Thursday 13 April 2023


 We, human being,

have a way to stay in our comfort zone.....

to like balance to see as a fixed point....

Balance is like an old fashion scale: 

always moving a bit....

If you are to much on one site it is total out of balance

but most of the time we have no idea we are out of balance...

That is when we don't feel sick  but also not 100% healthy,

that we are not 100% unhappy, but also not 100 % happy.

We realise we are not in balance when something happens

and mirrors us:

we are hurt, get sick and/or react emotional,

instead of responding.

With Easter we had a full house: 

kids, grandkids were visiting

some needed to work, others didn't 

and we enjoyed being together

AND not everything was balanced.....

I know I 'only' have to take care of my own balance,

but....knowing and feeling are two different things ;-)

When they left I started to sneeze and got a cold.....

How did I set my boundaries?

Did old mind sets came up again?

Am I still holding on to old, outdated habits

that are not good for me anymore?

Do I take action I blame......

Do I like to control I trust......

Pluto in Aquarius: 

can we be equal, can we be the leader in our own life,

can we speak up from love instead of our unhealed emotions.

Can we follow our intuition or do we need to do what is expected of us....

Can we respect the other persons view.

Saturn in Pisces: 

can we trust or do we play the victim roll....

do we take loving action or are we playing the roll of  'martyr'.....

Are we already in balance

or do we believe we are 

and is one of the scales 

in a dangerous position:

almost tipping......

Do you want others to change or the situation to change


do you remember there can only be change

if  YOU change....

We are all energy, and everything is connected.

There is no good or bad,

it 'just is'.....

You also will keep attracting the same situations

in different jobs, different country's until you learn the lesson.

We lived in different country's and when we came back to Holland

I was not the same person I was when I left:

could I be myself coming back to 'the same' country/energy?

I didn't like to go was needed for my growth....

Most of the time, when you meet challenges,

it is because it is time to take a next step.

You are in a comfort zone and it feels good don't take action to grow and heal...

In life everything grows or dies....

and I believe we all want -our souls wants-

 to live and grow...

Do we want to deal with our fear,

do we want to deal with our grief,

do we want to deal with pain?

I believe no one wants to......

but we can not avoid these emotions....

Our souls 'want' to help us,

help us to feel unconditionally love,

so we will attract what we need.....

even though we don't always like what we attract....

Can you use the energy of Saturn in Pisces

to accept and trust AND be compassionate?

Can you use the energy of Pluto in Aquarius

to KNOW we are all unique and connected

and we need each other?

I hope you can and.....I hope you choose to....

Lot's of people face challenges at the moment,

it is good to let them know they are not alone.

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