Friday 31 July 2020

Letting go and growing new roots...

Today I wasn't suppose to be in Holland....
and ....I am...
Instead of flying, 
I had a walk in nature.

Walking is for me a way of meditating,
and reflect.
I saw beautiful Rowan trees,
lot's of berry's and nice green leaves.

How different than our rowan tree
in our backyard!
Lot's of leaves are brown and on the ground.
The berries have been eaten by blackbirds.
So this tree gave still a lot to others 
while having a hard time it self....

Last year it was totally different,
it was nice and green and still had berries.
So what happened?!?

Last year we re-did the garden.
We wanted to keep the tree and made sure
we did everything we could to keep the roots.
Our grass is higher at some places and
it is 'hilly' as well :-) just to keep the roots.

Even if we wanted to keep 
as much roots as possible,
we had to cut some,
I didn't like this and....
there was no other way.....

A family is like a tree,
it has it's roots
and sometimes you have to let go....
People 'leave',
by choice,
through divorce or difference of opinions
sometimes not by choice,
through illness or dead.

This 'leaving' is part of life,
and helps us grow,
it is also painful.

We, as people like to go on,
as if nothing has changed.
Like the rowan tree:
still being there for the blackbirds
and not enough water for itself...

The hurt, the emotions
are hidden inside
and for the outside world
it is often 'business as usual'
People give as much as they can,
as if nothing happened...

Sometimes a fysical illness is needed
to help you to stop......
so you get time to 'grow' new roots.
To be patient with yourself,
deal with emotions....

To often I hear people
talking about a loved one
who passed away
'it is already two years and I still miss him'...
It is ONLY 2 years.....
and....grieving is personal,
it takes as long as needed...
Same with loosing a job,
change country's
or finishing school....
Big changes.....
everyone deals with it in it's own way,
it is not a competition...

How is it in your life?
Do you take time to grief,
to deal with your emotions?

I hope so:
if you do, 
we don't need mirrors like corona/covid 19 anymore.....
Our tree needs some time....
Do I need some time?
Do I rush to much?
Do I want to help others
do I forget 
to take time for me?
Most likely....

Roots.....the first chakra,
safety, grounding...

We are in a period of growing new roots,
deal with loss,
deal with emotion.

How many old emotions are still hidden inside?
If you do Reiki: send Reiki to these parts....
Tap on emotionpoints or do the h'o oponopono...

It is also a period of trust...
Do you trust....
do you trust yourself....
or are you rushing.....
printing anxiety and sorrow on this earth,
instead of peace and serenity.....

We were suppose to fly to Londen
and had to change this 
the last minute...
It was last minute and
everything went smooth...

I see people dealing with change
in different ways.
Grounding, accepting, dealing with emotions
and TRUST.....

How do you deal with change?
Can you accept and go with the flow,
or do you choose to fight of flight?

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