Friday 31 July 2020

Letting go and growing new roots...

Today I wasn't suppose to be in Holland....
and ....I am...
Instead of flying, 
I had a walk in nature.

Walking is for me a way of meditating,
and reflect.
I saw beautiful Rowan trees,
lot's of berry's and nice green leaves.

How different than our rowan tree
in our backyard!
Lot's of leaves are brown and on the ground.
The berries have been eaten by blackbirds.
So this tree gave still a lot to others 
while having a hard time it self....

Last year it was totally different,
it was nice and green and still had berries.
So what happened?!?

Last year we re-did the garden.
We wanted to keep the tree and made sure
we did everything we could to keep the roots.
Our grass is higher at some places and
it is 'hilly' as well :-) just to keep the roots.

Even if we wanted to keep 
as much roots as possible,
we had to cut some,
I didn't like this and....
there was no other way.....

A family is like a tree,
it has it's roots
and sometimes you have to let go....
People 'leave',
by choice,
through divorce or difference of opinions
sometimes not by choice,
through illness or dead.

This 'leaving' is part of life,
and helps us grow,
it is also painful.

We, as people like to go on,
as if nothing has changed.
Like the rowan tree:
still being there for the blackbirds
and not enough water for itself...

The hurt, the emotions
are hidden inside
and for the outside world
it is often 'business as usual'
People give as much as they can,
as if nothing happened...

Sometimes a fysical illness is needed
to help you to stop......
so you get time to 'grow' new roots.
To be patient with yourself,
deal with emotions....

To often I hear people
talking about a loved one
who passed away
'it is already two years and I still miss him'...
It is ONLY 2 years.....
and....grieving is personal,
it takes as long as needed...
Same with loosing a job,
change country's
or finishing school....
Big changes.....
everyone deals with it in it's own way,
it is not a competition...

How is it in your life?
Do you take time to grief,
to deal with your emotions?

I hope so:
if you do, 
we don't need mirrors like corona/covid 19 anymore.....
Our tree needs some time....
Do I need some time?
Do I rush to much?
Do I want to help others
do I forget 
to take time for me?
Most likely....

Roots.....the first chakra,
safety, grounding...

We are in a period of growing new roots,
deal with loss,
deal with emotion.

How many old emotions are still hidden inside?
If you do Reiki: send Reiki to these parts....
Tap on emotionpoints or do the h'o oponopono...

It is also a period of trust...
Do you trust....
do you trust yourself....
or are you rushing.....
printing anxiety and sorrow on this earth,
instead of peace and serenity.....

We were suppose to fly to Londen
and had to change this 
the last minute...
It was last minute and
everything went smooth...

I see people dealing with change
in different ways.
Grounding, accepting, dealing with emotions
and TRUST.....

How do you deal with change?
Can you accept and go with the flow,
or do you choose to fight of flight?

Sunday 19 July 2020

New moon.....we ARE family....we are ONE...

This path is for me the path of Saturn,
go down into yourself.
Do you see mistakes or learning moments.
Do you have patience or do you feel judged
and powerless, overruled...

Do you see the flowers that fell down,
as a loss or
as part of a cycle,
a part of growth.

Saturn is also government,
rules and responsibility....
It is being afraid of and follow,
taking responsibility and realise what is true for you.

It is having patience and
-like going to school-
taking steps to fulfill your dream:
graduation and after that live the life you desire.
It can also be: blaming others,
to avoid taking the steps,
to take your own responsibility.

It is Knowing we are One
being afraid of each other, means afraid of being our selfs.....

The new moon tells us: we ARE family....
taking care of each other is taking care of ourselves.

We see it in society:
there are rules to help us and...
some rules
are at one point outdated
and need to change.
Society is big and change takes time....
It is easy to blame certain rule....

How is it in your own family?
Is everyone respected?
Are there outdated rules?
Does everyone feel safe to be his or herself?
Is there bullying going on?

As a society we are a big family....
If we have challenges with our own family,
wouldn't it be better to deal with this first.....

Can we heal this if we are not healed ourselves yet?

We are in the proces of a new society with Saturn/Pluto.
The end of the year Jupiter will join.....the planet of healing....

Wouldn't it be great if we start to take time to heal our selves first?

If you have netflix: Heal and the Secret are good documentary's to watch.

Healing ourselves is -as I see it-
the first step.... takes time..... is not a competition....
everyone can do it at it's own pace.

We have a choice to go inside and see the gifts
or see the mistakes.....
If we see the gifts we grow wisdom,
if we see the mistakes, we grow anger and illness....

Life is a learning experiences with great moments,
with love, fun and joy.
I believe we are born to enjoy life,
to live in abundance,
to share, to love.

As I look around me,
I see the joy, the fun, the love
and also the hurt and pain.

We as society are on our way to become whole again.
To live in harmony and peace.
We are social beings.
People in balance only want other to be happy and healthy as well.
Make sure you live YOUR life
and not the life people expect from you.
YOU are unique

If the government you choose is not listening to you,
you can complain,
are the people who are the loudest,
the majority
or just the loudest....

Do or did you have someone in your family who was the loudest?
I had and.....
I can assure you it was not the voice of the majority...
The majority didn't know how to deal with this,
and had to look inside.
It also had to do with fear.....
-we have astma and eczema in the family-
The majority looked inside and raised there consiousness,
started to love and respect themselves.
Energy did the rest.....
We only needed patience......

Do we have it with our society?
Are we going to deal with our fear?
I hope so....
we only need 51%.....
to make the change.
Pluto will go into Aquarius in 2024.....
a new society..
We have time
step by step will go a long way,
don't wait to start...
-remember waiting to learn for an exam the last day...-
start now...

If you feel you missed out: start....
start with a first step....
change the frustration into action...

I see action in society
and that is good.
I also see action with anger.....
I hope and wish those will look inside themselves
and deal with their anger
and fear first...

Were are you thankful for?

Friday 10 July 2020


We are in a time that power and fear gets visible
in society and in peoples personal lives.

What are you doing?
Are you feeding 'the white or the black wolf'
do you feel that this is not a good story anymore
because of the colour of the wolves....

Some people get more extreme,
the mirrors they see come so close..... seems easier to lash out,
than to look inside.....

In 2003 a book came out about energy:
power =love=money.
Through the years I used it again
and again....
and last week I thought it was time
to challenge me once more.

If you want to do the same exercise,
you can.
Make sure you finish the sentence first,
before you read on.....

If I think about money, than.......

Money is for me.......

In 2004 I finished the sentence
totaly different then now
and....that is ok.....

I wrote:
If I think about money, than I don't think it is that important...

This time I wrote
If I think about money, than I know it is a tool to do all the things that I like to do,
and also something to help others to make there life more easy.

I didn't stop by this......when I looked in myself I felt something else as well.....

......or something I can use to spoil people, make them more happy.....

What did you write down?
How did it feel?
Now we come to the challenge.

You use the same sentence,
you only change the word money into love.....

So my sentence in 2004 was.
If I think about love, than I think it is not neccesary.....

For me it was a shock back then....
'was this how I felt inside?!?'
After some soul-searching I realised
that my self-love needed some attention.....

This time it felt different and........
why did I add an extra sentence......
It brought something up ...

If I think about love, than I know it is a tool to do all the things that I like to do,
and also something to help others to make there life more easy.......

why did I add this extra sentence...
something inside wanted to come out.....

 I think I can spoil people,
make them more happy...... if they can not do it themselves.....
Is there deep down inside of me
I realise that this is a mirror for me......

They CAN do it themselves..... I do it for me......
...probably not enough....yet.

I like this and....don't like this....
there is to much 'don't' in it.....
I like to change it:

Give and set boundaries, you are worth it.
Love and set boundaries, you are being loved.
Trust and set boundaries, you and I are one.
Listen to your voice,
Know you are unique
and....others are as well.
Respect each other...

How often are you talking about what you don't want,
instead of what you want.....
How are you using YOUR power?

After we changed the word money for love,
now we change it again...
now into power...
So in 2004 I wrote
If I think about power, than I think this is not necessary.... afraid was I of my power.....
Could it be I saw to much mis-use of power,
that I didn't trust myself......?

This time I wrote
If I think about power, than I know it is a tool to do all the things that I like to do,
and also something to help others to make there life more easy.
......or something I can use to spoil people, make them more happy.....

And the same......that last part......a part of me
still 'thinks' I can spoil people and make them happy to give them my power....
Everyone has power......
probably I don't use it for my self 100%...yet...

What I also realise,
is that I can help others to love them selves,
let go of what is blocking
so they find there own power again.
That feels good and
it means that I go on
on my unique path,
to lead by example.

Time to go inside again....
enjoying the road and the view
and KNOW we let go
to be back to who we are.....

Unconditional love....

Love =Power=Money.
Are you already attracting all you want?

Do you love yourself unconditionally
or do you see your flaws...
forget about your talents
and by that
forget about your power,
and the law of attraction....

Monday 6 July 2020

Emotional guidance scale and intuition.

This scale can be helpfull
the coming months.

Especially if you are a judging person.....
and...who is not..
even if it is once in a while..

When you look at it,
you see it is a spiral....not a line,
so there will be 'repeats'.

If you feel fear, grief and depression,
you are at the bottom of the scale....
Perhaps you start feeling jealous
of all the people who
'are at a better place'....
Look at the scale: then you are moving up:-)

Are you starting to blame other,
don't judge yourself:
you are moving further up,
so that is good!

So don't stop there!
Go from pessimism, to optimism,
sometimes you have to go back,
till you find your passion and joy.

It could be good
to put this picture
where you can see it...
just as a reminder...

there is no one like you!
YOU have something unique
that is needed in this world
stop compairing yourself with others,
everyone has it's own path to go,
it's own speed,
it's own talents
and it's own challenges...
Read the story of Steve Jobs
as a reminder to be YOU
choose to deal with your childhood as well ;-)

What is the difference
between emotions and intuition?
The emotional guidance scale says it all:
there are l o t s of emotion and it goes up and down.
... is clear.....
It can touch your emotions....
you Know that does are 'just emotion'

The coming months the scale can be helpful.

I hope you feel more and more the difference
between emotions and intuition.

That you can go up and down the scale
without judging.

That you can accept what IS
and Know you you are on a unique path.

I hope it makes your live more calm,
so your intuition can be heard as well.

It makes it not always easier,
but for sure more peaceful.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Action and attraction....Mars in its own sign the rest of the year..

Mars, the planet of war, of action went in it's own sign.
What do you decide to do?

Are you taking that energy
to fight against all the things you don't like,
or do you take that energy
for yourself......
take action too make YOUR life
the life you like to live.

In Taiwan there is a new law now:
if people don't agree with the gouvernement,
they can put them in jail
and send them to China.....

Do we live in a country like Taiwan?
No.....we are lucky we don't....
How come a group of people feels scared,
is afraid that the same thing can happen here...

For me it is the same as being scared to get corona......
it is 'just' a mirror....
Against corona we use common sence,
follow precausions as community
AND take responsibility for ourselves,

Can we deal with our own fear,
are we taking the time to look inside ourselves.
Do we take the time to investigate
by investigate I mean checking both sides.

In 1982 I lived in Oman
and one evening
we as female teachers
were invited by the Britisch Intelligence Club.
They told us:
'We know everything about all of you'
We couldn't believe it but......
they knew....

After that I realised that I didn't know
a lot about this and...
I could decide to be scared about it,
or live the life I wanted.

Last year I read the book
'21 lessons for the 21 century'
and realised how important consciousness is.
For me educations should be focused
about learnig how to think,
instead of 'repeating what is in a book.....'

What will you do the next half year?
-there will be a retrograde period, so you get second chances ;-)-
Do you know what YOU want?

In Holland the restaurants, sauna, sportsclubs
are open again....
with restrictions.

It is special to see,
that some used the time
to renovate there business
and made changes.
Others didn't do anything...
they complain....

Life is energy,
energy attracts the same energy....
If you choose to live different,
you have to make different choices...
Without heating in the winter,
I feel cold....
without airconditioning in the summer,
I am hot: I don't see the themperature,
but sure I can feel it.....

What energy are you sending to the world?
What are you attracting?

Look around you
and be honest and accept:

Are people nice to you
and do you attract nice people: great!
If not....make sure
to treat yourself in a better way,
so you can attract what you like...

Do you love your work,
do you feel you can contribute
or do you feel you are restricted,
not getting what you want.
If you feel this, make sure,
stop restricting yourself,
go for what YOU want,
instead of what you don't want....

I lived most of my life in the middle East
and....I loved it....
A lot of people asked me if I didn't feel restricted.

No, I didn't:
some things I couldn't do,
you have this in all country's!

I didn't look what I couldn't do,
I looked what I COULD do.
I realised that we, as people
are all the same...

We all want happiness, peace and good health.
We all want our loved ones to be safe
we all have wounded parts inside...

By raising our consciousness,
we get a choice:
we can choose to deal with your wound,
or 'put salt in it'.......

It looks like the world is full of wounded people,
more and more people
are dealing with there own wound.

By this they are helping all the others
to make a change as well:
we don't need 100%....
we only need 51%....

I think we are close.....
When Pluto goes into Aquarius
we should be ready
for a world of
'love, peace and equality'.....


This is our garden now
We maintained it, did what we thought was necessary,
and.....most of it was nature.....
it showed us if we had to give 'extra nutrician',
some water and.....
we listened.....most of the time ;-)

How was it a few months ago?
I liked it then
AND.....I like the way it is now better :-)

So take it step by step,
take action,
be open for help
and be patient..
-I had an other picture from the same angle as the first one:
however my computer didn't do what I wanted,
so I choose this one.....still working on the patience ;-)-

The first picture has a statue of a child,
I got it from my sister, a long time ago....
When I didn't want it in the house anymore,
I put it in the garden.

For me it is a reminder
how important it is to deal with your inner child...
In front of the picture you see an old horseshoe.
Jaap found it
buried in the sand.
It must been there a long time...

Sometimes we have to have patience,
believe in a good universe
a universe that only wants the best for us.
I believe
that we never get more
then we can deal with....

Expect abundance in all sorts and forms.