Friday 4 March 2022

Peace....part 3

 After the storms we had in Europe last week,

you see lot's of big tree's in the forest who didn't survive....

Tall proud trees that looked strong, but aren't ....

the storms were stronger....

For me it is like 'old dictators'....

they need to go.....

if they don't go, 

'a storm' will make sure they go....

If Putin is an unhealed leader,

an 'old' tree that needs to come down,

what is he mirroring us?

If he uses censorship and fake news,

what does this show us?

Do we censor ourselves, 

do we use fake news?

Do we like to show the world something that is fake?

Are we afraid to share all our feelings?

Are we real and authentic or 

do we pretend to be......

Do we have compassion with ourselves,

realising we are on a path....

and not 'there yet'

or do we believe we 'know it all'....

Can we grateful for 'the help' we get,

our mirrors or do we censor ourselves:

'This has nothing to do with me'

Do we realise there are still some parts in us

we are afraid to show to the world.....

....the little kid in us that 'believes' that 

if it doesn't show

the behaviour parents/society wants 

it will not be loved.....

Do we focus on the 'war'

or do we focus on the support, the helping,

the compassion we have in us.

In Holland there will we a day of support

for Ukraine on Monday. 

The last time this happened was

after the blast in Beirut.

Amazing what society can do,

if it uses compassion and

realise that we are 'All one'

Lot's of money was collected to help.

Now it is a full day of focus on helping

the people in Ukraine who need help.

The last week lot's of clothing and other 'stuff'

was collecting: it is enough,

they don't need that anymore,

now it is something 'neutral'

so it can be used for that what is needed,

most likely food, water etc. to begin with...

It will be a day of focus on compassion,

focus on 'we are all One'.

The media is working together,

even two radio DJ's,

 who didn't speak for years because of their 'war',

are working together on this day.

Others will show on television and social media

initiatives all around the country to help.

By doing this,

probably more people find way's to help.

Seeing creativity and compassion,

 attracts more creativity and compassion.

I am sure we will see lots more of unique leadership

and most likely people will share their 'wounds'

will let go of there own 'censorship'.

Be an example for lot's of others.

Let's choose to focus on compassion

to attract more of it.

Let's focus on

Peace and unconditional love


John Lennon - Imagine (Lyrics)🎶 - YouTube

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