Sunday 22 March 2020

Be the change....... letting go of control....part 3

Can you let go of control?
Do you recognize the area's in your life
where you still want to keep control?

Where do you feel fear?
Is it
-your body
-your job
-your relationship
-your finances
-your mental state?
Where you feel fear,
probably there is were your 'control' is,
to much control....
We live now in a time were we can heal this,
take responsibility.

We have a choice,
every day we can start again
and there is always a way!
Our road in life is not always going 
in a way we expect it
or would like it to go.
Sometimes there are obstacles:
do you choose to go through it,
or do you go around it....
do you think the road is closed...

Could it be 
that we are making plans for our life
without a healthy foundation?
that we sometimes need a challenge
to realise this?
We are in a time of challenges
to help us
to deal with these obstacles
and/or going around them.
This, to help us 
so our dreams 
can come true.

Because of less traffic, 
less flying,
the air quality around a lot of big city's 
are much better.

Because of working at home,
family's have more quality time together,
are confronted with insecurity's,
appreciate the job's of health workers 
and teachers much more.

Because of less work,
there is time to deal with insecurity,
time to think about 
what is most important in life.

Because of illness and dead,
people think about health more,
about prevention
about what life is all about.

Restaurants and dining places are closed,
so perhaps it is time 
to change some eating habits,
and start new recipes.
Perhaps using more alkaline food,
to boost our immune system.

Nature takes its time to grow,
takes its time...
WE get time...
time to heal
and time to grow.

most of us realise
that we are impatient.
We want it solved NOW,
be in control....

Look at nature.
Be patient
take your time,
it takes as long as necessary
DO what you can do
to help solve it:
deal with YOUR issues.

I think it is safe to say,
that we all hope for a smooth pad,
without obstacles.
We like the fairy tale,
that stops at the wedding,
with 'living happily ever after'
we wish, hope it will stay this fairy tale….

Deep down we know, 
that life starts AFTER the wedding,
we still want this fairy tale,
even though we know life is different.

We want it for our kids....
so we solve all there 'problems'
and hope they don't have to go through them:
as if we think they can not deal with them themselves..
or is it
because if we do this
we don't have to deal with our own issues...

Life is going on, 
even though it is not smooth,
it is going on,
it is fun and it is tough, 
it is accepting, being grateful
and making plans.
We expect those plans to come through,
if that is best for us,
and if not:
we get something that is 'better'.
Letting go of control 
and trust...
There will be 'cracks' in the road,
sometimes you have to let go...
and have no idea why, 
what is happening to you
is 'the best for you?!?'

Sometimes you think you can not go on,

sometimes that is true
but ….
most of the time it is not...
You go on 
and realise you are stronger 
than you thought you were..

You are hurt, feeling sad
you have to wait and see how it goes....
be patient with yourself
then you see small signs
and KNOW,
perhaps not feel....,
that it will be ok again.
Not the same, but different.

Could it be that it is time to listen to YOUR heart first now?
Listen to yourself?

What do YOU want,
what makes YOU happy.
This will for touch your fears for sure,
all to do with 'old society'...
'You are a dreamer'
'That is not possible'
'How can you ever support your self with this,
let alone a family!'
'You have to choose: regulair of natural healing
or you are not trustworthy'

Can you let go of control
and start listening to your own heart?
Do you allow yourself to listen to YOU? 

I don't know how this coronacrisis will end,
I do Know that people think about priority's now,
that nature gets time to heal,
that WE get time to heal.
I also realise that we have a choice....
listen to fear -'feed the black wolf-
or to trust -feed the white wolf.

Nature around us show that we can trust....
it is spring again,
flowers are blooming,
birds are singing,
people get sick, get better
sometimes die.....

Most of the people who die now 
are people who are older,
Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn....
Of course we want our parents, grandparents
to live forever.....
they do!...
only not in this life...

I still think about my parents
and remember wise lessons,
and situations that challenged me.
I also remember my grandparents:
they were so special and...
they are still close...

Perhaps we can trust more
and look at nature...
There is a time for everything....
a time to live
and a time to die
and a time to remember.

Can we accept this 
and start Living:
having fun,
be grateful,
be compassionate,
realising that we are all ONE,
and also
that we have to let go...
let go of our teenager time,
let go of being a student,
let go of 'playing' a role
let go of a parent and be our own parent..
'just Be'.

This crises helps us to remember,
and also to teach young people
that they have a responsibility too...
They are important!

They will not get sick most likely,
they are part of society 
and responsibility is part of this as well.

Some rules in society
are not that important anymore,
so perhaps we could let them go
-'you should give a hand or kiss your grandparent'-
some are very important,
like stopping at a red light.
At the moment we have a new rule:
don't come close to each other in big groups.

We can get angry at people who don't follow those rules
or we can choose to guide
talk about consequents.

We as adults need to guide them,
like we guide small kids:
telling them to use a coat because it is cold,
not to touch a candle because it is hot....

They will not like it AND...
that is not important...
sometimes 'older people'/ parents know better.

So letting go of control,
means also setting boundaries....
letting go of victim ship,
healing our 'inner child'
and being firm and loving,
being patient and encouraging.

It is the road back to YOU....
a road that is not always smooth
it doesn't have to be...
we are learning.

We have the ability to deal with it,
we are nature as well....
we 'just' need to be patient,

Heal the world...
starting with yourself.

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