Wednesday 16 October 2019

Life happens, when you make other plans.....

When I saw all these white feathers,
I knew something would happen.
that a lot of angels would be there for help....

It is not always easy to accept life.
We like it to be how we want it to be
sometimes that is not what is best for us
if we look at the big picture.....
It is not easy,
because we don't know the big picture....
We have to trust, accept
after letting go,
start living again….

How do you do that?!?
Can you see the rainbow 
if you lose someone you love?
Do you have to see the rainbow,
or is it ok to know there is one,
and take time to grieve...

I think it is the last one….
You should take time to grieve,
to let go,
to forgive,

and Know,
when you have to let go of a loved one,
that there is an angel on the other side,
who will be there for you….always….

This week we went to visit family
and they had to let go of a loved one,
in 2 days…..
How do you do that?!?...
One day at the time....

A young mother,
not only for her son,
but for  all the children she met.
A warm, loving, vibrant woman
full of life,
had to let go...

She has a great mom,
who is also a mother for a lot of people.
She takes care of everyone around her,
and now….
she has to let go....
How can she do that?!?

One day at the time....
Taking time for herself,
accept help,
and accept lots of hugs.

She has also a grandmother,
who has lots of grandchildren
but this girls was special...
She lived close by,
visited often.
How can she let go.....
Does she think:
'why her and not me,
she is still so young!'

A lot of questions and no answers….

Trusting that there is a reason,
even if we don't know why.
Trusting that she is met by loved ones
on 'the other side'

And that she will be there to help her son
her husband, her mom
and everyone who needs it.
Not here on earth
but 'on the other side'.....

A lot of people are in a period of change,
it is like this 'whirlpool':
you need to find a new way,
and this doesn't go quietly….
Like this water: 
it needs to find a new way
and that makes a lot of noise,
a lot of turmoil..
it doesn't go quietly...
It is like emotions…
transformation, change
is not a smooth proces…..
it is a 'fork in the road',
we have to find a new way....

I hope everyone who feels like being in a 'whirlpool'
has people around them
to hug,
people who will let them be,
AND will be there for them:
they need it.

Reach out,
if you feel you need help
and look for signs….
they are always there!

This evening I found this on my bed...

A rose,
for everyone who needs it.
A rose for the 'rose family'
A rose to let you know
you are loved unconditionally.

Enjoy life,
and make new memory's everyday!

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