Monday 21 May 2018

More than 15 years of life cycle plans....

Today I looked through my old life cycle plans.

I started making them, more then 15 years ago and some of them I have in Holland,
some here in Riyadh.

It is amazing how it works. Some people make them and want to see result soon and if they
don't see them the say 'it doesn't work!'' and let them go

'The energy/higher power' Knows when you are ready to receive and....
it can be at a different time
then you would like to....
Do you have patience.....especially with yourself....

The first picture is from 2005, the second from 2018 in Inlay lake, Myanmar.
Sue and Lesli started cooking classes in 2013 and  
they also build a library and an English school. 
They use volunteers to teach in the 3 months of school holiday
and give them a free lunch.
It is done in a great way, the kids have fun and lots of creativity is involved.

He explained that the English in normal schools is very bad and....
'English is very important for the future of the children'.
The library is full of books.....all donated.
In a country like Myanmar these people will make the difference and I......
I loved to teach them a Dutch song and make paper hats :-)

He was also happy that because of the cooking classes
he could pay for his mom to visit him from Yangon and
he could take care of the children of his brother.

The first is from a lifecycle plan in 2005, the second from 2018. That was our second family
holiday, the first one in 2011.

In 2006 it said 'power, courage and trust' and 'no more compromise'.
On the background a kathedrale. A few years later -2008- there was 'Barcelona' on a plan.... 
This year we went to Barcelona and 'no more compromise'.

Then it was tough to choose 100% for us.
We first needed to take care of our selves,
love ourselves enough, to be open to receive,
to believe in our inner power, our self worth.

It is like the couple who started the cooking classes:
they had to have to courage to let go of security
-he was a chef in an hotel, she a guide-
to go for what was important for them.
Then they could help there mother so she could visit them,
he could help his brother by taking care of his kids and then.....
he could start the school and library......
FIRST himself, then the rest.....

How much patience do you have with yourself?
KNOW that abundance is our birthright,
give yourself time to receive
and in the meantime: ENJOY life!

By the way: some of the things om the lifecycle plans
didn't come through and....
I am so happy they didn't :-)
It seemed that 'the energy/higher power' knew better.....

Those were not MY goals,
they were goals from other people
and a part of me 'thought' I had to follow them.....

So make sure you take time to let go of old patterns,
old believe systems, so there is lot's of space
for all the things you REALY want.....
Uranus in Taurus will help you with this,
perhaps not in a way you expected,
but it will be the best for you.....

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