Wednesday 20 February 2019

Cheiron in Aries and the lobster story....

On febr. 18, the Asteroid Cheiron went in Aries,
and it will stay there till 2027.

This Asteroid's orbit is between Saturn and Uranus,
and is called the wounded healer.
If you want to go to the energy of Uranus,
Being unique, authentic, intuitive, the Aquarius age
you need to go through Cheiron.

Cheiron is the rainbowbridge between Saturn and Uranus.
Do you want to go over this bridge....
are you prepared to let go what is not needed anymore,
to become more you….?

Most people will say:
'Of course I want to go over this bridge! I want to be unique,
a leader in between leaders so everyone will live in peace and harmony!

We like to forget that we have hidden emotions,
emotional wounds, and....
our inner child want to feel loved!
We use social media and 'need' likes from others to feel complete,
we are afraid to have a different opinion then our 'group'
-family, friends, work-
afraid of not being accepted who we are
or we rebel against everything……
Do we really want to be vulnerable again?
Our inner-consciousness still remembers how that feels,
and....doesn't know conscious that we are not a child anymore...

Cheiron 'helps' us to grow……

The lobster story:

-The lobster wants to go to the Uranus energy and the
shell wants to keep it the Saturn energy.
Cheiron helps it to be vulnerable so it can grow.-

Yesterday we decided to watch a movie 'The Shack'.
We had no idea what the movie was about….
it turned out to be a movie
that shows how Cheiron works.
People are hurt by situations that are nobody's fault, 
terrible situations……
And you only have two choices:
Stay angry, feel a victim forever or
you can you see it as a change to grow.
This takes time and understanding..
walking the rainbow bridge..
A good movie to watch even though it has it challenges as well ;-)

Last year Cheiron went in Aries,
so we got already a little tast of this energy last year.
Uranus changed signs as well at the same time,
so it was more sudden, 'explosive'.

What happened in your life?
Did you take steps to step out of old patterns
and let go of being a victim?
Did you stop and took charge of your own life or
did something happen
that made you stop.....
It could be an illness, a dead,
a job change or meeting someone,
something that 'happened' without any influence of you….
How are you dealing with it now?

The last time Cheiron went in Aries was 1968.
The year Martin Luther King was assassinated, a leader of a new movement….
however, his movement didn't stop:
it was to important and people worked together for a greater cause.

For me/us a lot changed last year.
Jaap decided not to honor an extension on his contract:
he didn't want to do something
he didn't agree with and.....he was right,
it had also an impact on me....
My brother decided something as well,
he choose for himself and....
that also had an impact on me and a lot of other people around him…..

Cheiron, the wounded healer, and Uranus, the rebel....
both changed signs last year.
How did you do between april and september,
what happened in your live?

Did these wounds help you to break free and go to Uranus
or did they let you go back to Saturn, by feeling guilty
and being a victim….

Is it easy to take new steps?
Most of the time it is not….it is as the lobster….
you need time to heal to go to the next step..

In 1968 I saw my brother got killed by an car accident,
it was a major change in my life.
As a 10 year old, I could not really deal with it,
and to survive,
I tried -and now the word is accurate ;-)-
to do things that other people liked, so they would like me...
this was my way to survive….

Last year my brother choose not to be on this earth anymore.
This time it was different.
With my family, we were together,
we celebrated his life AND were sad.
He helped us to really think what is important in our lives.
We could be unique AND  be part of a group.
We accept each other AND....we set boundaries!

Letting go of feeling a victim….
Looking at the future and take steps,
let go of what is not important
and keep the good things from the past.

Be creative, unique, re-invente yourself,
go your own path and....
Know you are not alone….
baby steps bring you very far :-)
That is what Cheiron wants to tell you.
The end of an era, starting a new begin.

Perhaps we need 'help' to grow…..
to let go of our comfortzone...
I know now that I don't have to do it alone,
a big difference with being a 10 year old back then..

A lobster has to hide under a rock till a new shell grows,
we don't have to do that: we can take shelter with loved ones
let people know if you need it....
and....sometimes it is also good to be with yourself:
make sure you love your own company.

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