Thursday 4 July 2024

Honest and kindness.

We start July with 3 major planets moving retrograde.

We will re-visit, re-set,

re-start, re-focus and re-adjust

parts in our lives that needs to look at.

With Saturn, Pluto and Neptune

it will most likely be situations 

were we didn't take responsibility,

were we didn't like to transform, only 'change'

and parts were we choose to look through pink glasses,

were we were dishonest with ourselves or others.

Parts that focus on fear instead of love.

We will re-visit the end of last year till now.....

Take time to look back,

look back with compassion for your self.....

Choose love over fear.

Look back with patience.

Look back and remember: YOU have the power!

Also remember: YOU are love....

Do you feel loved or is there a part of you that still believes 

you need to prove that you are lovable,

parts that focus on fear, 

instead of love....

For me, 

it is accepting that we all are 'traumatised children'......

Most likely we 'had to be' 

or else we wouldn't grow and develop our talents....

we wouldn't grow and heal.......

I also believe that we live in a time 

were we don't need to get more 'traumatised children'.

We Know more as adults now. 


By healing ourselves we

can help the children, 

who chose to come at this time,

to live a life were they can be 

their unique self.

Feeling loved and showing their love.

Living a life of happiness and abundance.

Developing a world were love is the energy instead of fear.

They need to have positive role models/parents who help them

to set boundaries, to help them to build the muscle

 of determination and patience.

I had a huge break trough

by realising that some signs were not there to make me DO something for another,

they were there to STOP doing it.......Pluto....

I work with energy 

and connect with energy of others 

to help them,

and still....

for myself I wasn't always sure....fear came up

I took responsibility and - realised I was calm instead of emotional

                                        - that my insecurity was false.......Saturn and Neptune.

This period of these retrograde planets 

will go on till the end of the year,

from November Saturn and Pluto will go direct, 

Neptune in December.

Take time to look back,

be compassionate with yourself and others,

be patient

and realise: 

YOU will 'Be the change you want to see in this world'....

If you look at the world:

we had elections, there will me more elections 

and a lot of changes.

There is still war going on, dishonesty and 'fog'....

Can we start within ourselves and by this 

speak up when necessary,

set boundaries the children in this world

to 'just be' a child....

to play

to have fun,

to be themselves......

To create this world we all like to see so much:

peace and happiness,

respect for each other,

admiring each others uniqueness.

Honesty and kindness.....