Sunday 6 August 2017

Be You and Shine

"They're tulip seeds, the symbol of our country.
But, more than that, they represent a truth you must learn.
These seeds will always be tulips,
even if at the moment you cannot tell them apart from other flowers.
They will never turn into roses or sunflowers,
no matter how much they might desire to.
And if they try to deny their own existence,
they will live life bitter and die.

So you must learn to follow your destiny,
whatever it may be,
with joy.
As flowers grow,
they show off their beauty and are appreciated by all;
then after they die,
they leave their seeds
so that others may continue God's work. "
-From The Spy by Paulo Coelho-

We are all unique, authentic, like the seeds from a flower.
Sometimes we forget,
we adjust,
so we don't stand out.....
It is as if the Sun was afraid to shine.........
The world couldn't  exist......
YOU are as unique as the Sun
and are supposed to shine....
As a child you had to adjust,
adjust so you would be loved.....
-even if your parents loved you unconditionally,
you have to realise that they only could love you
as much as they loved themselves.....-
I am

'In finally accepting that I was not at all what I'd thought,
I felt I was sinking into a black pit.
Suddenly, however, as I faced my wounds and scars,
I began to feel stronger.
My tears did not come from my eyes,
but from a deeper, darker place in my heart,
telling me a story that I didn't even fully understand
in a voice of its own.
I was on a raft, sailing through total darkness,
but here, far off on the horizon,
was the glow of a lighthouse '
that would eventually lead me to dry land
if the rough seas allowed,
and if it was not already too late.
I had never done that before.
I thought that speaking about my wounds
would only make them more real.
And yet the exact opposite was taking place:
My tears were healing me.'
-From The Spy by Paulo Coelho
Shedding Skins

In this eclips month,
you get opportunity's to let go
to shed skins and be more You.
It can be emotional,
be nice to yourself the people and situations
that are mirroring old pain.
So that at the end of the month
you can start a new fase,
a new beginning,
to Be, to Shine.

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