Sunday 23 June 2024

Travelling and transforming.

Pluto and Jupiter are connected now:

Can we come out of our tunnel vision

and are we open to broaden our horizon.....?

Is it true what I believe,

or do I realise that it is my view on reality is A truth, not THE truth......?

 Who are you/am I to think you/I know better?!?

Do I realise that when I point at someone/something,

3 fingers are pointing towards me.....?

This month we had the European elections,

and they are important.

If you look back in history,

there were town rules,

later on regions and after a while country rules.

Rules and regulations so

we as society can live together in peace.

We take care of each other if needed,

and it takes less time and money:

we can share the responsibility's.

Time and money 

we can use in a different way.

To make it good for all people,

we still need specifics for towns, regions and country's.

we need to see each individual as well.

The bigger goal: 

to live in a peaceful society.

The results of the voting is different than the last time.

Some party's who got a lot of votes last time, didn't get any anymore,

other, total new party's, got a lot of votes.....

Are we voting for what we want


are we voting because we don't agree,

a 'protest vote'......

How is your community mirroring you?

How is your family mirroring you?

Are there 'protest votes' or do you listen to each other....

Listen to hear, 

listen to understand,

listen to see the other person.....

Can you feel your emotions and take responsibility for it?

Are you open to transform -Pluto- 

or is that to much for you.....

to painful still.......

Do you have compassion with yourself,

do you give yourself time AND take it one step at a time....

Do you take time to enjoy yourself while transforming,

Knowing that this is how life is....

Choose to find like minded people,

choose to attract like minded people

and Know that if you learned the lesson from 'challenging people'

they will move out of your life.....

You don't need them anymore.....

You are open to attract new ones.

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