Tuesday 1 March 2022

Peace......part 1

 With the Covid and now the war in Ukraine,

we more and more realise we are 'All One'.....

What happens on the other side of the globe,

has a huge effect on us to.

We see what unhealed leaders can do

and I wonder how far did we come to heal ourselves.....

Do we follow the media that wants us to be afraid,

or do we follow the media that united and helps?

Energetical speaking, March is a month of transformation,

of taking action for a higher goal, for humanity....

Putin 'believes' he is doing this by his actions, war.....

How come he still feels that war is the solution.....

forgetting that innocent people are being hurt.....

If I look at his Astrological chart, 

it looks like he could be a very good leader......

it looks like he is 'stuck' in old pain

and is acting from a wounded ego....

How is it with our ego's?

Can we act from a mature ego 

or do we still have immature parts as well.....

It looks like the world is acting more and more as a unity.

We will see the coming week/month

how strong we are as a community,

working together from trust,

going trough our fears.

What can we do? 

What can I do?

The most important is looking inside ourselves.

Do we feel peace in ourselves,

in our relationships?

Do we feel peace in our family's,

friendships and society?

If you don't feel peace there,

start.....start with a little step....

Have compassion, be patient.

Know that what you do as an individual 

IS important

because we are 'All One'

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