Monday 4 March 2019

Carnival and the Aquarius age...

This month there is a lot of change in planets, 
so we can expect sudden changes. 
At the moment it is stormy outside, while last week it was sunny.
You could feel spring was coming
and it made me very happy :-) 
and when I looked outside this morning I thought:
'I would it was sunny again...'

In life most of us like the sunny days and not the stormy ones.
These stormy ones, however, are needed as well,
it brings us out of our comfort,
and helps us grow.

The more in balance you are, the easier is to go through storms:
it is as with trees, if the roots are deep, the tree can take a storm,
so make sure your roots are firm as well :-)

In my life: 
dead of loved ones, illnesses, 
housefire and betrayal 
were some of the storms that were challenging.
These were also times 
when my consciousness was raised
and I realised that I had amazing friends and family.
I became more me,
more understanding
and trusting.
Would I have preferred learned this in an easier way? 
Yes, I would,
perhaps that was not possible…..
perhaps the need to change wasn't big enough…..
a part of me was 'to stubborn', so the cosmos 'helped' me,
to be who I needed to be...

This is an old tree and it still stands....
I am sure it had to let go of lots of leaves in its life,
it accepted it helped him grow….

In this time of Carnival, we see a bit of the Aquarius age,
Everyone looks different and they are together….have fun together, work together
Together the make huge statues and enjoy the results.
Everyone is equal and treated with respect.

Wouldn't it be great to live in an age were this is reality all the time?
I am sure most of you agree but...…
are you prepared to let go what is still blocking you to live in  this new world?

We like to hold on to everything we know,
even if it is not good for us…..
Most of the time we need a wake up call before we change....

We will get more wake up calls  get the coming years.
I hope they will not be to bad, to harsh,
but if they are: remember that you can deal with it,
and you don't have to do it all by yourself….just like Carnival,
you can do it together and everyone can be unique, them selves.

When we biked into this parade
I thought about facebook and instagram pictures and stories:
'how is it possible that we judge each other most of the time of the year 
and then on Carnival we let it go ?!?'
Perhaps we are not ready to live like this 365 days a year….

In 2023 Pluto will go in Aquarius and in 2016 Uranus in Gemini:
that will be the new age :-)

I already see great signs of this change:
Someone was asked for a job interview
when she decided she wanted one…..
she got the job.....
Important to know: she showed courage the last years,
and did some bold moves....
didn't stay in her comfortzone.
Now she has this job and.... 
I am sure some people will say:
'you are lucky!'...…
not realizing she did a lot of work….
she made sure luck came to her....
made herself a magnet for luck...

This tree is full of blossoms…..was it lucky to get this? let go of the leaves…. trusted it blooms.

Can you let go of old habits that are blocking your growth?
Lent is coming,
Mercury is retrograde,
Uranus in Taurus...…
Use this energy,
take it step by step and....
be amazed how 'luck' will come to you,
if you are prepared to let go,
you will become a magnet for luck :-)

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