Monday 9 April 2018

April: clear the way..

This month started with Easter Sunday.
We were back in Bahrein.....memory lane...

In Bahrein, we went back to the compound were we lived in
and to the hotel we stayed in when we visited Bahrein after we left.

Interesting to realize that memory's are not the same for everyone 
Jaap and I had different memory's about the time we had there
and we were open for each others views,
so we got a 'clear view' again.
There was no need for either of us to 'be right'
and.....that made all the difference....
If you choose to stand in the shoes of someone else,
you understand why the memory's are different.... get a clear view again :-)

We celebrate Easter, as a day of resurrection,
feast of the light, transformation.
Most of the time we 'forget' that Good Friday comes first!
If we cannot accept the 'dead', the pain,
then there is no resurrection, transformation,
no light, no Easter.....
Sometimes we have an idea how something has to go,
and if it is not going as we have it in our mind,
we choose not to accept it 
and stay in 'Good Friday' instead of going to 'Easter'.
We are fighting against instead of going trough it
and.....then there can not be light....
transformation has to waith......

This month, it was 50 years ago
that Luther King was assassinated.
Winnie Mandela died and
I saw the movie 'a United Kingdom again.
-the story about Seretse Khana from Botswana-
They were standing up for something good,
instead of fighting against.......

These people, who helped change the world,
had to deal with the media, with integrity...
In there own way they went from 'Good Friday' to Easter.
They helped change the world.
How far did we come?
Are we ready to look beyond the surface?
Can we, like them, live our own life?

'Peace starts within.....'
'Do your best each day, each one matters!'

Jane Goodall talks to young people.
She talks about respect for each other and the world around,
and....'peace starts within'....

Uranus in Aries is in his last degrees:
young people are again standing up,
they are the future and....want a say in it!
When Uranus went into Aries
the Arab Spring started: young people wanted a change....
Now, at the end of Uranus in Aries
again young people stand up.
Martin Luther Kings granddaughter spoke up:
she has also a dream......a world without guns....

Next month Uranus will be in Taurus:
will we see a world without guns the coming years?
Will Saudi Arabie show the change without war?!?
We will see and
WE will be the one who can change it,
starting with ourselves.
Feeling a victim is old.....
you are 'powerful beyond measure...'

This is a picture made when we went back to Holland after Bahrein and before going back to Saudi.

I made the outline of the children and they drew themselves.
I am sure it was great when they finished it and it was on the wall.
I don't remember what it looked like and....that is not important....
Important is that they 'made' themselves......

Do you let your children be yourself? and......
can YOU be yourself?
Can you go through Good Friday to Easter
or do you stay in 'Good Friday'.....
It is time to let go and sometimes we don't see it clearly.
As you see in the picture: there was lot's of sand in the air....
This month is a month for memory lane,
a month to be confronted with some unsolved issues
and a month to heal,
to be nice to your self.
Till now there was a lot of sand in the air,
only the last days there was rain and thunderstorms.

Good metaphor for the energie for this month:
sometimes you don't see it clear,
and rain and thunder,
can clear the air.
Have patience with yourself
and go YOUR way
step by step,
and....ask for help if needed.

Do we have patience,
or do we compare we judge ourselves.
In the compound there are trees letting go of leaves....
I associate this with autumn only....
these trees need to let go now,
because summer is coming.

We don't judge these trees....they do it there own way on there own time....
Can we look at ourselves the same way?

With Uranus going into Taurus next month,
there will be another energy,
I hope we can make the change ourselves:
take time, enjoy nature, have patience, feel at peace,
knowing we have time to do what we are ment to do
That we enjoy the road, it is not a race.....
we are, like these trees, also nature.
If we can not do this, yet,
then Uranus will 'help' us do it,
most of the time in unexpected and radical ways...
So use this month to get a clear view :-)
This was after the sandstorm.....

I wish you all a clear view
and the courage to go through some old pattern and habits.

You are perfect, just the way you are....
You have all the time you need and everything
that let you believe that is not the case is old
and not needed anymore.
Let the energy of April help you clear the way!


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