Monday 28 October 2019

Celebrating and.....preparing for a new start....

We celebrated the end of our renovation.
We did this with all the people who helped us.
Some by working on it,
others by giving idea's,
others by being there for us when we needed them.
I am sure some didn't even know
how important they were for us….
A beautiful gift and good reminder:
a good home must be made, not bought....

 A good home starts with ourselves...
Today we have a new moon and it is also the start
of the 3 months before Saturn and Pluto come together.
Both planets ask us to take responsibility
and let go of what is outdated and not necessary anymore.
-For people who did Astrology:
look in your chart were 23 degrees of Capricorn is.
That house, planets on these degrees will be involved-

I am sure most of you felt this big change already the last months.
It is not always an easy time AND...
if you realize you don't have to go through it alone,
it makes it easier….

do you feel safe enough to share your emotions
or do you feel:
'you shouldn't,
because it makes you look weak, not powerful etc etc'
If you feel like this,
you are dealing with
a Saturn that is not healed yet...
It only asks you to take responsibility for yourself!
you can be there for others,
but can not DO it for others...
Your 'job' is to look inside of you
and find out what YOU need.

Most of the time it has to do with your inner child:
your parents did the best they could,
however….you didn't come with a manuel...
-Astrology helps ;-)-

Does this mean you should be selfish?
No, it doesn't…..
Sometimes you made choices earlier in your life
and they come with consequences….

If you choose to be a parent,
the consequences are
that you have to be there for them
till they can take care of themselves.
You have to take care of you
make sure you take care of them….
This is not always easy
if you are an only parent,
or just going through a divorce.
Remember: you CAN do both!

If you choose to buy an expensive house
and you don't like your job anymore,
you have to find a solution,
take responsibility and make some changes.
Changes that makes you happy again.
It can take time....don't hurry,
Saturn is patient :-)

How is it with your home,
your first home....
your body?
Do you take good care of it
or does that needs 'renovation' as well?
Do you give it good food,
enough rest,
and are you grateful for it sighs?
Are you trusting its self healing capacity?
For me it is still challenging sometimes….
I realise that
-even though it is years ago-
the period I had cancer
still has some issues,
emotional issues..
A nice small waterfall in the autumn forest
reminded me that it is ok to feel
and ok to let go.

The coming month 
Mercury will go Retrograde:
how do YOU talk to yourself?
If it is not loving all the time,
than this is the time to change it.

Don't blame situations,
let go of conflicts
and take time to look in yourself.
So you create space,
space for the things you want,
space, so you can attract what you want.
Responsibility and transformation,
Saturn and Pluto.

I hope you find the time to write down
what makes you grateful
and also what you like to attract more
and be prepared to get it!

I am looking forward to it,
We are looking forward to it.

….as a reminder to trust,
I planted bulb's,
=also a present we got-
They gave us the bulb's,
like the Comos gives us opportunity's
It is on us to plant them, 
give them what they need and then…..
trust that we have beautiful flowers the next year...
I will let you know :-)

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