Wednesday 29 January 2020

Remembering....YOU are unique, important!

75 years ago,
World war two ended.
It was also the beginnig of the realisation
what people can do to each other,
if you look at the difference
instead in what we have in common.

Auswitch, Birkenau, Sobibor, Buchenwalt...
places that tried
-they didn't succeed!-
to 'get rid of' people who were 'different'.

The media in Holland
shows documentary's, movies and
interviews with people who survived.
There are not a lot anymore
and all of them who are still alive,
have a mission:
'I talk about it, so that it never happens again….'

The people who didn't come back are also remembered,
by reading there names
and telling stories.
It is done with respect
and lots of love.
You also hear the gratefulness:
'I live already 70 years longer then I supposed to be,
now I have lovely children and grandchildren'

The lady who said this,
died last year
and her children and grandchildren are still talking 
about what happened to there mom
in schools and to groups:
'so it doesn't have to happen again….'

It is special to realise that these last survivors, 
didn't talk about this for the longest time.
They started about 20 years ago….

After the war they wanted to live,
not to remember,
they decided to start living,
started new families
later on, realised
they couldn't 'not remember'...
their children 'felt'...
and didn't know how to deal with it,
the second generation...

'Blocked' memories....
if we don't deal with them,
they will come up in a way we don't want to….
It could be
in the lives of our children/grandchildren.
How much of old energy,
energy from our ancestors
are still in our cell memory...

Do we realise this,
accept it
and deal with it so we can let go,
or do we give it to our children/grandchildren...

We ARE all connected and....
we have a choice!
We can choose to raise our consciousness
and let go what is not ours
keep unhealty family/society patterns..

Reiki is an easy
and very good tool to help clear the energy.

Realising you are in 'the Now' helps.
If there are lot's of emotions,
that are disturbing you,
you know you are not in the now...
-at least if you are in a safe environment,
and no wild animals are treatening you ;-)-

-A good book about this subject from Neal Donald Walch:
When everything changes, change everything.-

Realise that emotions,
are often triggers from the past....
from a past we didn't learn from... yet.
A past were we 'forgot' that we
are love and exactly good as we are.

Choose to keep the positive from the past
and let the rest go.
You only can
if you investigate
and realise,
there is also a 'positive' side
and that is not always easy.

For people in the dead camps, 
I can not see much positive….

Perhaps they were there for US….
because we still need to learn something,
that we can not learn in an other way...

Perhaps they show us not to quit so quickly,
that we are must more powerful then we think.

Perhaps they show us to be grateful for friendships:
real friendship doesn't look at apperences.

Perhaps we need these people,
to tell their story,
so we will remember
that everyone of us is unique and special.

For that
I pay tribute to them
and express my deepest respect..

In second world war it were the Jews,
in schools
it can be the ones who learn in a different way,
in society
 it can be the groups that dress different
have a different religion.

The Jews in the camps got a tatoo,
children in schools get labels,
some family members are 'the black sheep',
and now 'other religions' still got blaimed..

Do we need labels.....
or can we look past them...
Do you label yourself
or do you Know you are love
and exactly good,
just as you should be...
…..almost blooming….

Do we choose to look at these emotions
and deal with it,
realising our emotions are not who we are,
they are just reflections....
like these trees,
they are only a reflection...
a mirror,
to see...
and then
to choose:
do we stay IN our emotions,
or do we deal with them
and let our intuition  grow
and bloom....

I saw 'the Crown' on netflix:
you see how patterns and habits
go on from one generation to an other.
Prince Harry and Meghan
made a unconventional decision.
I wish and hope that a family patterns stops with them,
that cell memory is cleared
and their children can live the life they choose.

And...for people who look up to them,
see them as roll models
that shows a healthy Saturn:
take responsibility AND choose for yourself,
you ARE unique
and have something special to give.

How is it in your family?

I see it in family businesses:
Fathers who 'had to' take over the business
and children who choose not to….

I see it in the health of people,
sickness in family's.
Sickness as a sign to let go
and to live your own life.

People who have/had cancer
They live a different life
then they did before and....
if it is not possible
to heal the body anymore,
most of the time
they heal spiritual,
before they let go of this life.

Roll models:
Survivors of the holocaust,
Survivors of family patterns,
Survivors of school systems
 -Steve Jobs as on of them-
Survivors of suppression
 -Nelson Mandela-
Survivors of sickness

and also

The memories of people who died in the dead camps,
The memories of people who didn't survive family patterns,
who couldn't deal with the schoolsystem.
The memories of people who stood up in society to make a difference
All the people who died of on illness...

Let them all be roll models.
Let's remember the good things,
the uniqueness of each of them,
and also there challenges...

Did we choose to learn from them
and make changes
that are positive?

Can we be grateful
and also realise
that they didn't always have an easy life.
Let's show them
the same respect as we
do to Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs.

Let's change the focus from
famous people like
Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs
Simon, Selma, Jan, Julie,
Lisette, Nico, Bonnie,
-fill in your name of
a neighbour, friend or family-

Let's remember them.
Be grateful,
forgive and accept.
See them as great teachers,
as mirrors, as guides
make OUR life the way we choose to.

In peace,
with respect for each other
so we all can bloom....
While giving each other time and space
we are on our OWN path,
we don't have to compete.

Be compasionate to yourself and each other,
have patience,


Monday 27 January 2020

It is YOUR choice....what is your focus?

A few days ago, 
I went for a walk in the forest.
I took a path I walked many times,
past an old dead tree.

My focus was on the 'dead' part...
You can tell it was once a huge tree,
you can only see what was left of it
at least….
that is what I saw 
till that day.

This day I saw something else as well: 
out of the old dead tree,
a new tree was growing
I hadn't seen it till then!

It is not that it is a small one,
and I couldn't see it:
I am sure it was there the last times
I walked there and....
I didn't see it..

How often do we focus on the pain,
and forget 
that something new is growing as well.
Live goes on,
next to the pain.
If we focus on the pain,
we forget there are memories as well.
Good memories,
memories to remember,
memories to share,
memories to be grateful for.
Not only if someone dies,
also when people are sick.
When you are going through a divorce,
or when people you loved,
go different paths.
When you let go of a job,
a habit
or a life expectancy:
it all feels like a 'dead'...
You feel raw inside,
people see the vulnerable you..
if you let them...
Can you deal with it yourself,
KNOW that it is part of you….?
Do you give yourself time to heal
and attract people around you
to help you heal?
I hope you all have people around you
that 'face you',
share there energy
if you need this.

Not only if you lost someone,
also if you are dealing with sickness,
with a transition of a job,
dealing with relationship issues,
or dealing with personal issues..
Issues that make you believe
you are not good enough,
that you 'failed'....
….it is old, like these old tree's on the left.
Choose to go to the other side....
KNOW deep down that you are guided
and choose to make the next step.

look for signs of new life,
I walked from the path
to look closer at this old tree trunk
and saw a lot of new, little 'trees'  
growing on top of it:
new life...

New life is starting.
Do you see it in your life yet?

Can you remember the good things
-of the people who are not in your life anymore
-of the job you (had) to let go of
-of the partner who was once the love of your life
-of the old habits 
and be grateful of your growth.

Can you remember
and let the past be the 'good potting soil'
 instead of the poising one….
YOU choose….

-A good movie to watch is 'Lion' about a little boy that was lost and adopted: he remembered….and choose to look for his family. He found them through google map....

Choose to forgive
choose to remember,
choose to be sad AND happy,
choose to be open.

Mercury, the planet of communication 
will be in it shadow from Febr. 2. 
It will be retrograde between the 16 of febr. an March 9.

A time to go inside: 
how do you communicate with yourself?

This year all the retrograde of Mercury 
will be in water signs.
This means that it will be about feelings, emotions.
Water can be overwhelming, it also cleans....
something to remember ;-)

I already see a theme for me:
focus a bit more about all the positive signs
I am sure there are already more then I see :-)
How is it with you?

If you are still in this fase
...that is ok
and perhaps it will need some time.

Start by remembering,
write down the good things,
be grateful
so you will attract in you life 
what you deserve.

Friday 17 January 2020

How is it with the 'I' in your 'We'?

And then my own lifecycle plan from 2019
fell from the door
and some words fell off:
I needed this 
to look at something specific...

'I am'
Koh Samui- Thailand
'May all beings be happy and free'...

We had a family weekend 
when a lot of planets made special connections.
There was a full moon, Saturn and Pluto came
together in Capricorn 
for the first time since a few hundred years.
As you know from past blogs:
a start of a new fase for us all.

For me it was special that we were together.
Not because we choose the date,
because 'it happened to be',
because it was possible to be together.
-not always easy for us-

One of the things that happened, 
'a sign',
were these words falling of,
at the end of the weekend....
'May all beings be happy and free'......

I realised that this is very important for me,
I want everyone to be happy and free
what about ME?!?

I changed it....

Then I read an article about 'gaslighting'

I never heard of it and.….
recognized it immediately. 

It is good to remember 
why you attract these people in your life:
they mirror your insecurity.
If you recognize this,
-deal with these insecurity's-
you also realise 
that you are much more powerful 
then you think you are,
that it is time to acknowledge this.
YOU have something to say!

So instead of talking bad 
about the people who are gaslighting,
let's be thankful. 
They are helping us
to deal with our insecurity's,
and remember our power again.

I see great signs in society as well:
people who are coming out,
who don't want to blackmailed,
stand in there own power.

How is it with you?
What signs did you get?
Every day you can make changes,
not something you have to do,
it is a choice...
Choose to feel at peace,
choose to be happy
choose to be thankful.

We ended the weekend with a  music performance
and I end with one of the songs that was performed.

'just one more thing before I go'

'You thought you had me
You thought that I was done, but
I'm stronger up against the ropes
I am a, a fighter
Before this fight is over
You'll know my name before I go'

Choose to let go of false sense of certainty,
choose to find inner certainty,
inner peace 
and trust that you will be helped.

When I realised which words fell off my life cycle plan,
I felt a release...
the stress I felt towards some people
fell off my shoulders,
I recognized it as what it was....
a mirror to help me....
it was the lifecycle plan from last year...
I choose to let it there,
2020 starts new...
almost blooming ;-)
I also realised that the 'I' in the 'We'
is not always in balance….
How was it with my 'I' in the 'We'?
I decided to test myself.
My first thought: it need to be 50/50....
by testing I realised it needs to be 100/100.....
The 'I' was not 100....yet…..
I checked were this blockade come from:
when I was 1 1/2 years old.
Old patterns die hard ;-)

How is it with the 'I' in your 'We'?

Wednesday 8 January 2020

And 2020 is here....

And then it is 2020...
When we looked outside,
we saw the leftovers of 2019
Around midday, 
we saw our neighbour with some teenagers.
He was active, 
his children and friends needed some time....
In the end
they all worked together to get it cleaned.

Sometimes we need some help to get started,
someone who can lead the way.
We have to learn to be responsible for our deeds,
'clean after our own mess....'

This was at the front of our house,
at the back we also saw some 'results of the firework'....
I started cleaning....
It was not ours….
however it landed on our house,
the back of our house.

As in life,
sometimes you attract stuff from other people,
stuff you don't really want.
You can complain or you can choose to 'clean it yourself.'
Luckily if we get stronger inside,
we don't attract so much stuff we don't want anymore :-)

With the fireworks:
probably it is not allowed to use so much next year,
the gouvernement wants to change the rules,
so we will have a clean roof next year….
fingers crossed ;-).

In October I bought an amaryllis 
and expected it to bloom in December.
It didn't and I even thought it would stay a bulb….
2020 started and....

it started to grow :-)

It is not blooming yet.....

One of my goals I put down was:
'walking 3 times a week'.
I got a reaction from someone:
'how come it is only 3 times a week,
you always walked every day?'
It kept me thinking:
was my goal to small
was it fear or 'realistic thinking'...
I changed my goal:
'Everyday I take time to walk/bike or swim'
How is it with your goals?

We had a 'Three Kings walk'.
Through the forest, 
places that were open for the public,
that normally were closed

Beautiful scenery's and it was quiet….
not because there weren't a lot of people,
but because we started early….

There were stops with drinks and something to eat,
to sponsor projects in Afrika,
small project, 'short lines'.
I like that and we bought some tickets
from the 'Three Kings' to help.

When we got a phone call that evening we were surprised:
we had won a price…..
You always win if you can help unconditionally
sometimes it comes back quick
and sometimes it takes longer,
and in an other way.
Trust and believe that the Cosmos
will give you exactly what you need,
not always what you want.....
Let's face our own shadows,
clean up our own act
if necessary
clean up from others
that is bothering us,
so we have a clear view again….
We have a clear view again :-)
Clear…..of clean....
It is clean, not clear, it is raining….
probably some emotions still to come,
and that is ok.

can we trust structures, politics, leaders,
or is it time for change.
Can we see them as mirrors
and look in our own life:
is it time for change as well?
In relationships, jobs, body, mind
or financial?!?