Monday 27 January 2020

It is YOUR choice....what is your focus?

A few days ago, 
I went for a walk in the forest.
I took a path I walked many times,
past an old dead tree.

My focus was on the 'dead' part...
You can tell it was once a huge tree,
you can only see what was left of it
at least….
that is what I saw 
till that day.

This day I saw something else as well: 
out of the old dead tree,
a new tree was growing
I hadn't seen it till then!

It is not that it is a small one,
and I couldn't see it:
I am sure it was there the last times
I walked there and....
I didn't see it..

How often do we focus on the pain,
and forget 
that something new is growing as well.
Live goes on,
next to the pain.
If we focus on the pain,
we forget there are memories as well.
Good memories,
memories to remember,
memories to share,
memories to be grateful for.
Not only if someone dies,
also when people are sick.
When you are going through a divorce,
or when people you loved,
go different paths.
When you let go of a job,
a habit
or a life expectancy:
it all feels like a 'dead'...
You feel raw inside,
people see the vulnerable you..
if you let them...
Can you deal with it yourself,
KNOW that it is part of you….?
Do you give yourself time to heal
and attract people around you
to help you heal?
I hope you all have people around you
that 'face you',
share there energy
if you need this.

Not only if you lost someone,
also if you are dealing with sickness,
with a transition of a job,
dealing with relationship issues,
or dealing with personal issues..
Issues that make you believe
you are not good enough,
that you 'failed'....
….it is old, like these old tree's on the left.
Choose to go to the other side....
KNOW deep down that you are guided
and choose to make the next step.

look for signs of new life,
I walked from the path
to look closer at this old tree trunk
and saw a lot of new, little 'trees'  
growing on top of it:
new life...

New life is starting.
Do you see it in your life yet?

Can you remember the good things
-of the people who are not in your life anymore
-of the job you (had) to let go of
-of the partner who was once the love of your life
-of the old habits 
and be grateful of your growth.

Can you remember
and let the past be the 'good potting soil'
 instead of the poising one….
YOU choose….

-A good movie to watch is 'Lion' about a little boy that was lost and adopted: he remembered….and choose to look for his family. He found them through google map....

Choose to forgive
choose to remember,
choose to be sad AND happy,
choose to be open.

Mercury, the planet of communication 
will be in it shadow from Febr. 2. 
It will be retrograde between the 16 of febr. an March 9.

A time to go inside: 
how do you communicate with yourself?

This year all the retrograde of Mercury 
will be in water signs.
This means that it will be about feelings, emotions.
Water can be overwhelming, it also cleans....
something to remember ;-)

I already see a theme for me:
focus a bit more about all the positive signs
I am sure there are already more then I see :-)
How is it with you?

If you are still in this fase
...that is ok
and perhaps it will need some time.

Start by remembering,
write down the good things,
be grateful
so you will attract in you life 
what you deserve.

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