Sunday 19 July 2020

New moon.....we ARE family....we are ONE...

This path is for me the path of Saturn,
go down into yourself.
Do you see mistakes or learning moments.
Do you have patience or do you feel judged
and powerless, overruled...

Do you see the flowers that fell down,
as a loss or
as part of a cycle,
a part of growth.

Saturn is also government,
rules and responsibility....
It is being afraid of and follow,
taking responsibility and realise what is true for you.

It is having patience and
-like going to school-
taking steps to fulfill your dream:
graduation and after that live the life you desire.
It can also be: blaming others,
to avoid taking the steps,
to take your own responsibility.

It is Knowing we are One
being afraid of each other, means afraid of being our selfs.....

The new moon tells us: we ARE family....
taking care of each other is taking care of ourselves.

We see it in society:
there are rules to help us and...
some rules
are at one point outdated
and need to change.
Society is big and change takes time....
It is easy to blame certain rule....

How is it in your own family?
Is everyone respected?
Are there outdated rules?
Does everyone feel safe to be his or herself?
Is there bullying going on?

As a society we are a big family....
If we have challenges with our own family,
wouldn't it be better to deal with this first.....

Can we heal this if we are not healed ourselves yet?

We are in the proces of a new society with Saturn/Pluto.
The end of the year Jupiter will join.....the planet of healing....

Wouldn't it be great if we start to take time to heal our selves first?

If you have netflix: Heal and the Secret are good documentary's to watch.

Healing ourselves is -as I see it-
the first step.... takes time..... is not a competition....
everyone can do it at it's own pace.

We have a choice to go inside and see the gifts
or see the mistakes.....
If we see the gifts we grow wisdom,
if we see the mistakes, we grow anger and illness....

Life is a learning experiences with great moments,
with love, fun and joy.
I believe we are born to enjoy life,
to live in abundance,
to share, to love.

As I look around me,
I see the joy, the fun, the love
and also the hurt and pain.

We as society are on our way to become whole again.
To live in harmony and peace.
We are social beings.
People in balance only want other to be happy and healthy as well.
Make sure you live YOUR life
and not the life people expect from you.
YOU are unique

If the government you choose is not listening to you,
you can complain,
are the people who are the loudest,
the majority
or just the loudest....

Do or did you have someone in your family who was the loudest?
I had and.....
I can assure you it was not the voice of the majority...
The majority didn't know how to deal with this,
and had to look inside.
It also had to do with fear.....
-we have astma and eczema in the family-
The majority looked inside and raised there consiousness,
started to love and respect themselves.
Energy did the rest.....
We only needed patience......

Do we have it with our society?
Are we going to deal with our fear?
I hope so....
we only need 51%.....
to make the change.
Pluto will go into Aquarius in 2024.....
a new society..
We have time
step by step will go a long way,
don't wait to start...
-remember waiting to learn for an exam the last day...-
start now...

If you feel you missed out: start....
start with a first step....
change the frustration into action...

I see action in society
and that is good.
I also see action with anger.....
I hope and wish those will look inside themselves
and deal with their anger
and fear first...

Were are you thankful for?

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