Sunday 5 July 2020

Action and attraction....Mars in its own sign the rest of the year..

Mars, the planet of war, of action went in it's own sign.
What do you decide to do?

Are you taking that energy
to fight against all the things you don't like,
or do you take that energy
for yourself......
take action too make YOUR life
the life you like to live.

In Taiwan there is a new law now:
if people don't agree with the gouvernement,
they can put them in jail
and send them to China.....

Do we live in a country like Taiwan?
No.....we are lucky we don't....
How come a group of people feels scared,
is afraid that the same thing can happen here...

For me it is the same as being scared to get corona......
it is 'just' a mirror....
Against corona we use common sence,
follow precausions as community
AND take responsibility for ourselves,

Can we deal with our own fear,
are we taking the time to look inside ourselves.
Do we take the time to investigate
by investigate I mean checking both sides.

In 1982 I lived in Oman
and one evening
we as female teachers
were invited by the Britisch Intelligence Club.
They told us:
'We know everything about all of you'
We couldn't believe it but......
they knew....

After that I realised that I didn't know
a lot about this and...
I could decide to be scared about it,
or live the life I wanted.

Last year I read the book
'21 lessons for the 21 century'
and realised how important consciousness is.
For me educations should be focused
about learnig how to think,
instead of 'repeating what is in a book.....'

What will you do the next half year?
-there will be a retrograde period, so you get second chances ;-)-
Do you know what YOU want?

In Holland the restaurants, sauna, sportsclubs
are open again....
with restrictions.

It is special to see,
that some used the time
to renovate there business
and made changes.
Others didn't do anything...
they complain....

Life is energy,
energy attracts the same energy....
If you choose to live different,
you have to make different choices...
Without heating in the winter,
I feel cold....
without airconditioning in the summer,
I am hot: I don't see the themperature,
but sure I can feel it.....

What energy are you sending to the world?
What are you attracting?

Look around you
and be honest and accept:

Are people nice to you
and do you attract nice people: great!
If not....make sure
to treat yourself in a better way,
so you can attract what you like...

Do you love your work,
do you feel you can contribute
or do you feel you are restricted,
not getting what you want.
If you feel this, make sure,
stop restricting yourself,
go for what YOU want,
instead of what you don't want....

I lived most of my life in the middle East
and....I loved it....
A lot of people asked me if I didn't feel restricted.

No, I didn't:
some things I couldn't do,
you have this in all country's!

I didn't look what I couldn't do,
I looked what I COULD do.
I realised that we, as people
are all the same...

We all want happiness, peace and good health.
We all want our loved ones to be safe
we all have wounded parts inside...

By raising our consciousness,
we get a choice:
we can choose to deal with your wound,
or 'put salt in it'.......

It looks like the world is full of wounded people,
more and more people
are dealing with there own wound.

By this they are helping all the others
to make a change as well:
we don't need 100%....
we only need 51%....

I think we are close.....
When Pluto goes into Aquarius
we should be ready
for a world of
'love, peace and equality'.....


This is our garden now
We maintained it, did what we thought was necessary,
and.....most of it was nature.....
it showed us if we had to give 'extra nutrician',
some water and.....
we listened.....most of the time ;-)

How was it a few months ago?
I liked it then
AND.....I like the way it is now better :-)

So take it step by step,
take action,
be open for help
and be patient..
-I had an other picture from the same angle as the first one:
however my computer didn't do what I wanted,
so I choose this one.....still working on the patience ;-)-

The first picture has a statue of a child,
I got it from my sister, a long time ago....
When I didn't want it in the house anymore,
I put it in the garden.

For me it is a reminder
how important it is to deal with your inner child...
In front of the picture you see an old horseshoe.
Jaap found it
buried in the sand.
It must been there a long time...

Sometimes we have to have patience,
believe in a good universe
a universe that only wants the best for us.
I believe
that we never get more
then we can deal with....

Expect abundance in all sorts and forms.

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