Thursday 13 December 2018

Wishing you all an amazing 2019

Christmas 2018
I wish you all a relaxed time with friends and family
I wish you also a relaxed time with yourself.
Make sure you celebrate Christmas the way YOU want it.
Traditions are always good and nice
if there is also room for everyone individually….

I am sure there will be people missed,
Some who are not in this world anymore,
Some who went another path.
I hope you can be grateful and feel blessed for them in your life:
you wouldn't be the person you are now without them...

For some it will be a last Christmas the way it is now,
it could be by illness, it could be by a move or separation.
Make sure you feel grateful,
so you can take that feeling with you in 2019,
so you can attract new events,
events that make you look forward to 2019.
So enjoy :-)!

New Year 2019
This bulb has anything in it what it needs,
we don't have anything to do.....
just wait and trust.

I don't know when it will bloom,
just as I don't know when I 'will bloom'.
The 'only' thing I can do is making sure
that I know what makes me happy,
so I went on with cutting old magazines :-)

If you need some ideas: re-read my blogs from december 2016,
they are still accurate.
They are in Dutch, but there is a translation link.

Wish yourself all what you want
and realize that, like the bulb,
everything is already in you.

You can only wish what is inside of you,
have patience and do the things you need to do
keep on letting go of old patterns and habits:
if you don't have the live you want, you
-don't live YOUR life or
-there are still old patterns blocking you….

 Know and remember:
we are One, 
each others mirrors.
So instead of blaming the mirrors,
lets look inside and change,
so we attract different mirrors,
mirrors that make us smile more,
relax more.

So for 2019: 
be grateful
let go
have fun
be patient
and be amazed!

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