Friday 18 October 2019

Celebrate life....

This pictures was made on Thanksgiving.
A picture that shows one way of grieving...

It is a picture of people celebrating life, having fun.
People who had just heard that a loved one died,
for most of them very sudden….
The people on this picture are
heart broken AND celebrate life...

They came together,
watch video's of years ago,
cried, laughed, 
shared stories.

Thanksgiving day.

When I looked closer at the angel in the picture
I shared in my last blog I saw this
the gratitude sign on the wings….

The morning after I wrote the blog,
I woke up with a song and an image.
The image was a grandfather 
welcoming his granddaughter
with a 'bear hug'....
And then, 
when leaving the room

another 'message from heaven'.
I hope and wish all her loved ones
will see the signs she will sure send them.

The stone

I have shifted a stone
in a river on earth
The water flows different
then it did before.

You can't stop the flow of a river,
water always finds a way around.
Maybe once filled by snow and rain
the river takes my pebble with it.
It takes it, 
to make it smooth and round
to let it rest in the calm of the sea.

I moved a stone in a river on earth
Now I know I will never be forgotten.
I proved my existence
because by moving that one stone
the flow will never go the same way again.

-free translation of poem Bram Vermeulen-

You really made a difference to a lot of people Julie!
You will never be forgotten.

I am sure you all have a 'Julie'....

Make sure to call there name-s-,
share memories,
laugh, cry
and …..
keep doing that,
because it is as the same person -Bram Vermeulen- wrote:

'And if I die, don't be sad,
I am not really dead, you know,
It is just the body that I left,
I only die 
if I am forgotten.'
talk about your loved ones,
they are special.

I am so grateful, 
I was there when all this happend.
I believe we are always there where we should be.

I am also human:
if someone I love has to go to the other side,
I miss talking to them,
hugging them,
and I am sad......

On the other hand:
I am also grateful they where in my life,
they changed my life,
and I Know
they are still there for me,
in an other way.

Transformation, renovation, dead.....
a way of growing,
We are in an energy of big change.
Make sure you take time for YOU,
Know, you are not alone,
Ask help if you need to
accept and be grateful...

Celebrate life!

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