Monday 6 March 2023

'Harriet energy'

 I watched the move 'Harriet'

HARRIET | Official Trailer | Now Playing - YouTube

She lived in the 1800s and was born a slave.

She wanted to be free

and helped others  to freedom as well.

Sometimes we think 

we are so much more evolved as people

when we compare us with 'the past'.....

Are we really?

If we are, how come

we need the Cosmos 

to send us different situations, different people

with the same theme.....

Is it because we still don't get it.....?

Can we accept that we don't get it...yet.....


that we know more now, 

are closer to 'get it',

so we don't need these extreme mirrors anymore.

Realise that we have more 

of this 'Harriet energy' in us than we realise.....

Pluto goes into Aquarius.

There are still people who believe that they 

are more/less than other people,

and by that they believe they don't have to respect....

Saturn in Pisces

There are still people who believe

they can use spirituality to feel superior

or being a victim.

Jupiter/Venus/Chiron in Aries

There are still people who only want

what They want and choose to blame/hurt others

if they don't get what the want.

Uranus in Taurus....

There are still people who believe

their spouse or children are their possession,

that nature is their possession....

For me 'Harriet' is an example....

It is a true story and Barack Obama 

wanted to put her face on a 20 dollar bill


something like this takes time....

Donald Trump became president and it was overruled....

When he left Joe Biden started the procedure again,

and most likely in 2024 it will happen....

Perseverance, courage, setbacks, 

compassion and determination.

'You were born in freedom and don't know how it is,

I still know how it is,

how it feels when your sisters are sold,

and people are beaten.

For me there is no excuse: I will go on to free my people'

-Harriet who spoke to coloured people who did a lot,

only thought that the next step was to dangerous....-

What whispers do we hear?

What whispers nature to us?

Do we have compassion, or are we afraid.....

Do we listen to the fear,

and freeze,

or do we listen to the fear and realise it is a whisper....

A whisper to use your power

a whisper to take action,

to go through the dark night of the soul,

towards the light.....

Choose to focus on were you are going .....

focus on the light, the peace, the abundance.

Look at your life cycle plan 

and Know and trust.

Trust that the cosmos will help you to see 

so you can accept 

and let go 

of whatever is blocking your path towards your goal. 

It is challenging AND you will feel

that you are courageous too!

You focus on your goal

AND enjoy the path towards it...

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