Tuesday 13 August 2019

Patience 2

August 11, Uranus went retrograde for the coming 5 months.
Uranus, the planet of sudden changes,
of rebellion, of being your authentic self.

The coming 5 months you will be confronted with parts of you
that still believe you can not be who you want to be.
so you can let go and let new thoughts, 'freedom' in.

In the soil of our garden we found this….hidden, deep down...
A reminder....sometimes we have to dig deep...

There were so many snails in our garden, only….
they all stayed hidden, till now.
Now they showing themselves and...
if I came to close, they 
protected themselves again….
as they should: 
they don't know me ;-)

This is a little wall in our garden, 
to make sure that there are boundaries 
were they are needed,
so we can don't have excess water
in some places and no water in other places.
Jaap is making these walls,
he loves to do it....
in his own way....

This is not always the way I see it
and....I trust him and he is doing a great job.
The only thing:
I would he could do it faster!

We talked about this and 
he explained it 'the building way'.
'It is like building big structures.
For a long time you don't see any progress
and then….
all of a sudden it goes quick.
It is because the foundation takes time.
If this is good, the rest is easy...'

It is like transformation.
If you change your eating habits, or stop smoking,
it takes time to get used to people 
who are questioning you.
It takes time to find out what habits you want to change
and what you like to keep.
The most important is the foundation:
WHY do you want to change.....
is it because of YOU or
because of what other people think/say....

If you are in a new relationship,
it takes time to trust.
The most important here is:
do you love yourself enough….
This is the foundation for all relationships.
If you love yourself,
you can respect others AND set boundaries.

If you have an illness,
you have to trust your body again,
believe in its self healing.
This doesn't go quick….
it takes time.
You have to build a new foundation.

As you see in the picture,
the foundation is made out of old patio tiles….
You don't have to start new:
you learned already a lot in this life
and this can be a great foundation for the new!

So, I get signs that it is time to 'go out again',
I also get signs to take it easy

I have my wrist taped again…..
that things go great :-)....
it took 3 weeks...

Next week the holiday's are over
and most likely 
the last bit and pieces in the house
will be done.
The contractor, the painter, the installer,
the kitchen people will all be back, 
so the coming months 
we still have people in our house.
Not all the time anymore
and that is great :-)

It is not a renovation anymore,
it will be part of life again,
Like it is with transformation…..
it goes on and on....
but it is not the main focus anymore,
it 'just' need maintenance.

It is like being a survivor of cancer.
It will always be a part of you,
but it is not the main focus anymore.
It needs maintenance.

It is like boundaries in families.
If there are new boundaries,
they old ones are still strong...
It needs maintenance.

It is like renovating your house,
in the beginning it is all new,
you get used to it,
it is part of you....
And then.....
most likely another part of you life
is ready for a transfromation.
Life is growing,
becoming the person you are meant to be.

For now
I still need some more time to learn patience
....most likely with myself...
The coming 5 months 
Uranus is there to help :-)

Tuesday 6 August 2019


How do you feel in your transformation proces?
Do you feel 'life is over'?
Then you are almost there…..

We had to 'tape our house'
so the painters could paint everything that was needed
and what was not needed would stay the same.
This was 'the first step'.....
it looked like a mess again ;-)
After this, we had to take some furniture out,
to make sure there wouldn't be paint on them.
We have a very dry summer, but....
that day it rained…..

It is when you decide not to eat curtain food,
because you want to be more fit,
to have more energy
or to fit in a 'dress or pants'.
You put them/food you love,
 'outside' and
if you are ready YOU decide
if you still want them,
or that you get rid of them forever.
-this could be if you are in a transformation
to become a non smoker or someone who
want to eat only natural food-
If there are transformations with relationships
in your life,
it could be that you don't see certain people
at the moment. 
this could change in the future.
-in divorces some people 
can stay friends with there exes, 
and sometimes estranged family members reunite.
It all has to do with going inside,
setting boundaries, 
back to loving yourself.

In this period, 
you set boundaries,
you take care of yourself.
The world is smaller
you are busy with the inside….
I realised some old patterns came up again…

When the painters were busy,
I couldn't do much,
so I decided to go on a bike ride.
It went window shopping,
read a paper and then went back.
All of a sudden it started raining…
and it became worse.
I decided to wait under a viaduct.
I wasn't the only one ;-)
It took a long time and then I remembered
'a yellow thing' in my bicycle bag…..
and I could go on....

How often do you think you can not protect yourself
and 'forget' that all you need is inside….
When you are in a proces of taking care of yourself
there comes a time,
you feel good and you are certain it is 100%.
Then you get a test.....
You come back to 
your home town or 
meet up with 'old' friends,
and all of a sudden there is a voice inside of you that tells you:
'be social' or else…..'behave' or....
You forget that you have 'a yellow raincoat'.....
you can protect yourself….

When the painters were ready
-almost, some things still needs to be done-
I realised I still have some old patterns….
Patterns that are not good for me...

I started to clean the parts that were painted
wanted to get all the ornaments, glasses,
kitchen stuff that were packed 
and stored in 2 bedrooms,
back in the right places….
As if I don't have time enough to do it....
My wrist 'told me' to take it easy....
then I stepped in a thumbtack…..

Luckily I got 'help':
neighbours come for coffee,
family come for tea :-)
Then in the evening
WE decided to go out for dinner.

Just before we went in the restaurant,
Bas called 
- our son moved as well, together with his girlfriend-
and he said:
'we still live in between the boxes, 
we do one at a time. 
Sabine thinks it takes to long,
but it will be ok....'
Yes....there is time....

For all of you who are in the transformation
of body,
you have time!

Make sure you love what you do,
starting with one thing everyday.
Also remember that love, power and money
is the same energy.....
If it is tough at the moment remember….
…..yesterday when family visited, 
a white butterfly flew in our new kitchen again….