Thursday 12 March 2020

'Be the change you want to see in the world' Ghandi

'The Wall',
a song from Pink Floyd
'came by'
and I listen to it in a different way...

'We don't need thought control....'

A song about teachers, society,
about being yourself, unique.
Also a song 'against' the outside world...
the 'Saturn, capricorn' world.

How is it since then
-the song was released nov. 1979- ?
Did we change,
learn and Know that the only way
to change the world
is changing from the inside,
or is it still to hard
to deal with our own 'demons' inside
is it easier to blame 'others'....

When I listened to it this time,
it was as if it spoke to my inner child….
How do I deal with it?
Am I still punishing it,
do I want to 'safe' it,
as what the teachers* wanted?

Wanted because they thought that this was best.
They thought it was best because someone taught them
that this was the best....
Where they all wrong?
No, there was/is something good in it as well,
as it was in our upbringing.
Can we keep the good and let the not so good go?
What is the good and....what was the bad?
- teachers*: it can be parents, teachers, priests, rules,
                    society etc etc.-

Do you allow your inner child to be it self?
Do you take time to make sure it feels safe?
Can it play, be creative, have fun,
be carefree and trust.....
that he/she is loved unconditionally?

I can feel the energy we are in now,
the Saturn/Pluto in capricorn energy....
I see the change in society:
the coronavirus, country's that want change,
don't trust each other,
I see the the change in people:
old illnesses come up, trusting issues,
people who want to change jobs/profession,
family patterns come up
Are we our own worst 'teacher'
or are we the ones who understand
and respect our inner child,
make sure it feels safe...
Do we have patience
and do we give our self time...
Do we know that we will grow in our own time,
when the time is right....

I know this in my head….
however my emotion and my body show
that I don't believe it 100% yet….
The bulbs outside show it.....
there is more green only…..
no flowers….yet;-)

A part of me is still impatient:
although I seem to be ready to let go
of some more old emotions,
there is also a
part of me that is still afraid….
It is the little me that doesn't trust 
the big me to protect it….

Saturn will move to Aquarius on March 23,
it will go back in Capricorn from July till half of december,
and after that it will stay in Aquarius till 2023.

Can we have a new society with respect for each other
being different and unique
AND part of a group,
do we need to be rebellious,
'break' things and think 'we are the only one who is right'
and by this….
start a world that looks new, but isn't….

Can we use vaccination in a balanced way....
Can we have doctors and homeopaths work together
Can we be different in a family and still be part of it as well.
Can it be and/and instead of or/or..

In 1991 we had the same change in the Saturn energy:
what happened in your life then?

This time there is a big difference with 1991:
now Pluto is involved.….
Pluto wants transformation not 'just change'.

It is the difference between cleaning or spring cleaning,
about changing your hairstyle or total transformation:
hair, body and clothing stile.
If you thought you could get away with something,
because no one made a big deal of it,
then Pluto will be brutal
if you did things that were not right...

It is the change from caterpillar to butterfly.

'We don't need thought control':
a sentence that shows old energy....
let's change it in a new way:

'We allow ourselves to be who we are
and by that we can make a new society
with all our unique talents'

Instead of fear,
use trust....

All the energy's of the planets can be used in a
conscious of subconscious way.
The coronavirus is a Neptune energy
in a subconscious way.
It touches our fear to help us
to let our own fear go.

To be responsible if you have symptoms
is a conscious way of Saturn,
if there are some unsolved issues in you,
it will touch fear and you want
other to solve it....'the government'
so you have something/one to blame..
Neptune and Saturn together,
makes you imagine a great world
a great future
without being unrealistic.
Taking your responsibility
and expecting the best outcome.

Choose to go inside and heal,
so we all can see the world we like to see.

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