Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Are you in a hurry?

What a reminder.......
I realise that part of me wants to move on,
take the 'next step'
and...... that part is located in my head.....

My soul however has other plans:
'there are some unsolved issues in your life
and you need to deal with these first...'

We went to see a play/musical
about a strike that went on in 1943 in the war.
I was looking forward to go,
because it is done in an old hangar,
and the last time a play was there it was very good.
It was as if you were part of the play.

After seeing this play,
I realise that the writers show the public
what happens with people 
when there are secrets or heavy emotional situations
like war and dead
that are not solved...
It effects not only the people who are involved,
it becomes a family/society karma.

From the start I had to cry.....
I didn't know exactly why,
but it touched something very deep in me.

Thinking about it:
-family hurt becomes karma....
-gossip can go to next generations.... precious and can easily be broken...
-not knowing and  betrayal can break hearts
-music can heal...
-did we not learn from the past?!?

Wouldn't it be great if it was this easy?

If you decide this, realise that the Cosmos will send

you all kinds of mirrors so you Can start a new chapter.....

Most of the time it is not possible 

to close the door 

because something is preventing you to close it:

something is 'stuck'.....

Watching the play 'De vergeten Twentse lente' 

-'the Forgotten Spring of Twente'-

helped me in a way I wasn't expecting.....

'Mercury retrograde 'helped' us to look at these parts

and when  Mercury is going direct again -May 14th-,

project that felt 'stuck' can start to flow again.'

I wrote this and after that :

-I went to the play,

-my special aunt in Canada left this world,

-I got to experience vertigo again......

This play ended with the connection with the present:

How do we treat each other,

can we see people or do we see refugees,

do we act from fear or from trust....

What is going on in your life?

Is it starting to flow again or.....

did doors open that you liked to kept shut...

Are you in a hurry,

or can you choose to be patient....

I choose to trust and to be patient...

Practicing the guitar,

choosing to take long walks in nature again,

taking time to read a book and.....

starting to let go of books I don't need anymore

and to clean out 'old' files.......

Not all at once......

a little bit every day.....

The universe is not in a hurry:

why should I?

The universe makes sure

everything that needs to happen,

will happen.

Is it working all the time?

No.....I am still a work in progress ;-)

I hope you take time to 

'smell the flowers',

to enjoy friends and family,

let go of guild and shame

and......take your responsibility,

one day at a time.....

Friday, 5 May 2023

On our way to peace....

Today there is a full moon in Scorpio, an eclipse:
are you in peace or are you suppressing emotions.....
Are you going for your passion, 
or do you stay in your comfort zone....

What comes up in your life?
This energy -because it is an eclipse-
will be with us the coming half year,
and started with the Solar eclipse a few weeks ago.

I can feel this energy and
are open for it's challenges.....
Can I find the balance between Taurus and Scorpio,
the balance between trust, safety and passion and courage.
Do I have the courage to transform/clean/let go
or do I want to feel safe and secure 
and am I afraid to 'make waves'....
Am I going through life
by fear or by love.....
Do I recognize it
or do I need mirrors from the outside world.....

A few days ago I was cleaning a storage place:
we had 'little butterfly's'/moths flying in the evening
and didn't know were they came from. 
We expected a spot in the storage room,
a spot were we put 'stuff' we sometimes use,
but not all the time....

Even though I love butterfly's,
I am not to keen on moths.....

After taking everything of the shelves
and cleaning them,
I replaced, threw some stuff out, 
and gave some away.
After that I put everything back.

Jaap had to put some back as well
so I went out for a short walk.\
to give him space to do what he needed to do.
When I came back, he found 'the caterpillars'.....
I had put them back on the shelves
without realising it......

They were hidden in a folded rain poncho.
I hadn't use it for a long time, but.....
'you never know can make it into a tent!'
Because of the material, 
I thought they would never go in there.....
There was also a big umbrella with the same material:
yes they were in there as well.....

The energy of this full moon and Mercury retrograde:
are we doing the same thing over and over
and do we forget that we also could have a tunnel vision....
We will be confronted with it these days
especially because Uranus is involved 
and a Retrograde Pluto.

 This was not the only mirror I got.

The last weeks I felt really tired and I choose to take more time for me.
I didn't like this feeling and was judging myself.....
-even if I knew what is going on in my Astrology chart....-

You can imagine how it was for me when someone said:
'You have so much energy! You are so active, 
you don't even have time to read a book!
-I have time to read a book ;-) but it touched something in me-

It felt as if it was not ok to have energy
for me there was something else
I should look into
so instead of going on,
I took time to look inside 
if there could be hidden emotions -Scorpio-

I took time to feel and
there was something touched that was important.
It was not a guild feeling -'you shouldn't be so active'
but something else.....

Later that day, after I used some cards for advise,
I Knew what it was....
It was a 'hidden caterpillar'

I watched a documentary about kids with cancer,
and one of the mom's said:
'I do everything for her to make her last weeks special:
what she likes to eat is in the fridge.
I look for special things 
to see and to do. 
Everything to make her life as good as it can be'
'Can you rest' the interviewer asked?
She didn't react, just shook her head and you could see
how tensed she was.....

I remembered that after I was diagnosed with cancer,
I 'just' kept on living, 
doing a lot with our kids
and the kids I taught.
One of the mothers asked me once:
'you are doing so much, it is as if you
don't believe you have enough time....'
I don't remember how I reacted,
I remember the feeling: 'I do something wrong'.....

All of a sudden I realise that it could be,
that I want to live every moment....
I don't want to have any regrets
'I don't know how much time I have'......
A feeling from fear-Scorpio, 
instead of love and trust -Taurus-

Still....after 37 years....
I also realise that I was holding on to that feeling is time to let it go.....

My way to deal with it in the past,
is just one way....
most likely a way to control,
instead of a way of trust......
An immature Taurus and Scorpio.....
Instead of feeling guilt,
I now feel space, rest and love....

Deep down I feel that it always will be ok,
Deep down I Know that we all go our own path
and there is not a wrong or best way,
there is only the best way for you!

I also realise that I wrote about this 
more often in my blogs feels different for me know,
I let go of another layer.....

Now I am a grandmother,
and because of this an old feeling came up....
Now I can choose to heal and change....

My aunt, also grandma Canada for our children
celebrated her 100th birthday.
Emigrated to Canada in the 50ish
not knowing the language
and together with her husband
had to find a way to live, to survive.
To make a safe place for their children.
It is a warm family,
people feel safe and secure - Taurus-
also in this family there are challenges -Scorpio-

My aunt and uncle, -Taurus and Scorpio-
founded a family.
It was not easy in the beginning,
but .....they had the passion and the love,
showed the courage to deal with challenges.

My uncle died a few year ago
and....some hidden emotions came up....
My aunt fell just after her birthday,
and will not be on this earth very much longer.
What will happen when she leaves....
Will the family still be safe and secure,
dealing with dead - Scorpio-?
Will old hurt emotion come up
and be dealt with or will it divide people.....

I realised I had old believes, I didn't like to look at

-I am glad Jaap looked a bit closer at the stuff
I put back on the shelves.
-I am glad someone mirrored my being 'so active'-

and instead of being angry and feeling guilty
felt safe and secure enough -Taurus-
to look inside -Scorpio-

I am sure the coming half year I get more mirrors,
I realise that everyone is going it's own path
in the time that is needed.
I also know that it is a spiral path
and hope you all remember when you feel 
'stuck' or 'hopeless' that you are 
just going deeper......
letting go a little bit more,
so a little bit more love and peace can come in......

you are not alone,
ask help if you need it!

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Can you 'Be the change you want to see in this world'?

The last months
 I started reading books about the history of Ireland.

By 'accident' I started with one,
and there was a second one and so on, and so on.
Story's about family's, suppression,
helping each other,
respecting each other,
power struggles,
family karma,
religious karma.

People in history took risks,
they didn't choose to look at there fears,
they choose to look at honesty, at fairness for all.
The choose to 'fight for' instead of 'fighting against'....

I remember the IRA and the bombings
and for me, then, they were the 'bad guys'...
I listened to the media and 'just believed' it....

It feels as the woman I met in the middle east 
who lived in Eastern Germany -behind the wall-
and her son asked her:
'why didn't you protest!'
Her answer: 
'it didn't even come up,
we thought/believed that it was as it was.....'

Pluto in Aquarius,
the last time Pluto was in Aquarius
was at the France Revolution.....
'Power to the people'....
Big changes ....

Inner power
Do we Know and remember
that we all have our own unique power....
Do we realise 
we don't have to compete,
we 'only' have to the Sun
and there is enough for everyone....

No one is better than someone else,
there is only the best YOU can be
and....that is enough.

When I read these books,
I realise that the determination of some people
changed our history...

People who stood up for people 
who were afraid to do it for themselves.
Afraid what 'others' would think of them,
afraid for their lives, family's,
their possessions....

How many of us can 'just' shine in their family's,
can 'just' Be.....
and let others Be as well......
Do we Know that everyone does the best he/she can
even though we would have taken other choices....

Do we have the need to want 'them' to change
or can we accept that they have their own path
and.....there is no wrong path,
only different ones.....
All bringing us 
to were we need to be:
Peace, love, abundance,
remembering we are all One...

As a present I got flower bulbs
and there were tulips as well.
When they came up, 
I saw something special:
One was different......
and by that made it special.

Are we feeling strong enough to take risks?
Do we do it for ourselves 
or do we do it to proof something....
If we do it for ourselves,
we will be happy or wise...

Most likely we won't  to be remembered
as the one who changes history,
like the man who burned himself in Tunisia,
or Nelson Mandela who was in jail for many years.

More likely we help change history
even if no one knows our name....
We change it because we change the percentages
that are needed for society to make the change....
When I looked for the number: 'only' 25 % is needed.....

We can make a change,
if we realise that WE are at the start of the Aquarius Age.
Do we need a revolution first
or can we do it in a peaceful way like Ghandi did...

I am not sure:
People are on strike for better wages
'The managers get more and more and we hardly can pay our grocery's'

There are more and more teenagers/young people
who are depressed and even choose suicide.
Do they feel they can be who they are
or do they feel they should be what others expect from them?

Groups of people against each other: 
anti-vaccination and pro-vaccination.
Talking without respect for each other,
wanting to be 'right'....
as if both of them don't have a good reason for their choice....

Both can be a choice from love and trust,
or fear and control......
If it is because of the last,
then you know there is a wound......
If there is no respect, you know a wound is touched....

LHBTIQ: how come we still need this.....
Shouldn't we respect and love all,
because we all are unique and special.
I expect and hope, 
we will not need this anymore
after Pluto left Aquarius....

Ghandi said:
'BE the change you want to see in this world'
I agree totally.
If you want to be respected, respect the other,
If you want to be loved, love yourself first,
If you believe our birthright is abundance,
give what you can give, your unique quality.

What will we do the coming years?
Can we BE the change we want to see in the world
do we want others to change....

Do we speak up for our ideals 
AND are we open to listen to others with other ideas?
Can we find the middle way and
set boundaries when needed,
or do we react: 
saying nothing/walk away or fight/being angry at...
Can we see an unhealed ego 
and are we open to heal it....

I hope and wish you look at nature,
enjoy the rest and peace you find 
in the forest, at sea or
in the mountains
I hope and wish you enjoy the time with your spouses,
kids, family and friends,
take the time to connect,
see each other face to face.

I hope and wish you all realise
that the most important thing in the world
is connection, is time with the people you love,
time with yourself.....

Mercury in Taurus, retrograde
will give you a much more easier energy 
if you choose to relax, accept and love yourself.
You always did the best you could you know better you can choose to do better.

Pluto will go retrograde the beginning of May,
June 12th it will go back in Capricorn again till the end of Jan. 2024.
So we will get to repeat the energy starting the end of March
till May next Jan/Febr.

The rest of the year we will be in the energy of 
Pluto in Capricorn....the energy we are in since 2008.
Did we transform,
or....did we 'just change'....

How about the banks,
the housing,
government rules,
managers with huge bonuses?
How about people with work
and not enough money to pay grocery's?
Do we still want 'more, more' 
and want others to make sure we get 'more'
or can we 'just Be'
Is part of us still 'stuck' in the past,
using fear as energy instead of trust?

Remember You are that 'unique tulip',
choose to go for YOU:
'Be the change you want to see in this world'.

Thursday, 20 April 2023


Freedom for everybody

needs boundaries so everybody

will get a part......

How is it in our lives?

Do we believe we deserve everything we like,

or do we believe it is only for others?

Do we believe we can take what we want

and how we want it

or do we realise we are part of society

and need to be respectful of others as well:

'we are all One'.

There will be a new Moon on the 20th

and Mercury will move retrograde the 21st....

Pluto is connected and also Venus and Saturn:

can we transform or....

do we listen to quilt and shame

and forget to take our own responsibility.

Do we Know what we like or do we follow others,

believing that 'they know what is most important'.....

Do we take the time to go inside to 

re-think, re-invest, re-visit.....

take the time to change, let go

and.....start new....

Remembering that there is enough for everyone,

everyone is unique

and our birthright is 'abundance'.

Let's start 'small':

in our own lives.....

How do you treat yourself?

Do you give yourself what you need 

or are you withholding or being stubborn..

-Mercury in Taurus-

Do you give yourself 'good' food or lot's of food

Rest and relaxation or working hard for 'later'

Do you take quality time with the people you love,

or do you want the whole world involved -social media-

Do you take quality time with the most important person, 

you....or are others more important....

How is it with me?

I know I do a lot of things right


I also know I could do things better:

I don't take so much time for walking....

something I love to do, only.....

'other things are more important'

Is that true?

I am eating healthy most of the time,

but sometimes I don't like to take the effort to do it....

Why? Am I to strict or am I sabotaging?

I like to connect with people


sometimes I forget to connect with myself.....

I also can be very strict and judgemental towards myself:

I started guitar lessons and realise

I don't have a lot of patience with myself....

When I was talking not so nice to myself the other day

Jaap commented.....

I started smiling: 'practice what you preach' ;-)

How is it with you?

We are in the shadow of Mercury now and

between April 21 and May 15 it goes retrograde.

I am sure we will see the shadow of Taurus in this period:

misunderstanding in relationships,

with ourselves,

with money, with feeling safe.

Do we take responsibility 

or do we blame and judge.....

-my guitar teacher send me a message: he is sick,

his voice -Taurus- and.....he is a performance on the 21st.....

Am I still practicing or do I choose to 'take it easy'-

I also was invited for a reunion of one of the classes I taught 

about 40 years ago.....

Most of the time I wasn't in Holland when there was a reunion,

this time I could attend and....old emotions came up....

Most likely because there is/was still 'something'  that needs

dealing with/heal/accept from my past.....

-Pluto in Aquarius-

Could I be me AND part of the group?

I could :-)! 

I could AND I know there is more healing to do

especially with people who had authority then....

Now I realise that insecurity has many faces:

some talk like leaders but don't act like one....

In an old setting like this reunion,

I almost fell for it like old times.....almost ;-)

 How is it in your family,

with your friends,

in your relationship?

Are there mirrors you choose to look into

so YOU can decide to change

and feel peace, calm and safe

or do you still want the mirrors to change....

I saw some old colleagues at an invent 

the day after the reunion and

-while writing this blog-

realise that I moved on and that felt good!

If you feel free and you know how it was to be 'stuck' in the past,

you see and feel it in others who are not free....yet.

You will respect others.

You will make sure to set boundaries, 

not taking 'the odd part of the pie'

but you will take it in such a way 

that there is enough for everyone.

You will be leading by example.....

- one of the children then, went into teaching,

 'I copied what you did then for me and others. 

We all loved it so much and now

 I do the same for my students!'-

I don't like the word 'Fools'.....

it is not accurate......

Realise that not a fool but a wounded part is reacting like this.

If you are wounded you react and instead of being free,

it will imprison you....

Pluto in this eclipse is helping us to heal, to transform,

if we don't do it ourselves we will get help.....

only.....not always in the way we would like....

Always remember: 

you are much more powerful than you realise!

Thursday, 13 April 2023


 We, human being,

have a way to stay in our comfort zone.....

to like balance to see as a fixed point....

Balance is like an old fashion scale: 

always moving a bit....

If you are to much on one site it is total out of balance

but most of the time we have no idea we are out of balance...

That is when we don't feel sick  but also not 100% healthy,

that we are not 100% unhappy, but also not 100 % happy.

We realise we are not in balance when something happens

and mirrors us:

we are hurt, get sick and/or react emotional,

instead of responding.

With Easter we had a full house: 

kids, grandkids were visiting

some needed to work, others didn't 

and we enjoyed being together

AND not everything was balanced.....

I know I 'only' have to take care of my own balance,

but....knowing and feeling are two different things ;-)

When they left I started to sneeze and got a cold.....

How did I set my boundaries?

Did old mind sets came up again?

Am I still holding on to old, outdated habits

that are not good for me anymore?

Do I take action I blame......

Do I like to control I trust......

Pluto in Aquarius: 

can we be equal, can we be the leader in our own life,

can we speak up from love instead of our unhealed emotions.

Can we follow our intuition or do we need to do what is expected of us....

Can we respect the other persons view.

Saturn in Pisces: 

can we trust or do we play the victim roll....

do we take loving action or are we playing the roll of  'martyr'.....

Are we already in balance

or do we believe we are 

and is one of the scales 

in a dangerous position:

almost tipping......

Do you want others to change or the situation to change


do you remember there can only be change

if  YOU change....

We are all energy, and everything is connected.

There is no good or bad,

it 'just is'.....

You also will keep attracting the same situations

in different jobs, different country's until you learn the lesson.

We lived in different country's and when we came back to Holland

I was not the same person I was when I left:

could I be myself coming back to 'the same' country/energy?

I didn't like to go was needed for my growth....

Most of the time, when you meet challenges,

it is because it is time to take a next step.

You are in a comfort zone and it feels good don't take action to grow and heal...

In life everything grows or dies....

and I believe we all want -our souls wants-

 to live and grow...

Do we want to deal with our fear,

do we want to deal with our grief,

do we want to deal with pain?

I believe no one wants to......

but we can not avoid these emotions....

Our souls 'want' to help us,

help us to feel unconditionally love,

so we will attract what we need.....

even though we don't always like what we attract....

Can you use the energy of Saturn in Pisces

to accept and trust AND be compassionate?

Can you use the energy of Pluto in Aquarius

to KNOW we are all unique and connected

and we need each other?

I hope you can and.....I hope you choose to....

Lot's of people face challenges at the moment,

it is good to let them know they are not alone.

Friday, 17 March 2023

'Full Moon'

 Full Moon....every month you see one.

Every month our emotions and our unique Being

are challenged: 

can we AND shine, 'just' BE

AND can we feel, respond, be compassionate.

If there are challenges deep down inside,

you see the energy of the 'werewolf':

people reacting, transforming in a 'monster'.....

You see this energy in the reactions people give

on social media......

without their names, anonymous, in the dark.....

Judging people and condemn 

without knowing both sides.....

Are we realising that,

if we do this,

we forget the Sun in us,

our unique power and 

only reacting from our Moon?

We react from an unhealed ego and  unhealed emotions.

The first step: realising it, accepting it


stop judging yourself,

decide to step at a time...

There is still snow AND there are daffodils....

There is a Moon AND a Sun  involved in a Full Moon....

We have to deal with tests before we can drive a car.

We have to study before we can do what we loved to be,

realising that it take determination and work 


not all is so nice and easy as we thought it would be.


do we want this or is there a part in us that dreads it.....

Are we afraid deep down what we will encounter.....

What kind of emotions......

an immature ego that wants to protect....

Can you see it in others AND...

can you also see it in you.....

We are in it together,

each of us unique and special.

Let's choose to have compassion with each other

and remember the Full Moon...

Remember that we are all on a path towards healing

so we can shine,

each of us in an unique way.

In Holland there were elections

and.....a new party won by a landslide,

old party's lost lot of seats...

It shows the energy of the coming years,

this month is a month of big changes....

Saturn is in Pisces could be that 

people votes were not all 'grounded',

a vote 'against'....

We will see if this Party can deliver

in the long run.

Pluto will move into Aquarius next week:

what will be the effect of the elections

for the bigger politics......we will see....

How is it in your life?

Did you make radical changes in your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed,

is your body 'talking' to you?

Do you feel you are in a vacuum?

Do you set boundaries and take time to enjoy your life?

Do you feel trustful or fearful, or....both......

We are, you are, I am
on a path to rediscover ourselves.....
Rediscover that we are love,
and live in a world of abundance.....

Let's enjoy the path,
even though it comes with challenges...
Like the energy of the Full Moon.......


Monday, 6 March 2023

'Harriet energy'

 I watched the move 'Harriet'

HARRIET | Official Trailer | Now Playing - YouTube

She lived in the 1800s and was born a slave.

She wanted to be free

and helped others  to freedom as well.

Sometimes we think 

we are so much more evolved as people

when we compare us with 'the past'.....

Are we really?

If we are, how come

we need the Cosmos 

to send us different situations, different people

with the same theme.....

Is it because we still don't get it.....?

Can we accept that we don't get it...yet.....


that we know more now, 

are closer to 'get it',

so we don't need these extreme mirrors anymore.

Realise that we have more 

of this 'Harriet energy' in us than we realise.....

Pluto goes into Aquarius.

There are still people who believe that they 

are more/less than other people,

and by that they believe they don't have to respect....

Saturn in Pisces

There are still people who believe

they can use spirituality to feel superior

or being a victim.

Jupiter/Venus/Chiron in Aries

There are still people who only want

what They want and choose to blame/hurt others

if they don't get what the want.

Uranus in Taurus....

There are still people who believe

their spouse or children are their possession,

that nature is their possession....

For me 'Harriet' is an example....

It is a true story and Barack Obama 

wanted to put her face on a 20 dollar bill


something like this takes time....

Donald Trump became president and it was overruled....

When he left Joe Biden started the procedure again,

and most likely in 2024 it will happen....

Perseverance, courage, setbacks, 

compassion and determination.

'You were born in freedom and don't know how it is,

I still know how it is,

how it feels when your sisters are sold,

and people are beaten.

For me there is no excuse: I will go on to free my people'

-Harriet who spoke to coloured people who did a lot,

only thought that the next step was to dangerous....-

What whispers do we hear?

What whispers nature to us?

Do we have compassion, or are we afraid.....

Do we listen to the fear,

and freeze,

or do we listen to the fear and realise it is a whisper....

A whisper to use your power

a whisper to take action,

to go through the dark night of the soul,

towards the light.....

Choose to focus on were you are going .....

focus on the light, the peace, the abundance.

Look at your life cycle plan 

and Know and trust.

Trust that the cosmos will help you to see 

so you can accept 

and let go 

of whatever is blocking your path towards your goal. 

It is challenging AND you will feel

that you are courageous too!

You focus on your goal

AND enjoy the path towards it...

Friday, 3 March 2023


 At this moment you can see a rare conjunction in the sky:

you can see Jupiter and Venus close to the moon!

I am sure you saw the pictures....

They are not alone, Chiron is with them.

Chiron the planet of 'the wounded healer'

is helping us to grow, to heal.

Are you allowing them to help you

or do you -they are in the sign of Aries-

'run away' to do 'other things'?

We were watching a movie 

and it appeared to be a movie 

were cancer was a topic.

A woman was diagnosed with breast cancer

and didn't share it with her family,

she 'just' went on with her busy work.

She didn't want to confront her self.....

Then -of course it is a movie ;-)-

someone finds out and she breaks:

'I am so afraid, so afraid'.....and she cries...

I am watching and with these words something

is happening in my body....

It is as if something is leaving, I didn't know I had,

as if my legs go into relaxation:

'what is happing, am I that stressed,

the cancer happened almost 37 years ago!?!

Could it be that I, 

just like the woman in this movie,

went into 'action' mode to survive

so I didn't have to deal with the fear.....?

Could it be that there is still fear

in my cell memory because part of me

didn't/couldn't deal with it?


After this movie, 

we decided to watch something 'fun'.....

a comedy.......

It was a comedy AND....someone had cancer.....

-what are the odds?!?-

Jaap didn't want to watch,

only I wanted to.......

- I believe that coincidence is 'God who is incognito'-

In this movie the same theme


'don't waste time, remember you are never to old

to live the life you choose to!'

Also the same sentence at one point:

'I am so afraid......'


I didn't realise I had still so much fear inside of me.....

my body DID remember and.....could relax......

I could have switched to something else

because Jaap didn't like to watch 

-Venus, relationships are involved- 

only I didn't.....I looked my fear in the eye....

even though I didn't know this consciously,

my inner conscious knew

and I followed my intuition not my emotion.

Went through my wound....-Chiron-

The movie was also fun:-),

connection and being unique.

-Poms with Diana Keaton-

What is happening in your life?

In your relationships?

Your self-worth?

Are you 'running away' from issues?

Is your body telling you something and are you listening?

As world, community, people 

we are going through a healing process.

Are we open to heal and to be free,

or do we want to be free without the process of healing....

Sometimes it feels easier to 'do' than to Be......


if we want peace of mind,

if we want unconditional love,

we have to choose to go through it....

we have to trust that it will be ok.

We need time to BE....

even though doing feels 'safe' sometimes....

We should go back to the attitude of a child:

an attitude of wonder, adventure

trusting that it will be ok

that it will be challenging And fun.


that we will be guided when necessary, 

we don't have to do it alone...

Jupiter/Venus/Chiron in Aries.

Have fun, enjoy, Know you can deal 

with everything that comes your way.

Remember how much joy abundance,

gratitude, love and peace

can go into your cells 

if you allow the 'old outdated memory' to let go...

Also remember that, what is stored in your cell memory,  

is often something you don't know on a conscious level:

if you did, 

you would have solved it already....

Choose an attitude of 'not knowing', 

be open,

so the Cosmos and your Soul can show you

and help you.....

they have the big picture we can not always see....

......and You have the power to change your story,

if you choose to.....

Monday, 27 February 2023

Patience and acceptance...

 A second Earthquake....

loved ones die,

your body seems not doing what you think it should,

'will I ever have the life I desire?!?'.....

All signs of this 'chaordic' time...

-the time between chaos and a new order...-

Between 1934 and 1942, 

Uranus went through Taurus,

In 2018 it went through it again,

till 2026.

Taurus likes to hold on to what it knows,

what feels safe, 

even if it isn't safe and secure anymore.

Uranus likes to be free, unique,

it will disrupt everything that looked safe and secure,

but wasn't.....

Relationships, money, society's.......


that was ok,

because she liked herself,

everyday a little bit more.

This last part is important.

Can you feel ok, 

do you feel loved,

 even if you have a different opinion.

Do you love and respect

someone with an other opinion as well.

Can you set boundaries

and move on if people don't respect you

even if you love them.

Do you look inside if you are reacting instead of responding,

and take responsibility for your own emotions,

or is it still 'they other persons fault!'.......

Can you forgive yourself for not knowing then,

what you know now

and say sorry when needed.

Can you accept an apology

and are you open to build a relationship again.

-forgiving doesn't mean not forgetting....-

 What Do we really need?

I remember a story from a nurse

who was with people at the end of their lives.

She told that she never had one person

who said:

 'I would I had worked harder' or

'I would I had more money'...

Lot's of people however said:

'I would I had made more time for my family/friend'

'I would I had loved more......

Could it be that Uranus will shake us up a bit

to remember us that

money will not keep us warm,

it will not feed us,

people do and will.......

Earthquakes are devastating and also shows us

that there is enough for everyone in the world,

it shows us we are all connected and feel connected.

More than 100 million euro's was donated in Holland,

so food can be bought, houses can be build.

Trucks with clothing and household goods 

went and are going to Turkey and Syria. 

We Are one......

Are you as generous with yourself as with others?

Do you treat yourself with respect and compassion?

Make sure you do....

you deserve it!