Sunday 24 March 2024

What makes you happy?

 The eclipse season is here again:

energy of change.

Where in your life are you not choosing for you,

are you fighting against

or acting, so not to make waves......

When I look outside and see the bulbs blooming,

trees blossoming, buds starting to bloom,

I realise they 'Just do'......

There are still some storms, cold weather

and even frost but nature goes on.

Some buds make it and starts blooming

and some don't make it....

they will get a chance next year. 

Most of the time we show the world pictures like this:
a beautiful bud starting to bloom....
This is a picture from a rhododendron bush in front of our house.
I love this picture and I am looking forward
for it to open up.

This is also a picture from the same bush....
one bud made it, the other didn't.....

And if you look at this one, 
you can even think: 
'most of the buds didn't make it,
this plant must be almost dead?!?'

How do you talk to yourself?
Do you give up if something is not working as you imagined,
or do you go on,
see the challenges as steppingstones....

The energy we are in now,
is asking us to go through our wounds
and deal with them so 'we can bloom'.

Be compassionate with your self
even though others weren't compassionate 
with you in the past.

Pluto is changing signs and I wrote about that,
only Neptune and Uranus are changing signs as well
the coming 2 years.
If you look back in history,
you see that the last time this was happening was in 1446-1450
-than it was 4 years, so this is even stronger-
Then it had to do with a lot of wars......
do we still need that?!?

For me, the only way to change this,
is if we are open to change the wounds in ourselves.

And while I post it this way 
I hope you will know
see and feel what is happening....
'the pink elephant'.....

I hope you will change this into:




Make sure you focus on what you want.

Focus on being healthy 

Focus on respectful relationships

Focus on peaceful activities in your society

Focus on love, compassion.

If you focus on that,

you will speak up if something is not right,

and.... will also feel compassion for the other.

Sometimes I feel powerless and helpless:

what can I to help?!?

If I feel like that 

I Know........I know it is time to investigate.

Were do I feel helpless myself,

which wound wants attention,

wants healing....

After years of Neptune transits, 

I have Saturn transits now:

Did I do to much or.....didn't I do enough?!?

And.....if I did.....what am I going to do with this insight....

Do you feel empathy or compassion with yourself......

Do you trust and act from love there still fear to deal with.....

What if we can imagine a world of peace

AND do the work/take the steps to make peace in our own life.

Could it be that we realise 

that a lot of good things are happening?

It makes me happy to think about that!

Wednesday 20 March 2024

How can we hang on to a dream.....peace....

 How is it with you?

Do you wish for peace or....

can you give it away....

For me it is and/and, not or/or.......

I realise that the more I am at peace,

the more I can give it away and....

I am not always at peace..

Our daughter finished her study as osteopath

and now is doing her practice sessions/residency.

They need to do a lot of patients,

so I signed up for some sessions.

I did some sessions in the past,

just to check up as a prevention.

The last time was 5 years ago so it was a good time.

I had 2 session and.....

I realised,

that even though I thought my body was at peace,

it wasn't......

Deep down some old 'pains/patterns' came up

and.....I am grateful.

I realise now, that my body needed some healing

to be 'really' at peace again.

I have some more sessions;-)

Did the universe listen to me?

Did I send out an energy to be more in balance,

heal what needs to be healed?

I am glad I got this opportunity and......

am curious what will come up more.

I expect that my body will be more and more at peace.

How is it with peace in relationships?

Just in 1 week time  two people who are very dear to me,

lost someone close in a very unexpected way.....

found dead, not by choice or accident....

How do you deal with this,

can you be at peace and give peace

or is there 'war' inside and out......

I also see a lot of relationships 

struggling with being themselves AND being together.

Can we stay authentic AND be together

or must it be 'our way' without respect for the other....

It all has to do with being at peace with yourself.....

For me it is as with my body: 

I am not always at peace...yet.

10 years ago there was a dinner.....

I couldn't be present/didn't have to be present,

but it changed an unhealthy pattern.

This time I will be at the dinner

and I am looking forward to it.

How at peace are you in your mind?

I am more and more at peace

and.....not always...yet.

I see it at the 'wars' in the world,

unhealthy patterns......


'Putin is re-elected with 85% of the votes'

'Trump verses Biden'

Old pains/fear hides our power as society

Old pains/fear prevents us to be authentic

Old pains/fear let us forget our own power.

Old pains prevents peace.....

The time of Aries is here again.

Chiron is involved:

are we dealing with our wound

so we, I, each person,

can be who he/she/it wants to be?

Are we choosing for peace?

Let's start small.....

what will you do today to be at peace...

with your body,

in your relationships,

in your job,

in traffic,

in your mind......

Can you see the other as another you?

Do you choose 

to see the other as another you?

Can you make peace,

choose to make peace

so you can give it a way?

Tim Hardin - How Can We Hang On To A Dream (

Sunday 10 March 2024

'I am scared of good people who don't do anything'.....

Our fireplace: 

a block/a bridge to the other side....

Like Chiron: it is not always easy to go to the other side

if the world is on fire around you......

 I watched the documentary about Alex Navalny.

It is from 2022....

'I am not afraid.....only of good people who don't do anything'......

Navalny -

-still to see with this link for 7 days-

A documentary that shows the energy we are in:

are we living from fear or from passion.....

Like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, 

Alex Navalny wants to make a change.

Instead of being afraid he is using his courage.

He has a family 

and they speak from passion as well.

They also are not afraid of talking about dying......

Not afraid of talking to people with different opinions

'You talk to extreme right, why? People don't like that!'

He reacted calm and firm:

'As a president I have to connect with all people,

so also with them. We have to work together!

They also show in the documentary
when he is calling the people 
who were involved with his poisoning.

Interesting to see the reactions of the people around him 
and his reaction
when the man confesses.......
They were shocked.....same as I......
He was celebrating: 'Yes, now we have them!'
'....he will be killed tomorrow'......

What is your passion?
Most likely you don't have to die for it,
like Ghandi, Mandela or Navalny,
but You can make a change.....
A change in your life,
so you can be an example for someone else.

Start small....
-Kaizen: little steps bring you a long way-

If we all remember the courage in ourselves
and start small, we will feel the courage! 
Than we can change a family, a city, 
a group, a country,
a world.....

In Russia there were demonstrations in 2022
after the public found out about the poisoning.
Now there are less......
the government is to brutal.....
Pluto at the end of Capricorn and beginning of Aquarius.....
The old energy is still a bit stronger.....I hope and believe not for long...

You see it all over in the world.
Israel/ Palestine,
Elections in Amerika....
We can not change this, 
but.....knowing how energy works:
we can change it by changing it in our world,
starting with our selves, our relationships,
family's, society......

Do we speak up?
Or are we good people who don't do anything......

Wouldn't it be great that we speak up in our own environment,
speak up to 'bully's' in family's.....
speak up when we feel something is not right.......
wouldn't it be great that we also listen to the other,
listen to hear their opinions,
listen to were they come from.......

Can we hear what is being said
or are we reaction from our own unhealed wound....

Doing something good for you
is changing the energy.....
Connecting with people and seeing them as an other you
is changing the energy.....
Saying sorry because you got a different inside
is changing the energy......

'Don't be in active'......'Navalny'