Thursday 29 November 2018

Looking back at 2018

This is one part of my life cycle plan of 2018. 
Lots of things happened, it was not a very calm year.
When I look back at this part, I can say:
Yes, I am happy, 
there is lot's of love in my life.

I am still curious and relaxed...…
even though challenging situations occurred.
I am grateful.

I realize more and more that body and mind are one.
I also realise that I can not solve other peoples 'problems'
even though a part of me would…..if I could 
I also realise that I would withhold then to learn and grow:
What a challenge sometimes to see people go through hardship
and you Know it it THERE path and not your path to walk....

Your mind is soooo important.
If you don't have the life you want,
KNOW there are old patterns in your mind
that want/need to let go.
It looks more challenging to take the path to let go,
it is much more painful in the long run 
to hold on to patterns that are outdated… don't have to do it alone…
ask help if needed.

I travelled, we travelled to a lot of places.
I had great trips with Jaap, with the children and also with family and friends.
-I even got a bonus brother/family ;-)-
We went karting, on a hot air ballon, paragliding,
swimming with sharks…..
lot of adventure 
I saw lot of feathers…..
also before I had to let go of my brother in physical form...

I am still a dreamer,
and want to stay one...
I will go on learning as long as I live
and....I know I will get a lot more changes
to be the best I can be.

Accepting that what comes in my life should be there
is getting more easy,
even though it is not always what I would choose ;-)

I also know, it is MY story
and.....not everyone sees it the same as I and....that is ok

Coming year there will be a new kitchen ;-)
There will be more opportunity's
and....perhaps I put a bit less traveling on my lifecycle plan of 2019
so it will be a bit more relaxing.....;-)
We will see: I KNOW that I am being guided
and trust that that will happen what is best for me and the people around me.

Love and Peace
that is what I wish you all
I hope you take time to look back at 2018 the coming weeks,
so you can make a great start for 2019

I hope you can be grateful for all the things that happened in your life
and if you can not see why this needed to happened,
I hope you can at least accept it:
it is the only thing you can do
-the situation will not change anymore-
so you can go forward and attract all the things you want in 2019.