Tuesday 11 September 2018

Venus: do you attract what you like or are you sabotaging yourself?

the planet of love, money, abundance, beauty
and also of self sabotage and illusion.
This planet will be very important the last months of this year.

Do you realise you are a channel and  not the source of power:
you attract what is inside of you.
What do you attract?
Look around you…..
If you don't like it,
change the energy inside of you.

The last months Venus went through Virgo and Libra.
In these signs/energy,
it is easy to take care of others
and 'forget' to take care of yourself.
If you did this,
then you get the chance
to change this the coming months,
so there will be balance again
and you attract what makes you happy.

Come with me.....

This song says it in a great way:
'You are perfect just the way you are'
sometimes deep down,
we don't believe that ourselves.

We are now in an energy that
will help you to show old habits and old patterns
so you can let them go
and replace them with new ones
so you are open to receive:
a magnet for abundance :-)

As from Sept. 9
Venus is in the sign of Scorpio,
the sign of passion, honesty, being brave, true friends,
being resourceful.
It will show you if there is lack of self worth:
people around you and/or
situations will show you…
You can be confronted with violents, distrusting, jealousy, stubbornness
and secrets that will be revealed:
all to help you to let go.

You get the change to choose:
do you want to stay in illusions and self sabotage
or do you use your power and courage
to deal with old patterns and let go of what is not good for you anymore….
so you can attract all that you really want.

Venus will go retrograde on October 5th,
and is already in its shadow as of Sept. 3th.
You will get signs about your unique theme
for the coming months,
were and if you don't love yourself
the way you should,
so you can change this.

My theme came up when Venus went in the shadow period.
Even though I know that I have to let go of some people,
a part of me, still hopes that it could be different as it is.....
'Why am I still holding on to something that is not good for me?!?'
Probably because deep down I believe that to let go
is worse then holding on to it.....

This was in the shadow period,
so I know I will get new chances
in the retrograde period - Oct. 5 till Nov 16-
I get the chance to go inside and let go
so I will attract more what I really like :-)
The shadow period is till dec. 18

If these things are happening,
make sure you are not to hard on yourself….
realise that a part of you still wants to hold on to old habits,
those were once very important....
Realise that you don't need them anymore….
they are blocking your light,
you are worth more then you think…..

How is it with your job?
Do they appreciate you?
Do you do the job you love?
Perhaps you need a change or stand up for yourself.
-Venus has also to do with money!-

It is a good time to connect,
be passionate
It is also a time when people can be angry,
because they don't want to take responsibility…

In Holland 2 children had to leave the country:
they could go back to there home country,
they were not really refugees.
However, they lived there whole life in holland,
couldn't speak another language,
so for them Holland was there home country….
At the end they could stay.
For the children it is good they stay, however:
how come they stayed in a procedure for years
when they had 'no right' to stay in Holland.
How come that 'lying' and 'manipulating' is working…..
Also: what means 'no right' to be in a country.....
I am sure the coming months it will be part of lots of discussions.

The most important: how is it in your life....
are you sabotaging your life?
Where do you do this?
It could be personal, work wise and also health wise:
are you eating and drinking what is good for you,
or are you sabotaging there….

What kind of friends do you have, do you have room for new ones?
Are there friend that are not in the same energy anymore and.....
how do you deal with that?

I wish you all the time to reflect, rethink, relax and
to cherish yourself.
Give yourself time to let go,
and enjoy time with people you love,
Be open for abundance
and use your courage
to deal with some old habits and patterns:
choose to let them go if they are not helping you,
so there is space for new.

Come with me.....

Have an amazing month.

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