Sunday 30 December 2018


Just after I posted my last blog,
I got 'a sign'.....

…..a sign nobody likes to get and.....
an important sign, because it wants to 'help' me.
- 'if this is help, I don't want to know what 'not helping' means'
could be a reaction I can relate to ;-)-

We have a car with all kinds of sensors and it 'beeps' a lot ;-)
This time there was no beep and …..a small pole….
not high enough for the sensors
and high enough to do some damage….

It gave me an opportunity to look in myself 
what I didn't want to see,
something in the past 
- I drove backwards -
that was still there,
something I couldn't see
but.....still 'hurt' me...

It was -as my dad always called it- 'learning money'.....
something you like to learn in a different way
if it would be something conscious :-)

I also got other signs,
a great present to end a special year:
A firepit with on each side a special saying.
'Always find time for the things 
that make you feel HAPPY to be alive'

'Do what you LOVE what you do'

A reminder for 2019 and...make sure it is YOUR dream!
With the 'sign of the car'
 I found it had to do with Self love,
with being 'afraid' to be different
-as if different was bad…-

It had to do with past lives or 
-if that feels better for you-
with old family patterns.
It had to do with not accepting
that what I feel and others not,
is not wrong, 
it is just different,
and sometimes important to share.

Respecting the other is good,
if you also respect yourself…..
If the other can not respect you,
than sometimes the only thing you can do
to respect yourself,
is letting go of the other…

So this side: a very important reminder!

Be yourself, 
surround yourself with people that see YOU,
they don't have to agree with you all the time,
they 'just' have to respect you,
as you respect them.
Surround yourself with good 'food',
not only what you eat but also good books,
good movies.

Give yourself permission to let go
so you can shine, 
be the light for yourself,
so you can also be that light
for the people around you.

My amaryllis opened today :-)
It was a good 2018,
lots of unexpected events,
lots of emotions,
lots of letting go,
lots of love and peace
as you see in the amaryllis,
not all the flowers are opened yet….

Nature knows best
somethings need more time and
we have to have patience
and trust that all happens for a reason,
even if we don't see 'why'... 

I look forward to 2019,
and wish you lots of signs,
 lots of 'blooming'
lots of peace, love and happiness.

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