Monday 4 April 2022

'You are who I imagine you to be'

How did you start the month of April?

Did you body gave you signs?

Did you start something new?

Did you realise not everything is as you thought it was?

Are you impatient because you want to have the best outcome NOW?

How do you see the world?

Is it one that is nice to you or it it 'all a mess'.....

My brother in law had a stroke a few months ago.

A healthy, active man who lived the life he wanted to.

With his partner he went abroad.

He always found opportunity's

to learn, to enjoy and to make friends.

We lost contact the last years, 

not because we didn't like each other

but 'life happened'......

As I wrote in the beginning of the year:

'most likely you will meet again with people from the past,

because you have 'unfinished business'.'

Interesting to see that now he can not do what he wants to do,

he is confronted with old emotions.....

Family patterns/situations come up when we talk,

and after a period of feeling depressed/letting go of expectations,

he is really making plans again.

Finding solutions, accepting,

letting go of playing the guitar and

riding a motorbike.

I learn more about Jaap's past.....

I realised that I assumed

that I knew what he meant by talking about his past,

but now I realise 

I looked at if from my own past,

from my upbringing, by my parents. 

Listening to the talks between two brothers,

I realised it was not as I thought it was.....

and it opened my eyes.....

How neutral can we be?!?

How neutral am I?!?

Perhaps it is important to wonder....

to be open....

When I look at the war in Ukraine,

I am shocked and I also wonder:

what is staged and what is the truth......

The only truth I can see is 

that this should never have happened.....

Or should open up our eyes

to look inside ourselves....

to take time to realise what is important.....

that not everything is as you think it is....

At the end of this month Pluto will go retrograde.

We get the time to re-think, re-evaluate, re-view and re-do....

Did we deal with our fears, did we feel our power,

or do we still feel powerless and afraid....

Do we Know we are One,

but do we also feel that we are One.....?!?

Pluto is the planet of transformation

and can also be the planet of 'dead' and 'war'.....

Can we let go of pretending

and accepting that we all were hurt.....

Can we accept and deal with it,

so we can show compassion without needing 'tough mirrors'.....

How 'hurt' must you be if you start a 'war'......

We look at Ukraine and Russia, Putin and Zelenski,

but do we also look in ourselves?

What kind of 'wars' are there.....?

This Pluto retrograde period will go till the beginning of October....

we get the time.....

How are we going to use this time?

Do we make sure we enjoy ourselves?

Do we take time to have fun?

Do we connect and have compassion?

I hope and wish

that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction

will help us to heal in a peaceful and calm way.

That we see the signs, listen to our intuition

and trust that we get the help we need.

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