Wednesday 8 August 2018

Patience or procrastination.

For a lot of people,
it not easy to have patience
the difference between procrastination
is not so clear.

We like to have NOW what we have in our minds:
it could be the perfect relationship,
the perfect weight,
the best job and salary,
abundance and peace in our life...…

A part of us
still behaves like a little child.
A child that needs its parents
to feel safe and secure.
Parents who do there best,
but didn't get 'a manual',
the child doesn't feel safe all the time.
It looses its trust
and forgets the natural power that is inside….
That is when we start to live a life that is not authentic…..

We decide that it is better to keep what we have:
if gives us security, even if it is false security:
as if a part of us doesn't believe
that we deserve more then we have now,
and that we have the power to create what we like seems we need this experience,
so we can learn and grow and.....if we 'get it'
we can let go of this pattern
and be authentic again..

When do we have to be patient
and when should we take an other approach.
It is a fine line...
If we need another approach and there are emotions blocking it,
we like to procrastinate..….
'we will look at it next month,
now is not the time,
it is not so bad.....yet…..'
A part of us doesn't like to deal with these emotions….
the child is sometimes more powerful then the adult part.
We forget that we as adults CAN deal with it.

It is as the elephant on the little pool:
as a baby it learned to stay there,
as a grown elephant they are so much stronger then the pool
and they could easily be free, only…..
the little elephant inside
still believes it can not go....

You see this in health matters,
-exercise and healthy eating-
in jobs
-staying in a job because it pays the bills,
and not starting building a new job or to have patience
because the job is new-
in relationships
-when do you need to have patience
and when should you take action and stop a relationship-

I am a person with lots of patience with others,
not so much with myself…..;-)
Last month I learned a lot.
After we went to Bahrein I felt I needed to look at my diet,
not because I have a weight challenge,
but because if felt it was important.
I wanted to do that for some months, but....
'it isn't the time'
'it is not really necessary' etc etc.

It went very easy for me,
and I could let go of some old patterns
and then…..

my brother died….
family patterns came up
and I realised after this,
that I was procrastinating…..
A part of me still hoped that
we could have an 'ideal situation'
-the situation that I had in my head ;-)-

I realised that I was procrastinating….
I had to stop hoping for something that was not possible.
It was time to let go of a part of me
that didn't respect 'me'.
This was not the first time!
I thought I had let go and accepted….
because of an 'anger' reaction, I realised
there was a deeper part in me,
that wanted to let go now as well.
Together with family we did a constallation with horses:

There I realised that we are still a family,
the horses made sure we felt togetherness,
even though we are not at the same place at the moment.

How many people are not happy with there body
and can not take the step to take action:
Do you need to be patient or are you procrastinating?

How many people are in relationships
that are not good for them,
they are a false security.
How afraid is a part of us not to belong,
so we stay in a situation that is not the best,
'not bad enough to change'?

How is it with your job?
Do you like it, or are you in it 'to pay the bills'
Do you Know the courage that is inside of you
or did you forget…..?

How is it with grief...
Some people like to go back as normal as soon as possible
and are tough on them  selves if they are sad or angry:
they need to have patience....
To let go of a loved one takes time,
time to heal the loss….

However at one time the grief has to change in
gratitude, in a desire to life again,
to love again, to enjoy live again…..
It can be easier to stay a victim ….
then you don't have to take action will not grow and be happy either.
Procrastination…...and being patient….it is a thin line
and different for different people.

We are back in Holland now,
it is the right
There are so many 'coincidences' that we know it is good.
We were procrastinating….
we liked what we did, were we where
was it best for our souls…..?
Probably not ;-)

We feel we need to have patience.....not always easy ;-)
but also not to procrastinate……
It is a fine line between these two and I am so glad
the cosmos is helping me to see the signs :-)

I wish you all the wisdom to see the difference between these two
and......have patience with yourself if you don't see the difference yet….
You will and....if not the first time,
you get many new opportunities :-)

Have an amazing month.

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