Tuesday 16 October 2018

Turmoil and gratefulness....

Can you enjoy life and be grateful,
even though there is a lot of turmoil around you?

This is not always easy,
for a lot of people it is a challenging time
and not easy to stay outside 'the drama'.
As you see in the picture, there is a fence
between me and the fast flowing river.
How is it with your 'fence'?

In real life we have to make our own 'fence',
boundaries to protect ourselves.

Last month I realised something special:
it is as if I am protected in a new way.....
I realise this is 'a new step' and it feels good :-)

I remember years ago, someone asked me about Reiki:
he thought it was a 'fixed' energy.
My answer:
'no, there is no ceiling….if you raise your consciousness,
and let go of energy that is blocking you,
you can let more energy go through you
and 'the ceiling will be raised'.
It is so great to feel that there is no end of learning,
that growing never stops :-)

Live is as the rapid stream on the picture:
the best thing is to look at the flow,
and don't jump in ;-).
Look at the stream while you have a fence between you,
till you don't need a fence and your natural way of protecting yourself
can take over again.

We were in Canada to see family on thanksgiving.
For me Canada is very special.
I am so thankful
my uncle and dad decided
it would be really good for me
to visit the family in Canada:
it was good for my English...…
-I was 15 years old and afraid to talk in a different language
so I wasn't so keen to go at the time...-

When I met my family there,
I realised that I could be Me,
I had to speak English
-they couldn't speak Dutch-
they understood me!!
I couldn't believe it and.....
I had so much fun, felt free and accepted.

After that trip, I changed,
I realised I didn't have to conform all the time.
I am so thankful for all of them in my life,
especially my aunt:
she made sure I could have a good time at the time
instead of taking care of others…..

Realise that sometimes you have to do things
that you are 'scared' of.
As a child or young adult you need parents/roll models
who will 'give you a push' or a break, if needed.
As an adult,
you have to give yourself 'a push' or a break, or
life will give you one...

We had great weather and the trees looked beautiful,
the autumn in Canada is famous for its colours.
I loved the 'raining of leaves'….
When we came back to Holland
I saw that the leaves were beautiful here as well
and there were also 'raining leaves'..

Sometimes we think
we have to find peace and beauty outside ourselves:
it could be in an other country,
it could be in an other person,
it could be in an other career,
we forget that the beauty comes to us,
if we are ready to attract it....
if we have the courage to look inside,
and let go what is blocking us.

This month the energy helps us to go inside.
Are you happy and at peace with yourself,
are you relaxed and loving life or
do you in some parts,
but not in other parts of your life?
Are there parts where you feel stuck
and are afraid to take the next step?

Do you Know what you want?
This month is a good month to take time for yourself
so you can feel if you are stuck somewhere,
If you are, you can choose to take a new step.
As from next month, Uranus,
the planet of change of authenticity,
is going back in Aries till the beginning of March.
You get the chance to change were it is needed,
to take new steps so you will feel more at peace
and in balance with yourself:
perhaps you realise you don't need more things,
but better things,
more time with some people instead of time with lots of people,
good food instead of processed food,
follow a course or read some good books.

Check the 5 pillars:
-How is it with your body?
-How is it in relationships?
-Do you Know, you can do what ever you want?
-Are you happy with your contribution to society:
work or in your free time?
-Do you attract the money you like: do you use your power,
do you love yourself?

The biggest challenge:
Do you feel happy, do you feel at peace,
can you stay with yourself even though there is 'a storm' outside you?
Do you believe you deserve everything you want of
do you believe this is all you can get...

Take it easy....step by step brings you a long way.

Enjoy a walk in nature, bring some coloured leaves home
or some shells -if you are in a hot country ;-)- and be grateful.

If it is very tough for you at the moment:
be nice to yourself,
ask help if you need it and....stay being grateful:
you can be grateful for sun that is shining,
grateful for a smile
for a roof on your head,
grateful that this day is over
so you can start over tomorrow.
Realise you are not alone:
meet with loved ones
and Know we are all a big family :-)

Have a great month!
…..you have to go deep sometimes, and sometimes you don't get what you think you need…..
realise that you always get what is best for you, at that moment and.....
at the end, there will be a rainbow….