Thursday 20 April 2023


Freedom for everybody

needs boundaries so everybody

will get a part......

How is it in our lives?

Do we believe we deserve everything we like,

or do we believe it is only for others?

Do we believe we can take what we want

and how we want it

or do we realise we are part of society

and need to be respectful of others as well:

'we are all One'.

There will be a new Moon on the 20th

and Mercury will move retrograde the 21st....

Pluto is connected and also Venus and Saturn:

can we transform or....

do we listen to quilt and shame

and forget to take our own responsibility.

Do we Know what we like or do we follow others,

believing that 'they know what is most important'.....

Do we take the time to go inside to 

re-think, re-invest, re-visit.....

take the time to change, let go

and.....start new....

Remembering that there is enough for everyone,

everyone is unique

and our birthright is 'abundance'.

Let's start 'small':

in our own lives.....

How do you treat yourself?

Do you give yourself what you need 

or are you withholding or being stubborn..

-Mercury in Taurus-

Do you give yourself 'good' food or lot's of food

Rest and relaxation or working hard for 'later'

Do you take quality time with the people you love,

or do you want the whole world involved -social media-

Do you take quality time with the most important person, 

you....or are others more important....

How is it with me?

I know I do a lot of things right


I also know I could do things better:

I don't take so much time for walking....

something I love to do, only.....

'other things are more important'

Is that true?

I am eating healthy most of the time,

but sometimes I don't like to take the effort to do it....

Why? Am I to strict or am I sabotaging?

I like to connect with people


sometimes I forget to connect with myself.....

I also can be very strict and judgemental towards myself:

I started guitar lessons and realise

I don't have a lot of patience with myself....

When I was talking not so nice to myself the other day

Jaap commented.....

I started smiling: 'practice what you preach' ;-)

How is it with you?

We are in the shadow of Mercury now and

between April 21 and May 15 it goes retrograde.

I am sure we will see the shadow of Taurus in this period:

misunderstanding in relationships,

with ourselves,

with money, with feeling safe.

Do we take responsibility 

or do we blame and judge.....

-my guitar teacher send me a message: he is sick,

his voice -Taurus- and.....he is a performance on the 21st.....

Am I still practicing or do I choose to 'take it easy'-

I also was invited for a reunion of one of the classes I taught 

about 40 years ago.....

Most of the time I wasn't in Holland when there was a reunion,

this time I could attend and....old emotions came up....

Most likely because there is/was still 'something'  that needs

dealing with/heal/accept from my past.....

-Pluto in Aquarius-

Could I be me AND part of the group?

I could :-)! 

I could AND I know there is more healing to do

especially with people who had authority then....

Now I realise that insecurity has many faces:

some talk like leaders but don't act like one....

In an old setting like this reunion,

I almost fell for it like old times.....almost ;-)

 How is it in your family,

with your friends,

in your relationship?

Are there mirrors you choose to look into

so YOU can decide to change

and feel peace, calm and safe

or do you still want the mirrors to change....

I saw some old colleagues at an invent 

the day after the reunion and

-while writing this blog-

realise that I moved on and that felt good!

If you feel free and you know how it was to be 'stuck' in the past,

you see and feel it in others who are not free....yet.

You will respect others.

You will make sure to set boundaries, 

not taking 'the odd part of the pie'

but you will take it in such a way 

that there is enough for everyone.

You will be leading by example.....

- one of the children then, went into teaching,

 'I copied what you did then for me and others. 

We all loved it so much and now

 I do the same for my students!'-

I don't like the word 'Fools'.....

it is not accurate......

Realise that not a fool but a wounded part is reacting like this.

If you are wounded you react and instead of being free,

it will imprison you....

Pluto in this eclipse is helping us to heal, to transform,

if we don't do it ourselves we will get help.....

only.....not always in the way we would like....

Always remember: 

you are much more powerful than you realise!

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