Friday 17 January 2020

How is it with the 'I' in your 'We'?

And then my own lifecycle plan from 2019
fell from the door
and some words fell off:
I needed this 
to look at something specific...

'I am'
Koh Samui- Thailand
'May all beings be happy and free'...

We had a family weekend 
when a lot of planets made special connections.
There was a full moon, Saturn and Pluto came
together in Capricorn 
for the first time since a few hundred years.
As you know from past blogs:
a start of a new fase for us all.

For me it was special that we were together.
Not because we choose the date,
because 'it happened to be',
because it was possible to be together.
-not always easy for us-

One of the things that happened, 
'a sign',
were these words falling of,
at the end of the weekend....
'May all beings be happy and free'......

I realised that this is very important for me,
I want everyone to be happy and free
what about ME?!?

I changed it....

Then I read an article about 'gaslighting'

I never heard of it and.….
recognized it immediately. 

It is good to remember 
why you attract these people in your life:
they mirror your insecurity.
If you recognize this,
-deal with these insecurity's-
you also realise 
that you are much more powerful 
then you think you are,
that it is time to acknowledge this.
YOU have something to say!

So instead of talking bad 
about the people who are gaslighting,
let's be thankful. 
They are helping us
to deal with our insecurity's,
and remember our power again.

I see great signs in society as well:
people who are coming out,
who don't want to blackmailed,
stand in there own power.

How is it with you?
What signs did you get?
Every day you can make changes,
not something you have to do,
it is a choice...
Choose to feel at peace,
choose to be happy
choose to be thankful.

We ended the weekend with a  music performance
and I end with one of the songs that was performed.

'just one more thing before I go'

'You thought you had me
You thought that I was done, but
I'm stronger up against the ropes
I am a, a fighter
Before this fight is over
You'll know my name before I go'

Choose to let go of false sense of certainty,
choose to find inner certainty,
inner peace 
and trust that you will be helped.

When I realised which words fell off my life cycle plan,
I felt a release...
the stress I felt towards some people
fell off my shoulders,
I recognized it as what it was....
a mirror to help me....
it was the lifecycle plan from last year...
I choose to let it there,
2020 starts new...
almost blooming ;-)
I also realised that the 'I' in the 'We'
is not always in balance….
How was it with my 'I' in the 'We'?
I decided to test myself.
My first thought: it need to be 50/50....
by testing I realised it needs to be 100/100.....
The 'I' was not 100....yet…..
I checked were this blockade come from:
when I was 1 1/2 years old.
Old patterns die hard ;-)

How is it with the 'I' in your 'We'?

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