Monday 16 April 2018


A story:
'Did you know there is a huge pig farm outside Riyadh?'
I: '....uh!?'
'It is there for insuline'
'I know, pigs are not allowed in Saudi, but they found a solution:
they got soil out of Jemen and the pigs are on that soil,
so they are not on Saudi ground.....'

A few weeks ago,
I was walking in the compound and saw a nice spot:
it showed our 'road in life'.
I decided to go back after my round in the compound,
to take a picture.
When I went back,
it was not as it was and.....
I was disappointed.....
I still made a few pictures and went home.

'Flowers, dead and alive' and 'our path in life, going towards the light'
could be the title .....or something like that....
however, that was not what I wanted to show!

I had a plan and I wanted to follow what was in my head:
first I wanted to walk and then I would make the picture....
-Do you recognise this:
following YOUR plan because you think you know best ;-)?
You focus on 'how' to come were you want to come....
as if this is the only and the best way.......-
A few days later I walked again and:
I saw the stairs again, as it was how I wanted it to be!

This time, I made a detour to get my camera,
and after that, I made a detour again
to bring the camera back home
and then I finished my walk.....

I did exactly what made me happy only......
in a different order...a different 'how',
holding on to my plan and.....
I got everything that I wanted......
and more....
For me THESE are the stairs of life, the road of life.......
It is full of flowers and leaves, some dead, some alive...
These are the challenges and beautiful memory's in life,
those who made you the person you are now............

You even see a gardener on the picture....I didn't plan that ;-)
and perhaps he needs to be there as well:
we get help, we don't have to 'clean' our road all by ourselves....

In the first picture the gardener cleaned already
and the flowers and leaves were put aside.
Sometimes we want these 'clean stairs' as if life should only be fun and easy.......
and not a road to become the best person we can be become.
In school we know we get tests to see if we are ready for the next step,
in life we sometimes want to avoid these tests.....
and go to the next step, even if we are not ready....
We find excuses....

My excuse:
'My plan is the best plan, so I walk first,
because that is what I planned to do  
and there is only one way to do it, the 'how'.

When I did let go of 'the how' -my plan-
but  kept  were I wanted to go,
there came an other 'how'
and I got more then I asked for... 

How was your reaction to the 'pig farm' story?
Do you make excuses?

'I can not come to the party, because I have work to do'
'We should never have gotten married, but now we have to make sure it is good for the kids'
'I hate my work, but I have a mortgage to pay.'
'I am not happy, but am to old to change'
'It is my brother and I know how he is'
'Today is a party so I eat and drink, that is nicer for the hosts'
'I don't ask, perhaps it will hurt them'
'I don't have time to walk'
'I don't have money to live the life I want'
'Mercury is retrograde'
'I have children, I have no children'.......

We are half way of the month of April
Mercury is direct again and
Chiron will leave Neptune. -see the blog from december-

Can we let go of the feeling of being a victim,
can we let go of excuses.
Can we let go of control and trust,
do we have patience.....
Do we realise we get an other chance
and the only thing we have to do
is take it......

When we are in the middle of the stairs and we look back
what do we see......
the flower or all the dead leaves....... 

And if we look up,
do we see there will be lots of beautiful memory's
or do we only see dead leaves and flowers.....
Do we realise that we only have to take one step at the time...

Sometimes it is good to take a step back,
so you can see that your path is always protected.
You are safe to go and are being helped,
the only thing you have to do is take one step at the time...

The story of the pig farm?
I have no idea if it is true or false.....
It could be true and if it is used for insuline,
why can it be wrong?!?
Why does it need to stand on different soil
if it is there to help people?!?
who cares and......

Do you need excuses?
If you don't hurt yourself and the people/environment around you
what could be wrong?
Perhaps these old convictions are hurting You,
are not the best for you.

Perhaps holding on to them, are 'just' excuses....
convictions you can choose to let go,
so you can go Your path.
Then, after perhaps a few years,
when you look back,
you can see that you are exactly were you want to be
even though 'the how' if different then you planned.....

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