Wednesday 20 March 2024

How can we hang on to a dream.....peace....

 How is it with you?

Do you wish for peace or....

can you give it away....

For me it is and/and, not or/or.......

I realise that the more I am at peace,

the more I can give it away and....

I am not always at peace..

Our daughter finished her study as osteopath

and now is doing her practice sessions/residency.

They need to do a lot of patients,

so I signed up for some sessions.

I did some sessions in the past,

just to check up as a prevention.

The last time was 5 years ago so it was a good time.

I had 2 session and.....

I realised,

that even though I thought my body was at peace,

it wasn't......

Deep down some old 'pains/patterns' came up

and.....I am grateful.

I realise now, that my body needed some healing

to be 'really' at peace again.

I have some more sessions;-)

Did the universe listen to me?

Did I send out an energy to be more in balance,

heal what needs to be healed?

I am glad I got this opportunity and......

am curious what will come up more.

I expect that my body will be more and more at peace.

How is it with peace in relationships?

Just in 1 week time  two people who are very dear to me,

lost someone close in a very unexpected way.....

found dead, not by choice or accident....

How do you deal with this,

can you be at peace and give peace

or is there 'war' inside and out......

I also see a lot of relationships 

struggling with being themselves AND being together.

Can we stay authentic AND be together

or must it be 'our way' without respect for the other....

It all has to do with being at peace with yourself.....

For me it is as with my body: 

I am not always at peace...yet.

10 years ago there was a dinner.....

I couldn't be present/didn't have to be present,

but it changed an unhealthy pattern.

This time I will be at the dinner

and I am looking forward to it.

How at peace are you in your mind?

I am more and more at peace

and.....not always...yet.

I see it at the 'wars' in the world,

unhealthy patterns......


'Putin is re-elected with 85% of the votes'

'Trump verses Biden'

Old pains/fear hides our power as society

Old pains/fear prevents us to be authentic

Old pains/fear let us forget our own power.

Old pains prevents peace.....

The time of Aries is here again.

Chiron is involved:

are we dealing with our wound

so we, I, each person,

can be who he/she/it wants to be?

Are we choosing for peace?

Let's start small.....

what will you do today to be at peace...

with your body,

in your relationships,

in your job,

in traffic,

in your mind......

Can you see the other as another you?

Do you choose 

to see the other as another you?

Can you make peace,

choose to make peace

so you can give it a way?

Tim Hardin - How Can We Hang On To A Dream (

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