....

Make sure if you are in a place like this,

you ask for help.

It could be a person, a book, the cosmos

or in my case google maps....

After a session with clients,

most of the time they can contact we within days/weeks.

These weeks the time to help 

bring the energy in balance again.

They all can contact me after that time

and I check if something more is needed.

I do this, till there is balance.

They don't have to contact is their choice,

and it is ok if they do or not.

For me google map is a great help.

I don't need it al the time but...

it is nice I know it is there.

I saw this in a beautiful!

An old tree transformed in something new.


I walked toward it and....

saw this......

Could it be that is shows us 

that we are hiding behind our own power?

Forgetting that we are 'powerful beyond measure'?

Could it be a reminder that we are all 

personal/ as a society and the world

are in this process of transformation?

We are not there yet.....

but we are on our way:

sometimes a bit lost,

but determined to go were we want to go....

more and more trusting that our soul will know. 

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Life is a school where you learn to remember your self worth.

 I was triggered and.....

a deep emotion came up.

My first reaction was: 

accepting and supporting others....

'Just go on and find a way 

to make the situation harmonious again.'

And then:

'This isn't nice for you.....'

A small sentence 

someone said, that helped 

this deep emotion to come up again......

I recognized a situation from the past,

in the beginning of my relation

where I choose to hide my feeling

as if I was 'not worth it'.....

I didn't know I was choosing,

It was inner conscious,

an old, immature habit.....

When seeing the picture above,

I realised that this 

must be something deeper....

I must have wanted harmony 

as a child so desperately/so much

that I forgot myself.....

Most likely it worked for me 

so it became a habit,

a way to feel I belonged,

I was 'allowed to stay'....

Am I the only one in the family?


I realise I inherited it,

and most likely my parents did it as well.....

If I look at my siblings, my family

I recognize some of these patterns as well.

Some dealt with it,

some couldn't,

some choose to project.

All is ok,

the only thing for me is:

what am I doing with it....

Can I choose consciously to change....


Mental triggers,

Physical triggers,

Social triggers,

Money triggers,

Relationship triggers.....

They 'ask' you to look, to feel, to 

accept AND make a choice....

Do you choose to grow and heal

or stay in your comfort zone.....

You can walk away from people

and situations

-and sometimes that is the best thing to do-,


if you don't heal the part inside of you,

you will get new 'mirrors'.

The same kind of people/ the same situations 

will come back to you

'just' to help you to let go

and see your worth...

The Cosmos is patient.....

you get as many chances to change as needed.


Be patient with your self,

have fun,


and enjoy the path you are on.

Look at others

with respect,


and see them as another you.

Friday 16 September 2022

Life is a school were you remember what your soul already knows....part 2


So....take your time,

it is YOUR way.....

not a competition.

In the last week, I lost my way two times and

it made me a bit insecure:

a city you don't know, no internet,

so I had to let go of control and trust.....

Both times I met nice men 

who not only helped me,

but traveled with me.

One -Charly- because he missed his plane,

the other -Will- because of a charity challenge:

walking 1000 miles raising money for diabetics.

'I walk with you, I need the miles 

and it is on my way'.

The first time Charly travelled with me

to the place were I met Bas-our son-

 and we traveled together to their home.

The second time there was another men

who helped me only.....he wasn't sure,

so half way I asked Will and 

he walked with me 

till I saw familiar surroundings:

we went our own way....

Asking for help is great AND

if you can do it yourself, 

it is good to DO it yourself.

I had great conversations with both men


realised that people like to help others,

you 'just' have to ask

I also realised that I still can blame my self

for not doing what I think I am 'supposed' to do:

an old pattern....

A few times I got a sign

within the hour.....

I did the right thing,

that I was reacting from an old/hurt place.

It was 'only' negative self talk/an immature habit.

Do you realise when you do this and.....

are you open for change?

 In the coming week

 a new soul will come to this earth.

He will be welcomed with open arms.

By his parents, sister, family and friends.

He will be loved and welcomed so much

and even though everyone want to make

his life as easy as possible:

he still will have his challenges.

His first one will be to move from

the comfort zone of his mom's belly.

He has to make his way to this earth,

-like we all did-

in a challenging way.

To be born/a new phase 

needs trust and patience...

It is good to remember 

that it is also an adventure

and your soul will help you!

How is it with you?

What step did you take lately?

Did you get mirrors lately,

to let go and step into a new adventure?


little steps bring you a long way

and.....there are lots of people

who like to help you on your way,

people like 'Charly and Will'

till you can go on by yourself.....

Knowing you are being loved.

Thursday 15 September 2022

Life is a school to remember what your soul already knows.....part 1

 And....staying were you are is feeling familiar:

'we know what we have and don't know what we get'...

People stay in routines that they know are not good for them:

-staying in bad relationships

-holding on to health routines that are not healthy

-staying in a job and wishing for retirement, weekend or holiday

-holding on to guild and shame and feeling a victim of situations/life

How come we do this?

Could it be that ones it was a way to survive,

and we still believe we only can survive 

if we keep the habits 

we started as a child....

forgetting that we are adults now....

In this time of Mercury retrograde 

with also other planets retrograde as well,

I hope you take time......

time to look back at your youth

with an vision of someone looking at you

from the outside.....

What would he/she tell you?

Was it a safe, relaxed, loving time?

Could you experience an adventures life


were your parents/caretakers to protective 

or not protective at all.......

Could you be yourself

or did you have to protect your mom, dad or siblings.....

It could be that you will say:

'it was ok, it was just how it was'....

Then ask that person outside of you,

looking at your situation:

what will he/she tell you?


are you open to listen......

Knowing it has nothing to do with your parents

-they did the best job they could at that moment....-

Was your life, your choice.....?

I am sure it was when you started this life,


how much energy did you pick up 

to 'survive',  to make sure you felt 'loved'.......

Are you living Your life now,

or is there still old energy.

Old energy that prevents you to live a life you choose....

a life of abundance....your/our birthright....

Are you open to look at the mirror as 'just mirrors',

something to help you 

to deal with unhealed parts in you?

I am in the UK now and it is interesting to see

what the effect is of the Queens passing.......

We are at the last face of  the Saturn/Uranus square:

you see tradition and you see the new King....

-will he be the new energy or just an in between energy....-

People go their own way and people are morning.

So many people are devastated,

showing their respect and waiting in long lines.....

I see patience, respect, feeling One,

and all different kind of people......

What is it mirroring me/you/us....

Can we go into this new energy with respect

and determination?

Do we Know deep down 

we are all connected and One?


do we need something emotional,

unexpected events to let us step out 

of our comfort zone or....

can we choose to go through them

when 'small' mirrors ask us to change.....

'Life is a school, where you learn to remember

what your soul already knows'


Thursday 1 September 2022


 At the end of this month there will be 6 planets retrograde:

time to go inside,

time to look at mirrors,

accepting old habits/patterns that prevent you to feel safe and secure,

accepting and......letting go.....

If you know were you need change: 

choose to take inner action.

If you don't know were you need to change:

expect sudden revelations or unexpected situations

that help you to change.

With Mercurius retrograde  - starting on the 10th-

expect misunderstandings, traffic challenges

-in Holland there are strikes on the train and bus transportations-

Read careful, make sure that 

-if you sign something- 

you know what you sign for and......

realise it are 'only' mirrors......

Mirrors to show 

that there are still some miscommunications in yourself....

Are you the person who takes care to much for others,

or are you the person who needs to do a bit more for others.

The energy 'helps' you to bring balance....


realising that it is never a fixed point:

if it was we wouldn't grow and heal!

Make sure you enjoy life,

even if it is not always easy:

there is always something to be grateful of,

sometimes you 'just' have to choose to look for it....

It sounds so easy, and in a way it is.....only

we have so many old believes in our system....

We overeat......

as if there is not enough....

We compare ourselves with others......

as if we are allowed to take our own unique way

We buy 'stuff' we don't need.....

as if we only belong if we do what 'others' do.....

We judge others.....

hiding the judgement we have about ourselves.....

Mercurius retrograde will 'help'....

Let's remember we are all One:


have compassion,

take your time,

be friendly,

be patient,

trust and imagine......

Choose to be You,

choose to be forgiving,

choose love


take it one step at a time.

Choose to be happy

in your own unique way!