Monday 6 July 2020

Emotional guidance scale and intuition.

This scale can be helpfull
the coming months.

Especially if you are a judging person.....
and...who is not..
even if it is once in a while..

When you look at it,
you see it is a spiral....not a line,
so there will be 'repeats'.

If you feel fear, grief and depression,
you are at the bottom of the scale....
Perhaps you start feeling jealous
of all the people who
'are at a better place'....
Look at the scale: then you are moving up:-)

Are you starting to blame other,
don't judge yourself:
you are moving further up,
so that is good!

So don't stop there!
Go from pessimism, to optimism,
sometimes you have to go back,
till you find your passion and joy.

It could be good
to put this picture
where you can see it...
just as a reminder...

there is no one like you!
YOU have something unique
that is needed in this world
stop compairing yourself with others,
everyone has it's own path to go,
it's own speed,
it's own talents
and it's own challenges...
Read the story of Steve Jobs
as a reminder to be YOU
choose to deal with your childhood as well ;-)

What is the difference
between emotions and intuition?
The emotional guidance scale says it all:
there are l o t s of emotion and it goes up and down.
... is clear.....
It can touch your emotions....
you Know that does are 'just emotion'

The coming months the scale can be helpful.

I hope you feel more and more the difference
between emotions and intuition.

That you can go up and down the scale
without judging.

That you can accept what IS
and Know you you are on a unique path.

I hope it makes your live more calm,
so your intuition can be heard as well.

It makes it not always easier,
but for sure more peaceful.

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