Wednesday 8 January 2020

And 2020 is here....

And then it is 2020...
When we looked outside,
we saw the leftovers of 2019
Around midday, 
we saw our neighbour with some teenagers.
He was active, 
his children and friends needed some time....
In the end
they all worked together to get it cleaned.

Sometimes we need some help to get started,
someone who can lead the way.
We have to learn to be responsible for our deeds,
'clean after our own mess....'

This was at the front of our house,
at the back we also saw some 'results of the firework'....
I started cleaning....
It was not ours….
however it landed on our house,
the back of our house.

As in life,
sometimes you attract stuff from other people,
stuff you don't really want.
You can complain or you can choose to 'clean it yourself.'
Luckily if we get stronger inside,
we don't attract so much stuff we don't want anymore :-)

With the fireworks:
probably it is not allowed to use so much next year,
the gouvernement wants to change the rules,
so we will have a clean roof next year….
fingers crossed ;-).

In October I bought an amaryllis 
and expected it to bloom in December.
It didn't and I even thought it would stay a bulb….
2020 started and....

it started to grow :-)

It is not blooming yet.....

One of my goals I put down was:
'walking 3 times a week'.
I got a reaction from someone:
'how come it is only 3 times a week,
you always walked every day?'
It kept me thinking:
was my goal to small
was it fear or 'realistic thinking'...
I changed my goal:
'Everyday I take time to walk/bike or swim'
How is it with your goals?

We had a 'Three Kings walk'.
Through the forest, 
places that were open for the public,
that normally were closed

Beautiful scenery's and it was quiet….
not because there weren't a lot of people,
but because we started early….

There were stops with drinks and something to eat,
to sponsor projects in Afrika,
small project, 'short lines'.
I like that and we bought some tickets
from the 'Three Kings' to help.

When we got a phone call that evening we were surprised:
we had won a price…..
You always win if you can help unconditionally
sometimes it comes back quick
and sometimes it takes longer,
and in an other way.
Trust and believe that the Cosmos
will give you exactly what you need,
not always what you want.....
Let's face our own shadows,
clean up our own act
if necessary
clean up from others
that is bothering us,
so we have a clear view again….
We have a clear view again :-)
Clear…..of clean....
It is clean, not clear, it is raining….
probably some emotions still to come,
and that is ok.

can we trust structures, politics, leaders,
or is it time for change.
Can we see them as mirrors
and look in our own life:
is it time for change as well?
In relationships, jobs, body, mind
or financial?!?

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