Friday 11 March 2022

War and solidarity.

 We all want peace and happiness,

we all want to be healthy and live the life of our dreams


we all want to keep in life what makes us feel safe and secure....

even if this 'safe and secure' is not good for us anymore.....

If anything, the Covid pandemic

and the war in Ukraine shows us,

that 'safe and secure' is not mostly material things....

It means having a healthy body

and compassionate people around you....

To feel you are part of a community,

who will be there if you need them.....

We are One,

one big family.......

The National action day for Ukraine 

brought people together 

and at the end of the day

106 million euro's was donated for help.

People/organisations who know what is needed,

will make sure it goes to the right place.

Can we give unconditional?

Can we trust each other?

Can we give unconditional love to ourselves?

Do we trust ourselves?

Can we show ourselves to the outside world

 without censorship, without sending out 'fake news'?

It is not always easy to focus on the lesson.....

hurt is so powerful,

we like to run away from it 

'forgetting' that we are not the hurt child anymore,

that we are an adult now....

More and more I can Be.

I can say things and do things people find a bit 'weird'

and even if they don't always understand me,

I am sure I don't always understand them,

and that is ok :-).

But sometimes.......

all of a sudden,

a remark can bring up a feeling of deep insecurity...

'I am not good enough', what I do/say is 'weird'

and I feel being judged......

My old pattern was staying with this feeling,

and punishing myself in my head:

'you shouldn't do this',

'when will you learn?!?',

'you are not good for this but....are you any good for anything?!?'

I was my worst critic and sometimes am still......

The cosmos send me great test and more and more

I recognise this old feeling AND....

am safe enough in myself to focus at the lesson:

No fake news or censorship for me anymore!

I choose to go forward and let go of what is holding me back.

Also realising I had a good reason to hold on to it.....

'Once' I needed it to protect me....

to be sure 'others' would love me,

I needed that as a child....

Now I don't need to hold on to it,

because deep down I Know,

I 'only' have to be me.....that is enough....

What do you need to let go?

Is it insecurity?

Is it anger, lack of self-confidence, worry or frustration?

Are you censoring yourself do you give out 'fake news' about yourself?

What do we need to let go as society,

how many old hurts of misuse of power is still in us....

You can be AND vulnerable AND powerful....

it makes you human....

It makes you humble,

understanding, compassionate....

Let's choose to accept without judging,

Let's remember how powerful we are:

we survived so many challenging situations,

not it is time to live!

Let's accept that sometimes we survived situations

that were worse then we realised.....

It 'shouldn't have happened' but did......

It showed us that we can deal with everything


can we let go of the old 'surviving mode' 

and choose a different way.....

Do we realise it takes time to create a new habit,

do we realise that in the beginning,

we will 'fall back' and that this is ok....

By acknowledging it, 

we can choose a different way...

one step at a time.

Argue.....'fake news'.....censorship........

let's deal with reality, accept it

and remember what we can do together....

The proceeds for Ukraine is at the moment: 

more then 137 million......

There is a war AND there is solidarity.

How is it in your life?

Can you deal with 'the war' in your life

or do you need tough mirrors from society/relationships/body.

Can you accept, heal and let go?

Friday 4 March 2022

Peace....part 3

 After the storms we had in Europe last week,

you see lot's of big tree's in the forest who didn't survive....

Tall proud trees that looked strong, but aren't ....

the storms were stronger....

For me it is like 'old dictators'....

they need to go.....

if they don't go, 

'a storm' will make sure they go....

If Putin is an unhealed leader,

an 'old' tree that needs to come down,

what is he mirroring us?

If he uses censorship and fake news,

what does this show us?

Do we censor ourselves, 

do we use fake news?

Do we like to show the world something that is fake?

Are we afraid to share all our feelings?

Are we real and authentic or 

do we pretend to be......

Do we have compassion with ourselves,

realising we are on a path....

and not 'there yet'

or do we believe we 'know it all'....

Can we grateful for 'the help' we get,

our mirrors or do we censor ourselves:

'This has nothing to do with me'

Do we realise there are still some parts in us

we are afraid to show to the world.....

....the little kid in us that 'believes' that 

if it doesn't show

the behaviour parents/society wants 

it will not be loved.....

Do we focus on the 'war'

or do we focus on the support, the helping,

the compassion we have in us.

In Holland there will we a day of support

for Ukraine on Monday. 

The last time this happened was

after the blast in Beirut.

Amazing what society can do,

if it uses compassion and

realise that we are 'All one'

Lot's of money was collected to help.

Now it is a full day of focus on helping

the people in Ukraine who need help.

The last week lot's of clothing and other 'stuff'

was collecting: it is enough,

they don't need that anymore,

now it is something 'neutral'

so it can be used for that what is needed,

most likely food, water etc. to begin with...

It will be a day of focus on compassion,

focus on 'we are all One'.

The media is working together,

even two radio DJ's,

 who didn't speak for years because of their 'war',

are working together on this day.

Others will show on television and social media

initiatives all around the country to help.

By doing this,

probably more people find way's to help.

Seeing creativity and compassion,

 attracts more creativity and compassion.

I am sure we will see lots more of unique leadership

and most likely people will share their 'wounds'

will let go of there own 'censorship'.

Be an example for lot's of others.

Let's choose to focus on compassion

to attract more of it.

Let's focus on

Peace and unconditional love


John Lennon - Imagine (Lyrics)🎶 - YouTube

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Peace.....part 2


A few weeks ago I picked a 'card for the day',

it asked me my intentions.

'Signs to raise my consciousness about 'this coughing'....

is what came up....

I got signs: by a documentary and a book review.

Both about the effects of dead/Near Dead Experience

in a family system.

After these 'signs' I realised that probably I should look

some more in my family system....

This coughing felt like a 'war',

preventing me to be free.....

I took my time to feel, to experience

and go back in time.

I did this before 

but this time it was different...

I was confronted with hiding,

'immature ego' and sadness

were I didn't suspect it.....

I also had to claim back my power.

Realising that 'asking' 

isn't always the right energy....

A lot changed......

-to be clear: this took more then one session with myself!-

After that I stopped coughing.....

I found it 'scary' and also was happy:

that what I Know deep down, 

but hardly can trust for myself, 


And then we 'flew' to London.....

There I started to sneeze and getting a cold,....

-it was not corona...we had to take a test when we went home ;-)-

Being back in Holland I started coughing again,

only did it feel different than the last months

but still......

We got the Covid pandemic,

the blast in Beirut,

the eruption of the volcano in Palmas,

sexual transgressive behaviour,

and other forms of misuse of power.

by people we put on a pedestal...

This all happened the last years.....

Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008,

starting a big 'cleaning', and we 

are at the last degrees now,

before Pluto will go in Aquarius,

in 2024.

Misuse of power, forgetting that we

are all unique and all connected.

Do we feel we Are One?!?

Do we need 'war' to feel that we are connected?

Perhaps we do....

Perhaps we will not change and stay in our own bubble

if everything is alright....

We live in a society were illness is bad and being healthy is good

and it looks like we should all make sure we stay healthy.....

In a way this is good, could also be 'a cage'.....

it could make you fear dis-ease instead of seeing it 

as a way to help us to be 'at ease' again.... 

Remember that being ill, gives your immune system a boost....

Just like 'mistakes' helps us grow....

We also got a huge movement of people

wanting to help Ukraine.

People work together, and use there unique quality's:

some to collect 'stuff', others transportation,

and others drive or help with distribution.

Others offer space so refugees  so

they can have a warm place to stay 

for the 'in between time'..

How great to see that we CAN work together....

trust each others qualities and offer theirs...

Deep down we Know....

'we are All One'....

The corona virus has to do with lungs, 

'sadness not dealt with'......

Did we deal with our sadness 

and can we 'taste' life again, 

or do we still feel we should be what others 

think we should be and do....

Do we have compassion with ourselves and the people around us we show the people in Ukraine now....

My coughing didn't stop 100% after looking again 

at my family system,

it 'stopped' after I realised there was also something in my husbands family system....

something that had to do with 'war' as well.....

When woman have sexual relationships, 

they 'take' a bit of energy from the man.

Long, long time ago, people on earth were hunters, and nomads. 

Woman who became pregnant 

were not sure the father of the child would come back

and by 'taking' some energy of the man,

the child always would have the fathers energy around them.

We don't need that anymore in this time of age, but....

this energy still goes on.....

In Ukraine, the fathers stay.......they fight......

So if you feel you can not do anything against this war in Ukraine,

you are wrong......

You can do a lot: make peace within your self,

have compassion and be patient with yourself.

Be compassionate with people around you


make sure you keep your own power

and set boundaries when needed.

Be honest with yourself if you see and feel you 'made war'

with or in yourself.

Accept it and forgive yourself:

now you know better you can do better.

You can start to be at peace and feel free again.

Free to be unique, authentic AND

part of society, part of the World.

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Peace......part 1

 With the Covid and now the war in Ukraine,

we more and more realise we are 'All One'.....

What happens on the other side of the globe,

has a huge effect on us to.

We see what unhealed leaders can do

and I wonder how far did we come to heal ourselves.....

Do we follow the media that wants us to be afraid,

or do we follow the media that united and helps?

Energetical speaking, March is a month of transformation,

of taking action for a higher goal, for humanity....

Putin 'believes' he is doing this by his actions, war.....

How come he still feels that war is the solution.....

forgetting that innocent people are being hurt.....

If I look at his Astrological chart, 

it looks like he could be a very good leader......

it looks like he is 'stuck' in old pain

and is acting from a wounded ego....

How is it with our ego's?

Can we act from a mature ego 

or do we still have immature parts as well.....

It looks like the world is acting more and more as a unity.

We will see the coming week/month

how strong we are as a community,

working together from trust,

going trough our fears.

What can we do? 

What can I do?

The most important is looking inside ourselves.

Do we feel peace in ourselves,

in our relationships?

Do we feel peace in our family's,

friendships and society?

If you don't feel peace there,

start.....start with a little step....

Have compassion, be patient.

Know that what you do as an individual 

IS important

because we are 'All One'