Tuesday 2 April 2019

A new red coat.....

We are in the same energy as in June last year:
Uranus in the beginning of Taurus.
What happened in your life last year and....how is it now?

Uranus has to do with sudden changes, unexpected changes,
Taurus with feeling safe,
loving yourself -feeling safe in relationships-
and also with nature.

What will happen with Brexit,
will polluting enterprises pay more taxes in the future,
will we still feel safe,
even if some media wants us to believe we are always in danger?

We will see….the only thing we can do,
is look in our selves,
change our believe system,
let go what is not needed anymore.

Last year we had a lot of sudden changes:
letting go of living abroad most of the time, expat life,
and also the decision of my brother to step out of this life.

This time, we are just in the beginning of a house renovation….
lots of letting go and a new start.
Also of spending money....'is there enough'
are there still old patterns that let us believe
that there is not enough money...power....love.....
-the book 'abundance' is a great book, only in Dutch....
It talks about money, love and power: it is the same energy-

I also went with Loes to Mallorca,
the place were my brother lived many years,
and his family still is.
They are renovating there house.....a letting go
and a new start.
We went there to see them and I had a confrontation with myself….

6 years ago I bought a red coat in Mallorca and last year it was torn 
-perhaps not real leather ;-)-
I wanted to have a new one, but didn't find a nice one,
till Friday morning…..again in Mallorca.

A special store with beautiful leather coats,
made by a local designer, authentic pieces.
I saw the price and.....didn't even want to try it on.....

n the end I did and it fit perfectly and.... 
felt good AND....not good at all…..
If I had been there by myself, I would have gone away,
now I had someone with me 
who gave me an opportunity to look and.....
to feel.....
I didn't like the feeling....
voices from other people came up, voices from the past,
and I was confronted with a part of me that had to do with self love....
do I deserve something nice……

After listening to all these voices, 
the person in the store and Loes
became the other voices.
I bought the coat and.....felt terrible....

'Do you want the coat, you don't have to buy it!'-Loes-
'I know….I want the coat AND I feel terrible....'
We were close to the place we stayed and I chanced in my new coat.
I let my emotions come and....became happier with my coat by the minute.....
Self worth, selflove, power, money.....

Can you deal with old emotions that come up,
or do you want to rationalise it....
Is it bad to show emotions?
Does it show weakness or.....does it show power?

Is there still a taboe on emotions?
I think there is.
My coat is just a metaphor and a symbol.

In Mallorca I realised that for a lot of people it is easier
to work hard and rationalise 
then to feel, to cry….

It looks like you are powerful, 
that you are dealing with emotions in a good way
emotions can not be put away….
They want to be heard….if not by crying, 
then by pain, stress, anger……
if not straight away,
then in the future…..

Crying is cleaning the inside,
like a shower or bath is cleaning the outside….
You can put clean clothes to cover a dirty body.....
it doesn't work in the end....
The same with emotions….

How is it with you?
Can you let people cry, or does it make you uncomfortable….
Can you deal with your own emotions 
so 'a red coat' can come to you?
Most of us make life cycle plans and wish for an amazing life,
a lot of us are disappointed if we don't get what we wish for…
If you want to get what you wish for,
you have to accept and deal with emotions….
they are the only thing blocking our wishes.

We got another gift ….a performance of Madam Butterfly.
A story about love, betrayal and dealing with emotions….
It was in the oldest theatre in Spain, in Mallorca
a story that still is very accurate in this time....
Can you deal with emotions?
Know you are not alone….there is help around you:
be grateful for signs, symbols and people :-)

The label from my red coat:
Let Uranus in Taurus be your 'Fairytale'.
Be prepared to accept what you wished for,
be prepared to accept and deal with your emotions….